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April 30, 2002
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Going In, New Sunglasses, and Missed Hockey

I really thought that I wouldn't want to go into work today. There was so much to get done, and I really didn't' want to 'waste' the time to go into work in the morning. It would have been much easier to just stay at home and hit the 9:00 meeting from home and not have to get up significantly earlier to get there in time.

But I did it.

I'm glad that I did.

I not only did the meeting, but got to talk with people face-to-face about the problem I'm now tackling and Bill even got a small meeting together and we got a bunch of stuff done. That felt great.

Afterwards, I hit the Twin Peak's mall and talked extensively with the lady in the Sunglass Hut before figuring out that they didn't have what I wanted. There was a little beach shop nearby that carried the full Oakley line, and the first thing I see are these wide, square Zeros that I thought they didn't make anymore. The newer Zeros are more oval, sleeker, but they have far less coverage. It turns out that they're Golf Zero's and they have a G40 lens, that lets through about the same percentage of light as the gold iridiums but at different spectrum levels. So when I went outside, it didn't seem like the lenses made things any darker, they just made everything much, much clearer.

The Golf Zeros are supposed to be designed to make distance vision clearer and make it easy to judge distances. These were really, really nice. They were actually cheaper than my old pair of sunglasses, too! I was very glad of that, and I'm kind of hoping that they'll last as long, too.

Jet was asleep while I shopped, and when I got home he woke up and I got to nurse him awake, which made both of us much happier.

I then played with him for a few hours, taking him outside and enjoying watching him run around in circles around my patio chair. Eventually John was done with some things and fed Jet solids while I ate my lunch as well, and the we brought Jet upstairs and let him play while we worked.

Jet really loves the little sticky tape markers. He pulled every blue one out of the marker container and stuck them to everything. Himself, the computers, the chairs, the carpet, and he managed to even brush some of them off on us.

I took Jet while John started his 4:00 meeting to let John get started. At 4:20, I took Jet up to John and then went to my appointment with CeLena and got a normal, hour-long massage. My right arm was in real pain. All the mouse work I've been doing going through email and writing HTML with a WYSIWYG interface really was taking its toll on my arm. My shoulders and neck weren't too happy, either, and my legs around the knees was just in really bad shape. So I was very, very glad of CeLena's work on my poor, old bod.

It helped a lot.

John had dinner ready when I got home! He'd heated a Safeway frozen lasagna, toasted bread, and made salad. Jet had spoken his mind during John's meeting, while John didn't quite have the speaker muted. Oop. There were nearly 25 people in this 'meeting' and they were all giggling when John found the mute.

It's a very interesting job we have.

After dinner, and after Jet went to sleep, we were both working when John came upstairs and said, "Look at your email... C** is selling his first playoff game tickets for tomorrow night!"

We then went through a rather intense half an hour trying to figure out if they let babies in for free. We then found two contradictory sentences saying "Varies by event." and "Children two years old and under may enter for free if they sit in the laps of their parents." Whee... after thinking about the fact that we probably wouldn't get back home until 1, we decided not to even try for the tickets, eventhough we were probably the first to see them.

Before Jet, we would have jumped immediately. I'm glad, now, though, that we didn't. As I'm so tired, already, and it isn't even 11. With Jet waking up at 6 in the morning on a fairly regular basis, I don't think we could *do* the really late nights anymore, at least not and enjoy them a lot

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