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August 20, 2000
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Lazy day.

Totally lazy day.

Got up late, ate slowly, then took Fezzik to Walden Ponds again. Sad seal surrounded by the halo of his black fur in the water, watching to see which of us would throw the next biscuit. There was a huge blue heron perched on our bench's back when we first got there, and it flew away when a small plane went by overhead. But we just sat in the sunshine and watched Fezzik swim back and forth and back and forth. When we arrived, he just marched straight into the water, knowing that this was where he wanted to be. Stayed for a good fifteen or twenty minutes. He had a hardish time getting out of the water afterwards, until John found a less steep bank for him to climb out on.

We got him back into the Stoat, our open topped Land Rover, and took him over to the Safeway plaza. The sky had thunderheads all through it, and the shade was nice in the open top truck. Fezzik's fur blew around and mostly dried on the way over. First stop was the Dairy Queen and Fezzik enjoyed his ice cream cone a lot before John and I headed into the market to get a few things, which included yummy BLT's for lunch.

Had to hose Fezzik down, first, though, as he was smelling a bit like pond scum. After getting hosed down thoroughly, he started trying to run around on the lawn. At first, he lost his hind legs, but then he managed to figure out something and started bounding around the lawn. A giant, scrawny black rat with a long tail, bouncing around with joy and sheer good spirits. That was pretty cool. Happy dog.

Happy dog that wanted IN when he started smelling John cooking bacon for BLT's. I went outside to be with him and persuade him to not pound on the doors, just sat out on the hammock chair, reading the paper while John cooked inside. John brought my sandwich out and I instantly had a black nose at my elbow with expectant eyes on every drip, crumb, and crunch. It's kinda hard eating in a hammock. I managed about a quarter of the sandwich before I finally gave up and had to go inside and just eat there. By then Fezzik wasn't dripping anymore and in this arid environment, and dampness he brought with him inside would dry quickly. So we let him in and he lay at my feet while I ate.

Afterwards, he followed me as I made my way upstairs to write the message for the wedding. He barked at me when I went up the stairs. I think he barked at me because he knew his hind legs would not get him up the stairs while he was still tired from the walk. So he just turned around and went to sleep in the livingroom while I cudgeled my brain for good words. I took the notes I'd written on Friday and threw all but the essential ideas out and I actually enjoyed the new wording a great deal more.

It wasn't until 6 that I went back down again. I think I did okay.

Since it was evening and the sun had slanted away in the sky, it was cool enough, now to work a little in the yard. I had to do the Miracid on all the evergreens, and with the new sprayer bottle, I dumped in 10 tablespoons of the crystals and filled it to 30 ounces of liquid and shook it to mix everything together. Then had it give me 3 ounces of mix for every gallon I sprayed. It took far, far less time than normal, especially with John helping me handle the huge hose, that did reach to even the furthest of the evergreens. That was good. I came back in pretty happy from that.

I was also hungry. So I took half a whole wheat bagel, herbs, chunks of parmesan, some wine and Worcestershire sauce, and ground beef and made tender, tasty, savory meatballs. While they browned, I threw together onions, carrots and celery, all minced up with some garlic and saute'd that until it was good and good smelling and then tossed in a few cans of tomatoes. When the mixture was good and hot and the tomatoes started melting a bit, I got out the stick blender and whirled it all smooth. I dumped in the browned meatballs along with fresh basil, a couple bay leaves, and a rolled smash of dried oregano and then put a spatter lid on it so that it wouldn't splatter the stove but would reduce well and let it simmer for 15 minutes before starting the water for the spaghetti.

I'd been craving spaghetti and meatballs ever since we watched Castle Cagliostro and that scene in that inn with Lupin and his friend 'dividing' a plateful of spaghetti and meatballs. I am very suggestible.

I cooked a good, large mass of spaghetti. The blended sauce was much better about sticking to the noodles than when I leave the tomato chunks whole and the long, slow cooking time got the meatball taste into the sauce and vice versa. It was really, really yummy. The only improvement I'd have made would have been to have big, chewy soft chunks of garlic cheese bread besides, but it was pretty wonderful even without. Happy sigh.

A very, very restful day.

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