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August 15, 2000
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Dreams, Comics, and Videos

I really am enjoying having Genevieve here. It's amazing knowing just how much she thinks about stories and games and plots on an everyday sort of basis, a habit I think I used to have when work was more boring and less fulfilling and I was mostly writing on Usenet as an everyday kind of thing. Sometimes I wonder if I shouldn't just work at a coffee shop or as a cook in some restaurant or a clerk in a video store and not be paid to think so that I'd have a brain with which to create after work.

Never really realized just how much of a difference there is until I get the in and out exposure to what she's talking about and thinking about on her vacation.

We didn't get up until latish, had our breakfasts and then roamed off towards the one shop we didn't get to yesterday. Mile High Comics is actually fairly close to home, just south of us in Thornton, but after all the stuff we went through, Boulder-side, yesterday, it was just in the opposite direction. So we decided to wait until today and off we went. On the way there, Genevieve bounced about on seeing a Play It Again games, which, in the phone book, had said that they did used games and rpg games. So I promised we'd go back there after Mile High.

The Mile High comic book store was enormous. About a third of it was role playing games, cards, and action figures, but the other two thirds were nearly all books. Old books, new books, and collections all in a row. I wandered through and bought nearly a dozen collections of all kinds of things, from a collection of the first four Leave It To Chance to McCloud's treatise about the future of comicbooks called Reinventing Comics. I got manga and old series, and stuff I'd heard about and missed and decided to just get. Carl later said that there's nothing better for a comicbook store owner than a technically employed ex-collected about to re-join the fold. He's entirely correct.

Genevieve found a few things, and we then wandered out into the heat and sunshine. Just on the other side of the strip mall, however, was a little Mexican bakery. I had to stop there and I saw someone buying little flans in cups, and I peered into the refrigerator and found them! So I bought one and we bought some sweet breads to take home with us for breakfast. Genevieve got one with pink sugar on top, I bought a custard filled one and we got John one that had a swirl on top, just in case it had some cinnamon. With the custards in the car, we decided to just make a minimal number of stops. First the used game store.

We walked in and all I can see are CD cases and lots and lots of Playstation and Nintendo games, everywhere, this is when I realize there are probably no role playing games of the type Genevieve and I are interested in anywhere in this store. She, however, marches up to the owner and asks to see their RPG's and he asks back, "Which system." At which point she blinks and says, "The ones in books, not machines." He points out a shelf, where there is one boxed war game and one old Second Edition D&D supplement. "That's all I got." We wander out after a brief discussion on whether or not I should buy something. Not that I'd play it, so we don't.

Safeway for Stuff. Then the vid store next door and we find five things to watch. Prophecy III, Blade (because she wanted to see the inhuman speed portrayed well), Crying Freeman anime, The Ninth Gate, and, because she hadn't seen it yet, Romeo Must Die all ended up in our hot little hands.

By this time they were very hot. The afternoon was just roasting, and I turned on the ac at home before we went and hid downstairs in the basement, where it was cool. I nuke-popped caramel popcorn and brought the tray down to cool. Fezzik, of course, immediately followed. We watched Prophecy III and I enjoyed it a lot, though, as warned, the ending was pretty weak especially after all that had gone on before. There were a lot of good one-liners, and it was very keen having Christopher Walkin playing a humanized Gabriel, paunchy and petulant and still in the right place at the wrong times.

John called when he left work, and the movie finished just in time for me to stir fry up some beef, tomatoes and potatoes. Everything turned out tender and tasty, the beef lending body, the tomatoes their almost caramelized sweetness, and the potatoes their mealiness. All of it delicious over brown rice. I'm supposed to eat more brown rice than white, as it has the nutrients and fiber that I really need. Whole grains over polished are always better. From Alton Brown I'd found out that brown rice actually goes rancid with long storage, so we'd bought just a small bag and the rice that we made from it was only mildly nuttier than white, with a very mild taste, nothing that would mask any other flavors. So it was very good.

It took a little while, and by the time dinner was finished, we were pretty tired, so we decided to just watch a few episodes of PowerPuff Girls! Carl actually recorded them with the extended play option, so I actually have 720 minutes of PowerPuff Girls episodes! Holy moly. The ones we watched were all fun, had a great ending that made us just go, "OOOOooh!!" and it was really neat.

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