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April 8, 2002
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Debugging Other People's Code

7:39 pm: Jet was up three times last night and the first two were quick, one for John and one for me. When he got up again at 5 am, I knew I was in some trouble as he woke up, not crying, but burbling quietly to himself. Normally this means that he's awake for good. I wanted to get him to go to sleep again, and he didn't even close his eyes while I was nursing him. Uh oh. Lying on the couch, this time, eventually got him to fuss and cry, louder and louder, so I finally got up and when I sat in the rocking chair with him against my shoulder, he finally fell asleep again.

I got back to bed at 6:30 and stayed there until nearly 8:30. I cannot do this tomorrow, but for this morning it was okay.

Mondays are hard, though John took Jet over to Joan's, it took me a while to get through my breakfast and actually get my brain into working. I did happily, though, once that did happen, and it helped that Jet had a great time at Joan's. Haley was really happy to be back home and Jet was really happy to see both Joan and Haley. He hugged Joan lots and lots of times all morning, and Joan was really touched that he'd missed her that much. That was really neat. I was glad. Jet played so hard that by the time he got home he was ready to nurse and go to sleep. I got another two uninterrupted hours and was able to think through a bunch of Perl code.

I loved doing that. It was nasty code, as it was mostly written by folks who never thought it would be written or used by anyone else. So it's really dense Perl, in the most cryptic forms possible. It took me fifteen minutes simply to decrypt a single regular expression. Ugh. Now, at least, I know enough of where to look that stuff up to be able to make that easier for the next time. Still, I got somewhere with it by not worrying too much about the details and trying to only work with the larger control structures and I finally found at least the tail end of what I was trying to find.

That was good.

Jet got up, got fed some solids along with eating some rice and ham and apples himself. After eating, he definitely wanted someone to play with. When we were up in the office, he ignored his toys whenever I tried to work and he wanted to play with whatever I was playing with, on the most part. He did give me a couple sets of fifteen minutes as he explored the piano and a couple pieces of his parts box, but other than that, he really wanted my attention. So I played with him upstairs and finally I just took him downstairs and played with him there until John got home. That was kind of hard after all the time George and Isabel gave me when they were here.

Still, there isn't much that's better than playing with Jet. So we played downstairs, we went out for a little while but it was pretty cold out there, and mostly we played with blocks, a teddy bear, and his fire trucks. I read him a book and we played peekaboo around various parts of the kitchen. I emptied the diaper bag, got all the diaper stuff squared away for another week after the new delivery came, and basically did small things between times with Jet.

Jet wanted to eat more at the usual time of 4:30. John's usually home at that time, but Jet's milk had gone bad, so John went to get another quart along with a quart of buttermilk as the new issue of Cook's Illustrated came and they have a baking powder based cinnamon roll recipe that I really want to try some morning. It basically takes buttermilk biscuit dough and makes cinnamon rolls out of it. I really love my normal sticky bun recipe a lot, but it does take the forethought of doing it the night before, and I don't always want all the caramel and nuts and butter that goes with that, and this recipe looks very intriguing.

So I fed him and then, when John got home and got ready he took care of Jet while I finished off my day. That was good and it was even better to have dinner waiting when I got done. Yay! Refrigerated fresh pasta and sauce and salad and bread. Yum.

Jet was pretty cranky after dinner. He seemed tired from the afternoon and he wanted, badly, to nurse himself to sleep at 7. We couldn't let him do that and have him wake up at 5 and stay up this time, so I let him nurse for a while, but took him off before his half hour was done and he wailed and cried and kicked and we finally figured out that there wasn't any way I was going to be able to comfort him without letting him nurse, so John took over and Jet played with him, eventually and drank some milk from a bottle.

Jet only really lasted until 8:30. I put him to bed as John did the massive word problem that is our 2001 taxes. I really do think that the one really good reason they do word problems in school is to gear kids up to, eventually, do their taxes.

I'm drinking some echinacea tea as my nose is doing the filling and draining thing that Jet's was last week. I definitely have his nose cold, and I'm pretty tired. I wrote Bill to say that I'm going to stay home tomorrow and try to work my coding problem at home. There's a lot to do to get something ready for Wednesday, and I'm just having trouble getting really started with other people's code in a language I don't really know that well.

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