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April 14, 2002
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Church, Coding, and Whole Foods

10:11 pm: I should probably have napped today, but I didn't. Jet only got up once and was easy enough to get back to sleep. He slept until 7, and I was up then and played with him after nursing him until about 8. John got up about then, but by the time we finished talking and coordinating how the morning was going to go there wasn't enough time for a real nap before we had to leave at 9.

Nearly every week, as we wander along 3rd to Francis in Longmont, a cafe on that road catches our eye. We've always said we should try it out, so today we tried it out. It turned out, however, to be more of a deli than a cafe. They did far more lunches, sandwiches and desserts for lunch than actual breakfasts. They did have an espresso machine, and they made and okay espresso and an okay chai, but they weren't that good. The muffins were Costco muffins and the lemon cake I'd also seen at Costco. Darn.

So I bought a fresh mozzarella sandwich and asked for all the innards on a plate and a baguette on the side. I didn't need that much bread, and their foccocia didn't appeal at all. I kind of wanted just a cheese and bread kind of deal, but the lady put all the olive oil and basalmico on the bread instead of over the tomatoes or cheese. The fresh basil was nearly lettuce like, and very sweet. I went back and asked for a splash of the oil and vinegar directly on the veggies and that was far better and less bready.

So it was a fairly satisfying breakfast in the end. Church was good to get back to and talk with folks. I was sad that we missed the rummage sale as it would have been a good place to get Jet some clothing and toys, but it was just nice to be back, be remembered, and to do the usual things. Jet had a blast in the nursery again, and really, really liked getting a tiny muffin for the children's message. He really enjoyed that.

Afterwards, we went to Home Depot and John bought some stuff for the house while I nursed Jet out in the car. It was so warm that I had to open the door to get enough of a breeze to make it comfortable. It's crazy the way it goes from winter and snow and freezing temperatures to high 70's in something less than a week. Sometimes I really wish spring would last more than a week here.

Other times I realize how futile the wish is and just leave it. We peered around at a nursery on the way home and let Jet walk around, looking at everything. We wanted to see what some of the ground covers the guy had mentioned looked like and wanted to see what kinds of possibilities there were. Turns out that ice plant really does do pretty well out here, too, like in California. I was worried that the freezing weather in the winter would do them in, but there seem to be more cold tolerant species out there, too.

Once home Jet refused to nap, so John went and took a nap. I stayed up with Jet and he got crankier and crankier and crankier, and finally I just took him up to his room and bounced with him on the ball until he was still, and then sat with him in the rocking chair until he snoring. I tucked him into his usual infant seat bed and he slept for the next two hours.

I worked on debugging some problems that had cropped up with the script I finished Friday. I got a lot done in that time and when he woke up we nursed for a while and then headed into Boulder for dinner. I really, really wanted to go to Whole Foods. We'd put it off on Friday as the traffic would have been bad and we had been both pretty darned tired then, today we were both in better shape, so we went into Boulder.

It was packed. The place was just a zoo and it took me a while to figure out all the things I wanted at the deli. I ended up with an eggplant strata, a bit of poached salmon, a Southwest eggroll, and some asparagus as well as a lasagna roll for John. John went to the salad bar with Jet and Jet got to nibble on whatever he wanted to nibble on as they went through the line. That was pretty cool.

We both got juices and then checked out. We sat in the eating area, got Jet a high chair, and settled in and ate. Right next to us was a girl in a fairy costume, all glitter and fluff and Jet couldn't keep his eyes off her. He was torqued all the way around in his chair to just watch her as much as possible. She flirted back as much as he flirted with her, and it was pretty fun to watch the two of them go at it as well as attracting a lot of the adult attention in the room as well.

That was pretty funny.

Afterwards, we shopped, and it was good to shop there again. It's expensive, but it's pretty nice knowing that nearly everything we got was organic and while it might not be more nutritious in any way, it was something that was kinder to the land and all the species that associate with the organic agricultural environments. Besides they had artichokes that looked worth eating, they had Roma tomatoes that were a deep and marvelous red, and there were enormous bundles of crisp, green spinach for only 99 cents when the lettuce was tiny and going for 1.99 a bunch. My.

I also managed to stock up on steel cut oats, bulk gluten flour, and their Oreo equivalent with no solidified vegetable fats. We also got three kinds of milk, as Jet needs whole milk while Isabel and George will need non-fat and we drink the 1%. George and Isabel are coming back on Tuesday, it should be a good time for me to finally catch up on my sleep. We got cheese, chai, and Daily Bread bread, and right next to that was *bulk* Valhrona chocolate. I slide down the price scale to a 52%, instead of a 70% cocoa solids, as I was thinking of just chopping it for cookies. I'll eat 70% straight, but for cookies something a bit less intense is okay.

It was really fun to just go there and look at everything again. It has been a while, and I halfway wished I could just not worry about the grocery list and just wander the aisles, but John was pretty good about keeping us on track so that we could get Jet home before pumpkin time. We did, too, but Jet decided he wanted to play a bit instead of going to sleep. So he stayed up until about 10:20 and finally was bounced to sleep by John and while he tried to nurse off John, he wasn't too upset that he couldn't, so I think he ate plenty today.

I'm glad of that.

I got the Lush Canada catalog today and there's something I *must* send Angie. There's a few things I want to get myself, as well, I need a dandruff shampoo. I think that the dry winter really got to my scalp with the short hair. Plus all the drying out from the pool and showering extra from swimming. I also really want some of the citrus shower gels as I just finished with the soap/shower gel I had from Origins. I really liked the Origins stuff, but it wasn't quite as intense a grapefruit/citrus scent as I wanted. So I may try this Lush stuff. I figure I should buy myself something for getting the bulk of the program done for Friday. After that kind of push I really should reward myself. Yay

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