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August 19, 2000
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Waffles, Picnic and Sending Genevieve On

John did a really excellent job on the waffles. Eventhough he didn't have quite enough eggs for the mix, they turned out crisp on the outside, tender on the inside and soaked up syrup very, very well. Genevieve loved them. She then packed up while I wandered outside with Fezzik and I sat for a while in the hammock chairs. Genevieve came out as well to enjoy the cool morning air, eye the mountains that she'd seen the backs of yesterday and enjoy her last morning here.

She did a few checks and by 11, we all were off. John to Safeway to return the last of the video's we'd rented. Genevieve and I went to the Post Office, the back way as Main Street is still being mud while getting paved, to mail a box, a letter, and her postcards. As usual, there was no line and we got through pretty quickly.

Then we headed for the company picnic. The easiest route took Lookout Road out to the Diagonal. Lookout is named so because it gets up on the highest hills in the area and from the road you can see vast amounts of the valley just in front of the Front Range, so you can see all the towns nearby laid out at your feet. Genevieve loved the view and we barreled on down the hill to the little park on IBM property.

I pulled into the wrong parking lot, because the banner for the picnic had been set up immediately across from the tiny lot at the little lake there. I looked behind me, saw a car in the entry driveway, still far enough for me to back up and turn around to go out. So I started backing up, fairly fast as I'm used to doing a lot of reverse stuff. Suddenly a horn goes off. I stop, blink, and suddenly, after correlating all three views and looking backwards, there's a really short, little sports car behind me. Black and about to get mashed by my rear end. Oops.

He had slipped in behind me, trying for the parking space next to me, and when I backed up he was caught in a really bad place as the car I *had* seen on the driveway was right behind him and he couldn't back up himself. Luckily, he'd thought to use his horn as I would never have seen him.

The good thing is that he went to the same picnic, and we saw each other soon after getting there and got to talk about it and laugh about it together. I felt really, really bad about not seeing him and scaring him like that. I was very glad there was no damage, however, and that we were able to laugh about it after.

Genevieve, on arriving said, "I take it this is a typical company picnic?" Both John and I kinda blinked and said, "I guess so. You don't have these?" She just shook her head. It was a very keen setup, all in all. Local park, with lots of tents up for shade and eating areas, play ground, and a games company had brought in laser tag in a balloon enclosure and a really hilarious game that had two lines with gradually greater resistance tied to two harnesses. People got in the harnesses and tried to run as far as they could against that resistance. More often than not the more powerful men that got the furthest were then pulled off their feet when their balanced changed, so there was a lot of thumping about and feet in the air and people falling backwards with surprised whoops and much laughter from the audience.

That was cool. They had snow cones and popcorn and a four-booth arcade of penny games. The food was really good, too. BBQ pork ribs, chicken, roasted sweet corn, burgers or hot dogs, plenty of chips, salads, and fruit and great big barrels of ice and pop or the kegs of local beers. The corn wasn't quite as sweet as the stuff we'd bought for Genevieve, but it was passable. I nibbled it happily and just sat and talked with a lot of people while I could as we had to leave around 1 to get Genevieve to the airport on time.

The trip to the airport was good. Lots of fun reminiscing about the whole week and how keen it had been. Restful, too, for her, as she'd had two days while I was at work to sleep and read and just be lazy. She was happy with all the food and hadn't had anything she'd expected to do, so was pretty glad to do what we had done. She still marveled mildly at the brilliance of the sunlight here on an everyday basis. There were days, she said, that were that bright back home, but it never went on and on as it did here. She was going on to Detroit to spend a week there with Em and the whole crew that was gathering for Em and Eric's wedding. With all the stress I was going through to get ready for the wedding I was going to in September, I was glad I wasn't trying to do both. John had already called Northwest to confirm the flight and time, and they'd said that everything was good. So I could, with clear conscience just drop her off at the ticketing area. I made sure she had my home phone number just in case something completely unexpected happened and she was stranded at the airport; but that seemed fairly low probability.

On the way back, I thought about stories and games and various things and how glad I'd been that Genevieve had visited. When the turnoff came along, I kept going back to Boulder. Odds were good that she'd be fine. So I went back to the picnic, met the tail end of the happy picnickers and then sat with John and the rest of the recreational committee as they waited for the renters to come and get their tents. I nibbled leftover corn and had fun just drinking water, listening to stories and various conversations and staying mostly out of the sun. Nearly everyone I saw was at least pink from all the sunshine as it had been a staggeringly clear day. As usual, I enjoyed the aftermath of the party nearly better than the full swing of it. Just smaller groups of conversations and we could actually pay attention to each other.

I got to see Ray and Joan's new pickup. Joan got to pet my tummy as I'm starting to show just a bit. Ray made me laugh when he asked how soon it would be before I couldn't wear my normal clothing. I think it's going to be a while. I'm really into t-shirts and elastic waistbands on loose shorts, so it's going to be a while before I even have to graduate to John's clothing, yet. Fun having people that are so interested and fascinated by the fact that I am pregnant, eventhough Joan's just gone through it all. They're willing to give us a mountain of baby clothes and their bassinet as they're done with babies for now, and their new baby girl will be nearly a year old by the time mine is born, so she'll be well out of her newborn bassinet.

It's very good to have friends.

I thought a lot about that as I went home. I don't think we really could have done this move without the friends we brought with us. And they've proven even more of a blessing as time moves on.

I spent most of the early evening reading the various books I'd bought in the last week. Yum.

I marinated some chicken and left it in the fridge until we were both finally hungry again, which was fairly late in the evening. Cool enough that I sliced potatoes and made a tiny gratin that went into the toaster oven for a good twenty minutes before I'd let John grill the chicken breasts. I cooked some tiny carrots in orange juice and a little bit of butter, and when the OJ had all gone away the sugar in the juice and from the carrots served very well to caramelize on the outside of the tender-crisp carrots. It was a yummy dinner. I couldn't finish it all, so Fezzik got some chicken for his treat of the evening.

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