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April 27, 2002
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Rummage Sales, McGuckin's, Books, and Go

We spent the morning with the Goodell's. Jet had a sporadic night, I think because of the second nap yesterday, though he really needed it then for his personality, it was like when George and Isabel were here and he had more than three hour's worth of sleep during the day. Jet's nights would get really iffy and he'd want to be up for an hour or two at night.

I was so tired that after I tried nursing him I just turned him over to John and I heard noises of Jet and John in Jet's room soon after that. It turned out that John had put Jet down to play on the ground floor and John had laid down on the couch to sleep a little. Jet had visited John and whapped him on the head a few times, and then left John alone. John came to, abruptly, and heard Jet on the stairs!

Jet was going upstairs. He climbed up, no problem, went into his bathroom, started playing with the toys in there, eventually got the little boat that's part of the pirate bone, and then took it with him into his own room. He tucked the boat into the intake of his humidifier and satisfied with that, he decided to play with other things in his room. I heard the happy noises and just went back to sleep. I needed that.

So in the morning, at 6:30, I went up and nursed Jet and then brought him down and played with him and John slept until 8. Yay! So he got caught up some, and I was very glad.

We'd set stuff up yesterday with the Goodell's and started with a charity rummage sale that was pretty big. John found a good little table that would be great for Jet, and it was portable, with legs that fit under the table itself. It really needed cleaning up, but it was really solid. There was another box that was completely filled with Matchbox cars, but Jet seemed more interested in just taking them all out rather than any single car. So I just let him play with them without sucking on any of them and didn't buy him any. He gets them at the Goodell's and he seems quite content with the mountain of toys he already has.

From there we headed into Boulder and went to the McGuckin's twice a year tent sale. It's mostly to get rid of the old season's stuff before the new season is really established, yet. They had all kinds of stuff for up to sixty percent off, and we got a Dust Buster, a utility knife, a lighter with an extension, some solar powered path lights for the front yard, and various other things that were all about half off and stuff we've wanted but never thought worth getting until they were half off. Everything in the store was also 10% off, too, so we headed in and halfway through Haley was pretty tired and Alex and she were hungry, so the Goodell's headed home for lunch.

We headed out into the parking lot and let Jet nurse while John bought green coffee at the Brewing Company and then headed over to the bakery right there to buy a sandwich. drat. I forget the name of the place, and it's actually a chain of independently owned bakeries that specialize in grinding their own red wheat to make their bread. I usually think ... ah! Right. Great Harvest.. They seem, in my book at least, to undercook their breads, but after tasting and reading about the stuff that King Arthur uses and sales in its commercial breads I think that maybe they use those kind of things in the loaves as someone equates them with 'good'. It does make for a very tender loaf, but I keep thinking they're a little underdone, though the crusts are great.

Jet decided he was done nursing really soon after John took off, and since Great Harvest gives free samples of their bread that are nearly the size of a meal themselves, I decided to lock up the car and head after John. John came out just as I got there, and I grumbled mildly about having come to get a bread sample, John turned me back around and said, "You're 90% of the way there..."

I was glad when I got there, too, as they were serving up fresh slices of a newly out of the oven cinnamon raisin swirl bread. It's a sweet bread that I really only want one slice of, as a whole loaf would only go stale in my fridge. It was really great, and Jet munched happily away on his piece as we headed towards Boulder's recycling center. We were going to park in a lot in back of the center to eat our sandwich and then dump our recycling. We were completely surprised to find that the recycling center made moved, but we followed at least the first part of our plan while figuring out where it was they had moved to.

When we'd figured it out, we went over and were able to dump our 5 plastics as well as the 1's and 2's. It surprised us that Longmont didn't take 5's anymore, when Boulder did, as their recycling is, ostensibly, run by the same company. But so it is, and we had a big bag of 5's to dump. They did, however, now have the commingled containers, i.e. glass, plastics, tin, aluminum, and milk cartons. There was the usual corrugated cardboard, paper board, and they did, however, require sorting mail/office papers from magazines, which Longmont didn't. So it took John a little while to sort that stuff while I dumped everything else. I am always mildly amazed at how *much* stuff we can recycle. It's nearly as much as we actually throw away, if not more if we count the newspaper volume or poundage.

On the way home, Jet fell asleep. I was exhausted from last night and getting up early this morning. So I went to sleep, too, with a plan to not wake up until I really wanted to. So that was a big chunk out of my afternoon.

After nursing Jet in the afternoon, I spent a lot of time upstairs, doing some Web purchases and doing my once a week email check of my Eskimo account. It was really fun to talk with Kelly about The Journey To The West and ask questions and peer at Buddhist and Taoist materials. I also took some time and did something I haven't for quite some time. After Fezzik died I did a lot of burning of incense and ghost money for someone to take care of him. I decide that now was as good a time as any, and I did so.

John handed Jet over to me when he saw me, and then started mowing the lawn. Jet was fascinated by the mower, and ran back and forth trying to see it work. I refused to let him off the porch, and he finally accepted that fact and watched the lawnmower from between the bars of the porch. I sat and read some of Heen, Patton, and Stone's Difficult Conversations and found it really heavy and hard going as a lot of the examples in there are really heavily emotionally laden. It really *is* hard stuff they're addressing.

When John was done and showered, I had more email to catch up with so he called Mugg and Pye and ordered a to go pizza and he and Jet went to pick it up. Sausage and green peppers and onions. Yum. When they got back I dragged myself away from the machine and went down and really enjoyed the pizza with them. It was spicy, the dough was soft on the inside and crisp on the outside and the cheese was thick and chewy. Jet cheerfully ate chunks from John's and mine.

I got distracted by something Kathy gave me, which is a free download of a Palm edition of Go. It's not too smart, but it also beats me, even on the small nine-by-nine grid probably four out of five times. I am not good at this, but I also haven't ever played, really, before. Dad and I, when I was a kid, used to play a lot of five-in-a-row, which is a one-dimensional game of spotting patterns as they build. Othello is also one-dimensional, you only have to worry about ends. Go is two-dimensional and that makes all the difference. I guess that's why there are people who have dedicated their lives to the game, and I don't have any shame in knowing that I know nothing. Hee.

It was actually a lot of fun when I could let go of 'you should be doing well at this!' and started playing in order to learn. That was really cool. I started learning how powerful diamonds are, how useful edges and corners can be, and it was fun to be excited about learning again. It also doesn't burn my batteries too badly. So it was fun. The only problem was that it really requires concentration and it's really hard to do with Jet interrupts. So I simply had to stop playing.

We then gave Jet a bath and got him all clean. He really loved the bath and tried, again, to climb in while fully dressed and the water was running. He loves putting his hand in the running water and he's got this mildly dangerous new habit of getting up and stomping up and down on all the bubbles in his bath mat. We're trying to discourage that, but he loves dancing on that sure-stick surface so much. It's hard to balance that against our need for 'safety'.

Jet went to sleep much more easily tonight. I hope that bodes well

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