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April 1, 2002
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Of Pebbles in Ponds

9:19 pm: Between John's Mom and Dad, Jet sleeping, and a grocery trip that they all took together, I got nearly six hours of work in today. I was pretty impressed.

George also got quite a lot done outside today as it was in the 70's. Though it was warm it was also pretty windy and he was blown around a bit as he dug out dead trees and got other things in place. John got a day at work without any meetings.

I also got my massage appointment with CeLena and got a complete workout and a short bath afterwards. I really needed it as I was pretty sore from the massage. I also fell asleep on her table, so I should probably go to sleep soon.

John's mom was great and made a turkey and ham casserole with spaghetti and cream of mushroom soup and onions. It was topped off with cheddar and it was very tasty. Jet ate great gobs of it after refusing jar food for most of the day. He ate crackers and bits of ham sandwich and a few bottles of milk and generally tried to feed himself for most of the day other than the times he came to me to nurse. He mostly fell asleep then.

He fell asleep early in the morning and then fell asleep again right before they went off to get groceries, but he woke up as George and Isabel were loading him into the car. They had a blast at the grocery store and when they got back Jet was pretty cheerful.

He spent most of the evening with some clean socks no one knew who owned, as George and John both have feet that are about the same sock size. They were clean and Jet decided they were his. They made great leggings, and he really like wearing them around the house, as he trotted from room to room to room. He also liked waving them around and running with them. He just kept going and going and finally collapsed at 8:30 and demanded nursing time.

So he went to sleep a little early. A good reason for me to go to sleep early, too is that I am going to have to get out of the door at 8:30 tomorrow, as opposed to the usual getting completely together only at 9. I'm actually going in to work tomorrow morning and John is going to stay home with the help of his parents. That should prove interesting.

I was thinking, last night. about pebbles and ponds and God working through chaos. That when small differences in starts lead to large differences in results that there's room in that fanning for coincidence and chance and the intersection of ripples driving from a pebble source and spread by human intent and effort.

If you'd told me even two years ago that the Goodell's would be nearly as close as family and I'd have Joan as my baby's alternate mom instead of a good, solid, multi-person day care I'd have said you were crazy. I was convinced that it would be the best thing to have the kid in corporate daycare, and I would be back full-time to work as soon as my maternity leave played out.

Yet here I am, from the pebbles of Jet's birth and the fact that Xilinx bought us as a company and a bunch of us moved here. Casual acquaintances turning into friends and through Joan's pre-natal diabetes turning into near-family through her losing her job with Xilinx and gaining one with one of the local institutional day cares. She then lost that job when they decided that all the mom's providing care had to pay for their kids, and that led to her taking Jet.

Lots of things happen that we have no control over and they intersect into patterns that would seem unlikely before it all happened.

And it keeps happening.


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