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May 1, 2002
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Curry Kitchen

A really busy day, today, but pretty good in a lot of ways. I had fun in the morning meetings, got a lot done, and had a small extra meeting to hash out my biggest project at the moment. I also got good feedback in my 1:1, and my goals for the next year look good to Bill. I was glad of that. They're things I really want to work on and it's just nice to have that reflected back and understood.

John and I couldn't decide on a place to have lunch, so when I went in I asked Bob and he and Sudipto decided that they wanted to go to Curry Kitchen, a new Indian restaurant in Longmont. They'd heard it was good and wanted to try it. So we all went and I decided to ride with Bob, Sudipto and Cary as I didn't get to talk with them that often, and it was just fun to talk about random things all the way there.

The food was wonderful. Spicy, hot, delicious. Suditpo and Smitha said that it was Southern food, in that style. There wasn't that much vegetarian food, only four dishes, three kinds of bread and vegetable stuffed bread, but there were four desserts that Smitha could enjoy. I really enjoyed it for $6.95 and we'll probably have to go there again as it's *so* fast.

Home again home again, and we picked up Jet and got to talk with Alex, who looked pretty tired. Joan told him to go take a nap and off he went. Some day. Some day Jet will actually be able to go and take a nap. By himself. Woooo.

Jet didn't sleep on nursing, so John took him so that I could get my afternoon meeting in, no problem. Jet did finally go to sleep at 4, and I also got a whole lot of work done with John. At 6, John said, "What are you going to do for dinner?"

Blink. Dinner? Oh. I have swimming at 7! Eek. I broke out the bottled spaghetti sauce and made spaghetti. We had bread and salad with it and it was a meal. Yum.

Joan came by right at 7 and off we went. We both finished our punch cards at the Rec. Center, and the lady very carefully wrote our phone numbers on them. They're good for a drawing to win a free card! That's pretty cool.

In the locker room Joan confided that she was pretty tired this morning when she asked me if I wanted to go or not. She had been willing to not go if I was too tired from last night, but I said that I would. She had been pretty tired, too, but decided to let me decide and she was pretty glad that I had decided to go. I know that the main reason I'd wanted to go was knowing that she was kind of depending on me. I hadn't known she was tired. A good thing, too, all in all.

We were here.

We got into the water. The instructor had us move to the shallow end as there was a Boy Scout thing happening in the deep end. So we had quite a different workout, with some sit-ups that I really felt. Joan and I also did the heavier water weights for the weight exercises and I could feel it all through my shoulders, neck, and chest. Woo. That was pretty cool. We can't really up the amount of time we spend doing this, but we can up the intensity.

It felt really good afterwards. I was a little wobbly, but that felt pretty good, especially in the hot shower. In the car ride back, we both agreed that it had been a very fine thing to have gone

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