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April 26, 2002
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Breakfast At Lucille's With Xiao Xing

Jet had another rough night, and we had to get up early in order to have breakfast with a colleague of John's, so it was pretty rough, all in all. Breakfast was at 8 and I had a meeting at 9, so it was a little tight, but it was good and I was glad that we did it all.

Breakfast was at Lucille's with Xiao Xing, someone who normally worked in the San Jose office, and who used to come to Colorado every month or so to just talk with people face-to-face and get things done at a tremendous rate while she was here. Since the downturn she hasn't been here, but since things are doing better, she's back. She hadn't seen Jet since August and it was really funny when the first thing she said was, "Jet, you've gotten skinny!!"

Compared to the rotund little guy who could only *just* sit in a high chair, yes, he's a lot more slender and active. He took to her immediately when she presented a fire truck to him with Sesame Street characters all over it. He also just smiled and coo'ed at her for just talking to him and he talked cheerfully to her for a lot of the breakfast. He was in a really great mood and charmed the waitress, Xiao Xing and the two ladies in the tables next to us. There was even a couple of men obviously doing business at a table who commented about 'the cute baby in the room'... Jet clapped and babbled and played and even ate a few things.

I was really glad that Xiao Xing got the rice pancakes, as I had really wanted to try just one. I hadn't really wanted a whole stack of them for myself, and I was glad when I saw that they gave her six of them. I'd ordered the side of fresh trout and a side of grits. I didn't want eggs and biscuit and Bernaise, which the full breakfast came with, so I got just what I really wanted, plus the one pancake she gave me. Yay! It was a great breakfast, and Jet ate bits of everything off my plate and John's plate. He also drank most of my orange juice, and I didn't begrudge him that at all. Happy boy.

We then rushed home after breakfast and dropped me off to dial into my meeting. I could probably have never done it, since I had nearly nothing to actually say at the meeting, but it was good to know what was going on. I surprised me when John just never appeared until *after* my meeting was over. It turned out he'd gone to a garage sale with Joan and they'd found, together, two riding toys for Jet! Hoorah!!

One was a plastic car just like Haley's, the other was a ride-on scooter by Red Ryder. Jet had loved it and hadn't wanted to get off it. So John bought both for less than they'd been asking for them, which was probably a fifth what they'd have been new. That was neat. John brought them home and washed them and when he was done with that, the dishes, and everything else cleaning up, he'd come in.

I was very glad of all the cleaning up he did when he left at noon-thirty for his all-afternoon meeting. Jet woke up at 2 and I just had fun playing with him for most of the afternoon. But by 5 he was getting really cranky again, and at 6 he went back to sleep. John had called at 5:15 to say he was heading home along what is normally a 15 minute drive from here to there. He didn't get home until 6!! I am *so* glad we don't commute at 'normal' hours. It was just horrible.

I did get to use the fresh noodles from the Asian market to make chow mien. I over cooked them a little, but had fun cooking and mixing together everything else. It was very tasty.

Jet didn't wake up until John went up and woke him up to feed him some dinner. I just stayed up in the computer room and finished a few things to stay out of the way, so that Jet didn't decide he'd rather have me. When I did come down, he did want to nurse, but instead of going to sleep, he rolled off my lap and started *playing*. Uh oh. He didn't actually go to sleep until nearly 10:30 and after last night and this morning both John and I were dead on our feet. Oof

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