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April 25, 2002
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Taking It Easy

Jet had a mildly strange night last night, but he managed to sleep in pretty late. So that was pretty good. I also was waiting on two different groups of people before I could do anything more, so I took today pretty easy.

I was pretty sore from swimming last night, too, so I was glad I could just take it easy today. I had two hours of meetings in the morning, and the second one ran far longer than I thought it would, so I was very glad that I'd asked Joan to take Jet until noon. When I got Jet, however, when he nursed, he didn't go to sleep. So I just stayed up with a really cranky Jet and played with him, and when I ate my lunch he grabbed fistfuls of reheated steamed roll and stuffed them into his mouth. So I guess he was hungry.

I fed him more roll and was mildly bemused about the fact that he really loved this mixture of spinach, garlic chives, mushrooms, dried shrimp and all kinds of 'strange' stuff, but he won't eat macaroni and cheese! He munched away on fistfuls of my lunch and also deigned to eat some jarred carrots, drink some of my seltzer water, and munched some Zwieback as well.

I took the afternoon easy, as I have plenty of extra hours and it was just fun to spend time with Jet and play with him and watch him play. He finally did sleep at 3:30, so when John came home, Jet was still asleep. That was good. I got to make some dinner, and we relaxed

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