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April 17, 2002
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Mobility and Swimming With Everyone

My morning was spent in meetings and finishing the very last of my packing for the office move. It was nice to only have the one box left of really fragile stuff. I had everything else finished, so I could do my meetings and not worry about it.

Everyone else was kind of caught up in the last day of work at the Boulder offices, and some folks wanted to go for one last bike ride and others were frantically finishing things before the network went away. So John and I ended up having lunch by ourselves again, though tit was at Chez Thuy, the Vietnamese restaurant. Next week we'll have more places to pick from for lunch in Longmont, so that should be good.

Lunch was yummy, though. I had duck soup with egg noodles and it was just really yummy and filled with bright, spring-green vegetables. That was nice and crunchy. After eating we went to CompUSA and John and I had been talking a bit after he bought a wireless base for his laptop for home. He hadn't really talked with me about getting it and I felt, sorely, the lack of being mobile with my work at home. John got it because he wanted to spend his time with Jet downstairs or outside with John's wireless capable laptop. I don't have a laptop and probably can't have one from work for quite some time. But I really wanted to be more mobile. I can actually do a good deal of my documentation writing on this Visor, and that is very mobile. So we decided it would be good to make being mobile easier for me, too.

So we went to CompUSA, and I simply bought myself another USB cradle for my Visor. Then I could synch stuff up to my work machine easily as well as to my home machine, and whatever I did remotely would be easily used no matter what machine I was using. That took a little thinking to do, but I think it was the right choice. I may well look into a wireless addition to my Visor, someday, but on the most part I don't need instant access to very much. Email would be much easier on the big screen of my normal machine.

Home again home again, and I spent some good time with Jet when we got home. Though I had to wait a little while as George and Isabel had taken him shopping with them. But once he was home we got some time together, he was much less clingy today and the tooth on the right side broke through, so I think he was fussy and unhappy yesterday because of the teething.

I worked.

I quit around 5 to make dinner. We had the leftover baby back ribs, the leftover pork ribs from Mina's and the leftover chicken from the other night. I put all that on a cookie sheet and spread the orange chipotle BBQ sauce all over them and tossed them in the oven. While it was over seventy outside, the wind was blowing so hard that it was making the house rock and it was sure to blow out the gas BBQ outside. So we just did everything in the oven. I also had the two baby artichokes in the refrigerator, so I just prepped them, sliced them up and tossed the slices into the oven with a bit of basalmic and olive oil to see if they'd cook crisp in the oven quickly.

Isabel made a great cabbage salad, and I reheated the large amount of Spanish Rice John made. It made for a very satisfying meal. Maybe a little too satisfying, as I did eat more than I probably should have.

Joan picked me up at 7. I called her and asked her to so that we could talk on the way to swimming. It also turned out that it was a good thing as Jet as asleep when I left. So Joan and I got to class on time, and they arrived nearly half an hour later. I could hear Jet crowing from across the pool. He had a blast from the moment he got into the pool, this time. No warming up time.

I was really glad to have some time with Joan before all that, as it was just nice to catch up with her and talk with her and listen to how things were going with her. I enjoyed the time, and had missed it the last two weeks. She seemed gratified to learn that she'd been missed, and she said that she missed it, too, and it was just fine to learn about Haley and Jet an Alex.

It turns out that the new 'Me me me me me!" Jet now does while pointing at things he wants is something he learned from Haley, as she does that, too. She'll point at stuff she wants and go, "Me me me me me!" So Jet's learning that word directly from Haley.

After class, Joan helped me with Jet for a bit, but I shooed her off to be with her kids as they were waiting for her and Isabel and I managed to get Jet soaped up, cleaned off, and then rinsed thoroughly of the chlorine. Then we lotioned him up, put his disposable on him and tucked him into his sleeper. I am amazed he didn't fall asleep on the way home, but he didn't. He nursed, protested all the noises going on as people were picking up the house in preparation for the maids tomorrow.

I finally had to take him upstairs to his room and we finally were able to nurse in peace, and he went to sleep, gradually, after a really busy day! Yay

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