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April 29, 2002
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Companionable Jet

Jet had a really good day today, though he had a mildly unhappy night. He was up every hour until about midnight, but then slept until 2, ate, and went back to sleep until about 5:30. John got up to be with him and he was so fussy and in such pain that John gave him a dose of Tylenol. When he finally got Jet calmed down enough that he could put Jet down, Jet took half a dozen steps forward, then he stopped, lay down on the floor, face down, and a minute later John heard snoring.

Yeah. Jet was asleep. John slept out there with him for about forty-five minutes and then Jet woke up mad as he didn't like being face down. John picked him up and they slept out on the rocking chair for another forty-five minutes, which was about when I got up.

Jet was pretty tired at Joan's. In fact, when I got there, he was lying flat on his back, playing with a toy and talking to Haley, who was sitting near him and talking back while they watched Blues Clues. Joan said he'd been doing that all morning, other than for the hour they were outside. When outside, he'd swung with enthusiasm, studied Molly, their Great Dane, and chased the cat. He and Haley had pulled up a lot of grass and threw it at each other, and basically had a great time. Joan was a little worried as Jet hadn't ever lain flat on his back at her place. Normally he's in constant motion.

When he got home, he was pretty happy. He just nursed, went to sleep, and I put my robe over him. He didn't wake up for two hours, and when I went to see him, the top edge of the robe was completely wet. He'd been chewing on the robe. So it's pretty clear that he's teething.

He nursed to wake up properly, and then sat next to me and flipped through a thick romance novel while I read "Journey To The West". It was very companionable with him tucked into my side and he studied all the words cheerfully and enjoyed just flipping through the pages. We did that for a good fifteen minutes and half a chapter before he flipped onto his side and slithered to the floor to play.

We headed out onto the porch, and he walked circles around and around my chair, talking to me a lot of the time. Eventually, he ended up on the fence, with his face pressed against the bars. I didn't know what he was looking at or paying attention to. He started blowing raspberries. I then realized that whenever a bird sang, he'd blow a raspberry back. It was pretty consistent, with him waiting for a song and then blowing a raspberry back. It may well have been his closest approximation. He also played with the chimes, played with his plastic car that John bought last Friday.

He did all kinds of things today that made me just realize how independent he can now be. Things he can now do for himself that we had to do for him, and some of it just stuff that he's never done before. Stuff like reaching for things he wants, shaking his head and even saying, "No." when I ask him if he wants something he doesn't want. Lots of small things that make me very, very aware that we now have a small human being on our hands that is starting to understand, process, and figure things out.

I now kind of wish I'd written each of the things down when they were happening, as I don't remember them all, now. It just felt like a whole string of things

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