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April 2, 2002
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Face To Face

I actually went into work today, for the first time in a very long time I actually got to go in and work instead of just do a bunch of meetings, talk with a few people while running for the door, and actually sit at my desk in my cubicle and drink a bit of tea and *think* for three hours straight.

Okay, for two hours and fifteen minutes, straight. I had one forty-five minute meeting, which is the first part of a two part meeting, which is why it's for forty-five minutes. The good things about the follow on meeting is that it really means that the meeting has to be over when it's scheduled to be over. It never goes over. I'm very glad of that.

It's also different to experience a meeting in person rather than trying to listen to it on the phone. I get more out of it, though I get less done, in some sense, as I can't be working while they're doing the parts of the meeting that bore me. In some ways that's a good thing, too, because I don't have anything to distract me.

I went home at noon, was greeted by a Jet in the high chair, who decided he didn't want to eat anything Isabel was offering him. He wanted me. Now.

So he got me, and we nursed and he fell asleep, so we all had time for lunch. John was upstairs for a meeting, and I guess he must have eaten already because he didn't go done until my 3:00 meeting. He decided to go down then and play with Jet, it was pretty cool listening to him and Jet playing for a bit, with Jet's distinctive laugh good and loud through the house.

I really think Jet likes having his Dad at home some of the time.

My meeting went pretty well in the afternoon. Nothing I really had to do but listen as my boss' boss gave a report about what's happening at the higher levels of the company. It's good to have some information of what's going on with the decision making that can affect us. I have always been pretty impressed with the communication channels that are open in this company, with good data on what's going on and what we need to prepare for or watch out for and we can always give feedback that is heard. We get responses of either changes or reasons.

I like that.

I decided not to work too much after 5, because my hands were hurting. Having six hours a day without Jet interruptions really is bad for my hands, they remembered why they used to hurt.

So I made dinner instead. Used up the leftover turkey, one big, old carrot, and various other things while making pad thai for the four of us. I made it mild for Isabel and I and then made it hot enough to make John and George sweat a little. The color of the two was very different as well, partially from the leftover, caramelized sauce from the first packet mixing with all the ingredients of the second. So it was a very good, distinguishing feature. I was glad of that.

They enjoyed the dinner, so they may go to Trader Joe's and buy some for themselves as well. I'd originally thought about asking them to bring some, but Carl's generosity made it so we didn't have to ask. Woo!

Jet has been running around, with everyone, today. He just has been enjoying running around and playing with everyone. With all the input from the extra two people, he's just been going really hard when he's awake and then sleeping more, as well. He's had more naps, but nothing as long as the three hour one the other day. He is just enjoying all the attention, and I'm glad of that.

He's running around a lot, now, on his feet almost constantly while he's awake. He is also tackling and hugging a lot of his stuffed animals, and enjoying pushing around the giant exercise ball.

When he nursed tonight, he got up after his was partially done and played another hour before he started to calm down. I went down and nursed him and he slept just fine after that. Yay

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