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April 24, 2002
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Back In Touch

Busy day and it was cool to eat at Longmont for lunch for the first time. Cary, Bob, Lynn, John and I had lunch at Deli Ciosos and it was just really good and fun to be with everyone again. It'd been several weeks since I really got to sit with the guys and talk for a while. So it felt really good, even though I was still kind of muffled by the cold Jet had.

The afternoon was straightforward. John was really cool and decided to just stay home with Jet, let Joan and I have our Mom's Night out and he also baked chocolate chip cookies as I've been craving cookies for the last couple of weeks. John and I had devoured the non-hydrogenated oils chocolate creme cookies from Whole Foods, and they were just about gone, so he was great and laid in a supply of other cookies for us.

Joan and I had a really great time at the water aerobics. I'm getting more dense. Even with four floats, whenever I breath out now I sink completely under the surface. It's really funny, to me, in some ways, as it's a really good indication that I'm getting somewhere with my weight/size loss. I'm getting denser with the exercise. Hee.

It was also just really great to talk with Joan. I did need that

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