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August 13, 2000
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Out on the Town

Everyone got up pretty late this morning. Walt and Cathie were packing as well as everything else, so we had a pretty late breakfast. Cathie was still full from last night, so just stole a bit of Walt's burrito. John cut up a bunch of stuff for breakfast burritos and I made scrambled eggs for the filling as well. We had bacon, avocado, salsa, fresh tomatoes and grated cheddar. Yum.

A really yummy breakfast with plenty of orange juice and other stuff. I enjoyed that.

Walt and Cathie took off around 11, and we got Genevieve prepped for our afternoon jaunt as I didn't have any clue where Kallen would take us in the heat. After yesterday's coolness, today was an oven. The sky was completely clear and pitless, and the sun shone fierce and hot and thorough. So we got Genevieve well spread with sunblock, I lent her my old pair of Zeros, and while we talked about hats we decided not to, luckily Kallen's plans turned out to be fairly mild, or I would have regretted not bringing a hat.

As it was, it was fun and not too strenuous. We managed to actually find parking within a not too far distance of Writer Square, and Kallen was easily found amidst the benches. A couple of solid hugs and he led us to a really good Thai restaurant only a block or two away. Genevieve hadn't had much Thai, so Kallen recommended something pretty mild. Kallen, in turn, got the deep fried catfish curry. I had to have the beef massaman, and John had a noodle dish. The food was really good and came in huge portions. Yay! I actually know a place, now, that has good Thai! Hoorah! I dug into my spicy dish and enjoyed as much as it took me to cry. Took a while, but the heat built up gradually and consistently. Both Kallen and John looked mildly surprised when I started crying, as it really wasn't that hot on a single taste. But it built nicely.

I guess I can eat hot food again. Hoorah!

We then wandered about Lower Downtown, locally known as LoDo, for a little bit, just looking at some local kitch, with which Kallen wanted to horrify Genevieve. She was suitably impressed.

Then the bunch of us went to The Tattered Cover. With just a forty-five minute time limit, I still managed to do a very great deal of damage. Genevieve pulled down a number of very interesting books and I had to finish off the Mary Gentle Ash series, or at least as far as she'd written. The graphic novel section also had a copy of Stardust with all the illustrations of the original comicbook format, so I had to get that and a couple of collections of Invisibles that I hadn't known existed. So I had to get them as well.

When we went to regroup with Kallen and John, Kallen exclaimed at my armload of books and Rosty just laughed, "This is mild." says he. Yay! John knows me well. It's a good thing. We had iced drinks, then bought all our goodies and Kallen then showed us the Wizard's Chest as Genevieve wanted to see gaming stuff. The Wizard's Chest is mostly other kinds of games, other than RPG's. They had a very sad looking collection of D&D and other Wizards of the Coast games. The bulk of the store was Klutz stuff, board games, card games, various toys, and the entire top floor was costuming materials. That was very keen. They even had sets of black or white feathered wings, wigs of all lengths and colors, racks and racks of costumes, and all kinds of funky hats. Fun but not RPG's.

Genevieve cornered one of the shop folks and asked him where she could find manga, and he said Federal and 19th. So we went off there after Kallen said his good-byes to a familial dinner duty. It turned out to be an entire complex of Japanese Stuff. A sushi restaurant, a book store, and on the ground floor a general store. There was even a meeting room for the local Japanese Cultural Society on the upper floors. The book store was filled with manga and taped anime, sadly it was all completely in Japanese, so Genevieve really couldn't do much with it. But it was very, very nice to know that the grocery store, underneath, existed. It even had a little gift shop that looked like it had calligraphy supplies. Hoorah!

All in all, a good discovery.

Home again, home again...

Hug the dog. Fezzik doesn't seem to be getting any worse, which is a very good thing indeed. He still doesn't quite know where those hind legs are, but he doesn't seem to be getting any more so or any weaker. Just not quite balanced back there, still. So I take it as a good sign that whatever is causing it isn't voracious.

Hot hot hot. We mostly collapsed, drank lots of liquids, gradually regrouped and read various things while John worked on his laptop. By then it was past six, so I thought about making dinner. John said he wasn't that hungry, but I knew that I would be. So I cooked elbow macaroni, browned beef, drained a can of tomatoes, made some cheese sauce by blending grated cheddar into some bechemel, and I added a tablespoon of mustard and a dash of Worcestershire sauce for flavor. Mixed it all in a baking pan, grated a little more cheddar on top, and then stuffed it all in the oven.

I then sat down with Stardust with a sigh of relief from being away from the cooking heat. I read until I was hungry, and pulled the casserole out and it had browned nicely on top, and everything had melded together really well. Yum. So we sat down to eat, though John couldn't be found; but I figured that since he wasn't hungry, it was probably fine to start without him. He eventually came up from the basement and spooned himself some of the casserole and ate cheerfully.

I spent most of the rest of the evening reading the rest of Stardust. Kathy was right, the illustrations really do make it more magical. I really liked the very complex and interesting story, painful losses, interesting gains, complex loves, cool characters driven by a multiple of needs, and that deft hand with magic that is so very hard to define. Gaiman's sense of magic is so solid, working within the 'expected' confines of what magic is all about, really, and still causing wonder and delight. I loved it. Want to do something like it.

Sleep was hard 'cause it was so hot, but it worked, eventually, after all the walking around we did today, the physical tiredness wasn't a problem.

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