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March 31, 2002
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Easter Sunday

8:45 pm: Quite the Easter morning. With a solid service, and a sea of children going after the Easter eggs on the church lawn. I was very impressed to see three different kids pick up the one egg Jet was interested in, figure out that Jet was trying to get it, and have all three of them either put it down or offer it to Jet. Nice kids!

Jet finally took the one egg, and figured out that that was what he was supposed to be trying to get. He got one egg out of the bushes by pointing to it while I was holding him, and so I lifted him up to where it was in the bushes. He reached in but was deterred by the prickliness of the spruce bruce, so I reached in and pulled it out for him. He held his two eggs tightly while toddling around and falling frequently on the grass of the church lawn. He didn't seem to mind the falling at all.

Jet was all dressed up for today in the shirt and shorts from Thailand that George and Isabel had brought with them back from their trip just before Christmas. He looked very Biblical in an odd way, with the cool cotton shirt and shorts and sandals. Nearly all the other kids were in colorful formal wear, dresses and suits. So Jet kind of stood out, but he was pretty happy in the cool clothing out in the 60+ sunshine. Low to the ground the wind wasn't very high, so he was pretty warm.

He'd had a relatively odd night, getting up at 2:30 and staying up until 4, running around his room. He ate off me at 2:30, but rolled off my lap and started doing laps around his room. I called John at 3:30, and he came up and took Jet. Jet then proceeded to run from him to the door, over and over until finally he went down on all fours and growled with tiredness. He finally went to sleep at 4. Neither of us have seen Jet run like that before.

Jet ran around on the grass, though he did fall down frequently. We brought him over to see two live bunnies on the lawn. He was fascinated by the twitching nose of one of the bunnies, and I was very impressed when Jet reached out and patted the bunny, very gently, on its nose. He was really, really nice and gentle with the little creature. I was surprised and very happy that he was so light with his touch.

We talked with Wendi for a while and Jet got to play with Amy for a bit.

I also got some pound cake with berries, and fed Jet some of the blueberries. He made awful faces but he ate the berries down and begged for more. He really enjoyed them, but didn't eat the cake.

He had a blast in the nursery while we did the service, and he got a bottle right after the service so he was pretty much set for the whole party afterwards. On the way home he went out like a light, nearly as soon as we pulled out of the parking lot. That was very good indeed.

When we got home, Joan and George started going things outsides. Isabel did all the laundry, both ours and Jet's. I watched Good Eats on Country and City Hams and then started our City Ham, which was the 'ham in natural juices' from Smithfield. I did the scoring, tenting and set it to roast in the oven. Then I went upstairs and learned more Perl and tried a few more things out.

The ham made the house smell wonderful.

Jet went outside with Isabel to watch the dads outside and he came back in with her soaking wet. He'd been fascinated by the car washing and gotten into the thick of it and explored the hose thoroughly while the water was running from it. I was very impressed that Isabel let him explore like that. We got him into warm, dry clothing pretty quickly and he settled for a nursing to warm up and took a shorter nap.

I put together a potato gratin just before 5, and tucked it into the oven while I peeled the rind off the ham and slathered it with mustard, brown sugar, whisky, and crushed gingersnaps. That went back into the oven and Isabel was kind enough to make salad. John had baked bread the other afternoon, so we had some of that with everything else, and the Easter feast consisted of the really nice ham, the last of the leftover cauliflower, the potato gratin, salad, and bread. Yum!

The ham turned out juicy, tender, and nicely crisp and tasty from the crust. When we were done with it all, I carved it into slices that went into one of the food service containers in the fridge. It'll provide good food for the next week, likely. And it'll be great for when we get back from LA too tired to cook.

So it was a very nice Easter Sunday, all in all.

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