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August 14, 2000
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Hunting Down Books

Mmm... staying at home with nothing to do but hunt for comicbooks, RPG's, and interesting videos and get distracted by yarn shops and used book stores. Now *that* is a vacation.

It's very keen having Genevieve here, in order to actually do all the adventuring and have a reason to look up a lot of the stuff I just gave up on in the initial 'too much to do!!' feeling when I first moved here. I mostly gave up comicbooks in the last few years and it really seemed easier to just not even look up what the local shops were.

On Monday I woke up around 8, got myself some juice and went upstairs to write a little journal stuff and wedding stuff. Got hungry after a while and still no peep from Genevieve, so I went into the kitchen, made bread dough in complete quiet, and then did a few breakfast things. That's when I dropped a pot and Genevieve popped out at the noise. We had a little breakfast, and I made too much coffee, but otherwise it was good. We then outlined the plan of the day. Local fruit stand for peaches, comicbook store, game store, grocery store and then home.

Hopelessly optimistic me hoped to be home for lunch, so that I could actually bake the bread and we'd have it for sandwiches. Oops. The fruit stand stop was automatic and very quick.

The comicbook store actually was pretty easy to find. I had a feeling for where it was, eventhough the numbers on 28th were all messed up. I turned out to have exactly the right gut feel for it and we ended up in exactly the right place. Hoorah! They had just sold their last hard cover copy of Promethia, so I ordered that and then looked everything over. I think I'm going to spend a whooooole lot of money when I come to pick up the ordered book. A long time technically employed ex-collector returning to the fold... a comicbook shop's dream customer.

They even had a very nice Grendel t-shirt with Hunter Rose with a rose. I may have to get that, too.

The game shop was much harder to find as we picked up the number trail on Broadway and followed it into a disappearing act on Baseline. Oops. So I went into the strip mall there, and we got distracted by a used book store. We went in and happily hunted stuff. I got a first indication that something might be wrong when I got up off the floor, where'd I'd been sitting crosslegged and looking at a book, and was suddenly, really badly, dizzy. Oof. Genevieve bought her books. I waffled about food. There was a Vietnamese/Chinese restaurant that looked way too fancy for me, the French bakery had almost all sweets, and finally, we decided to eat at the Arby's as it was there. There was a line, too, but it moved fairly quickly, but they took a while getting my sandwich made and I found that I was feeling really faint while I stood there and waited.

But I really didn't have much alternative, so I just stood and waited and hoped that I wouldn't fall over before they got the food to me. My hopes were realized, and I even got Arby's sauce and ketchup for my potato cakes before sitting down. The walking actually cleared my head, so that was good. The food, on the other hand, really, really helped clear my head. I felt so much better after even just a third of the sandwich it was astonishing. Genevieve even felt better after some pop and food, and we both decided that if we were feeling even a bit bad we should just stop for food. Yeesh.

The used bookstore lady pointed us to where the addresses started again at the number we wanted. So we found the gaming store and it surprised me to find that it was right next to my yarn store. Why didn't I remember that? It's nearly as big as the store that Carl takes me to all the time and had all the various books I'd been thinking of and I finally got a copy of Hunter as I'd heard a bit about it and just wanted to know more. Genevieve found a few books as well, and we had fun just getting what we wanted. I asked the proprietor if there were games in the store frequently as they had a very well equipped play area with tables, restroom, and refrigerator. Neat. Turns out they usually have at least one game a night on the weekdays, but mostly long-running campaigns with very little turnover, so he warned me that it'd be hard to get into a game. It's what I expected, but it was nice to know that it all existed.

And then we were off again, to the grocery store, and we had a list and mostly just got what was on the list. I also bought steaks so that John would make an easy dinner while I was at my massage. Home again home again, and we hid downstairs and watched Revolutionary Girl Utena. I called John and told him about the steaks and asked him to get fresh sweet corn. I then got Genevieve thoroughly hooked on Utena and then I ran off to my massage.

Came back to a beautiful dinner, and Genevieve swears we've spoiled her for any other sweet corn. It was really good and fresh and crunchy sweet. Yum. With the sugar that's only available in just picked that afternoon corn. It was great.

The three of us then went back downstairs and watched some episodes of Powerpuff Girls as Genevieve hadn't seen much of that, either. Yay! She likes 'em. I loved 'em, especially the endings. Yum. So it's been a really fun day. With all the running about I fell asleep really fast.

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