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April 16, 2002
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Packing For Longmont

8:09 p.m.: I spent the entire morning packing my office. We're moving to the Longmont facility, the new building, at the end of the week. We're supposed to be completely packed by 3 PM on Thursday, before Wim's speech to the company, and Wednesdays are too busy for me to be sure I'd get any of it done tomorrow. We all might come into Boulder on Thursday to watch the speech and finish off the last of the packing. Still, it was good to get as much done as possible before I absolutely had to get it all done.

As it was, I was surprised to have nearly everything packed up today. There's maybe, half a box of really breakable stuff that I want to move myself, but all the books, papers, files, and unbreakable stuff filled six boxes. I brought one breakable box home. I'll probably have another tomorrow. Of course, Bill, across the way, only had two boxes' worth of stuff, but he's going pretty minimalist in his office as he's known, for the last two years, that he was going to have to move.

I threw out at least two boxes' worth of stuff. Papers, magazines a few years old, proceedings from IEEE conferences I attended in the last decade, and various other bits of memory. I threw out training materials from when Minc sold all its software to various folks, I threw out the ISO 9000 training material from Data I/O and I also tossed OLE 2 documentation, Windows 95 development manuals, and an entire stack of Microsoft Development Library CD's. I couldn't, however, throw out the Windows 3 documentation or the training materials from when all Windows programs were written in C with one huge switch statement for all the message processing. That was just too close to the core of my programming memories.

Hee. Yeah, I know, it's a terrible thing to admit.

I did take a time out from the packing to go to my 9 o'clock meeting and it turned out that I was the only person in the executive meeting room, of the 20 person meeting. Most of the Colorado contingent was already in Longmont and Bill lives right next to the Longmont campus, so he just goes there for the early meetings, as everyone else from Colorado in the meeting isn't engineering. There is an engineering contingent from San Jose that calls in. It was pretty funny to be in at work and still have to call in for the meeting.

I called John at noon and found out that his parents had already arrived, and that Jet was napping, so I headed for home. They'd gotten in at noon, pretty much, and when Jet woke up from his nap, Isabel went to get him, which, it turned out, he didn't like. Oops. They managed to feed him some fruit and cereal bar as a snack, and when I got there, we nursed and he calmed down and started playing.

So I left to do a little work upstairs, and did my three o'clock meeting. In the midst of the meeting I heard Jet being really, really angry. John later said that they gave him some formula and got him to nap again. He'd only had a half hour nap before. So it was good that he got a bit more sleep. He has not been a happy camper this afternoon and evening, and he's been drooling profusely. I think that he might be getting his right eyetooth. Mmm.. more teething. Poor tyke.

I went off to CeLena's at 4:15, and got there before she did. I waited in the car and she came a few minutes later, and that was good. I really enjoy massages, and I realized, today, that one of the reasons I love them is that they make me *be* in my body. My existence is mostly in my brain and sometimes it's nice to have the kind of stimulus it takes to stop thinking and just be.

CeLena has been experimenting with a new technique where she uses hot river rocks. She places them on certain points and lets them just sit for a while and let the heat soak in deeply. It was like being held in place with heavy pools of heat. Yum. It was great for relaxing, and did a good job of loosening up really tense muscles. I fell asleep a few times, and when I finally got up I felt like a noodle. Mmmm... that was *very* nice after the last week of coding tension.

He had a hard time during dinner, and even with some nursing, he was still a bit cranky. Four adults, however, eventually managed to entertain him, pretty well. Isabel and George are still on mid-West time and they drove for more than six hours this morning, so they went to sleep at 8. Jet cheerfully watched 24 with John and I and with a good dose of Tylenol he's a much happier little guy. yay!

I hope it helps for tonight. I'll just be really glad to sleep in tomorrow morning. Yay! That was one thing that was really great about the last time they were here, I really caught up on sleep in the morning

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