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April 7, 2002
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Time Lag

12:07 am: I can't believe we left just yesterday... we got home okay and Jet played for almost the entire flight back. He didn't sleep a wink and only passed out once we got to the car and were headed home. John indulged me and bought me two Krispy Kreme donuts and we ate them on the way home to make sure we stayed awake the whole way home. I'm glad.

It's just mildly mind boggling to so the hard shift to LA and, now, back again. It is, however, good to sleep at home.

5:52 pm: I'm still mildly amazed at how good a trip Jet had. Plus the fact that he didn't really get up until nearly 10 am this morning. We didn't get to the house until midnight/1 am by the new daylight savings time. We just put his car seat in his room and he didn't wake up until 4 am. We changed him into his sleeper and overnight diaper then, and he then slept until 8, when I fed him again, and then he slept kind of fitfully until 10, with occasional wakings that woke us up only long enough to determine that he wasn't really awake, yet.

Jet's nose is still bothering him. Turns out that it was likely a cold as both Isabel and George have that cold now. They're recovering nicely, but it was definitely a cold and not allergies, which I suspected, but it was good to have the proof. Neither John nor I have it, yet (knock on wood); but with the extra sleep we got yesterday and last night, it may well be that we won't. I guess our immune systems have gotten more robust with all the extra virii that Jet brings home.

Today's been entirely lazy. I slept in until 11, we had breakfast around 11:30, Jet went back to sleep at noon for another two hours and John got to double check taxes while I did the dozen or two things around the house that needed doing. John had dropped a bottle of baby oil just before we left and he managed to get the worst of it off the floor, but it was making the wood floor pretty slippery, so I mopped up everything that was left. I got the trash cans that we'd left out Thursday night, washed dishes, cleaned up some things, got the spray bottle full of water again, and got the changing table sanitized and ready for another week. Diapers went out, clothing got sorted, and various things were put away from where they were scattered last night as we stumbled our way to bed.

I got to read my Cook's Illustrated, cut coupons from the Sunday paper, drink some coffee, eat the chocolate covered graham crackers I'd had leftover from the weekend, and I even got a little time in to empty all the last of the baby oil into an old yogurt container, so we can still use what's left.

Two hours can be very productive. When Jet got up, John fed him some solids, finished an episode of MASH and then we were off to Safeway and the weekly stocking up as the refrigerator was bare. We got a lot of vegetables, milk and the perishables it's just good to have. I also bought a stack of Stouffer's dinners as they were on sale and I was mostly out of them. I like them for lunches, as they're fast, satisfying, and not too fatty or salty. They are some, still, but not as bad as the Marie Calendar or Boston Market frozen foods.

John did set Jet down on his feet in one aisle and discovered his mistake pretty much immediately as Jet ran to the nearest shelf and swept it clean onto the floor. Whee. They were just boxes of parchment paper, so no harm done, but it made it very clear that Jet really needed to be in the cart. So he stayed in there. He played with a bag of chips until he, pretty quickly, started to try and smash the bag and the chips. Then he got cans of beans and did his best to shove a can through the leg hole of the cart, and nearly beaned... John's foot. Then he got larger cans, which he couldn't fit through, though he tried.

It was fun to go shopping with him again. We also got a pizza from Papa Murphy's, going for the vegetarian pizza with some pepperoni added. After having the combination, and knowing it was too salty, we needed to get something that was less so.

Home again, home again. We got Jet unpacked, changed, and I unpacked all the groceries while John took care of him. I fed him afterwards, and we played and played and watched TV until it was dinner time.

8:49 pm: John baked the pizza, but it took long enough that Jet crawled up to me to be nursed, and he was unhappy enough that I just did it. I did, however, take him off when the pizza was done and he just started crying inconsolably. He was just wailing and kicking and arching and John took him for a while, and he just kept crying. John had him, eventually, in his lap and I took an olive slice off my pizza and offered it to Jet. Jet peered at it, still crying, and then stopped crying, reached out, took the olive slice and ate it.

I'd been trying to put him in his chair and he'd been arching and fighting his way out of it, but with the slice of olive, he went right into his chair, no problem. Jet even started stretching his hand out for more olive. He then ate lots of olives, and even two good size pieces of pizza, with all the vegetables and cheese as well as most of the crust. I was pretty impressed, especially after he'd been nursing.

He was really happy. When he was done eating the pizza he actually put his hands together and leaned his chin on them and grinned at both John and I. Wow.

He got a bath after that, and he enjoyed it the way he usually does. Jet's splashing a whole lot more, now, than he used to. He was also, for the first time, not afraid, at all, of his moving toys. Both the airplane and propeller and the hippo were sent spinning, whirling, or clattering across the tub and he was only intrigued. He grabbed the hippo and tried to pry the mouth open to pull the little fish out to make it clatter, but the pull on the string is pretty strong. He had to have help to pull it out, but that didn't stop him from trying.

He then fell right asleep while nursing and John put him to bed no problem. So it's been a really good, quiet day.

John noticed, today, that Jet just seems to be generally happier. He's going more, getting into more stuff, capable of more, and going more places under his own power. After just the weekend, he seems to be walking more surely when he does walk, and running more. In the house, after John had fed him and taken care of him for a while and I'd gotten a break. I came into the kitchen and he saw me and ran right to me, no stumbles, falls, or anything. At first, when we came home from the grocery store, John actually put Jet out on the driveway, and Jet played happily on the mostly level concrete surface while we unloaded a lot of stuff. John just had to watch him every now and then.

It's quite the change from when he was born and having to watch him or hold him all the time to this gradually more and more independent little boy with the ability to get places.

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