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August 3, 2001
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Grilled Pot Roast

9:33 pm: A pretty interesting day at home. I got a good deal of work done, and even experimented with the pot roast on the grill outside and came up with a success. I think I had even more vegetables than last time, and I put the whole, huge packet directly on the grill over the low heat, and just left it from 2 'til 5:30.

The way to do it is to first heat a pan as hot as possible. Sear the roast on both sides in the pan for about two to four minutes a side, this is *not* to keep liquids in the roast it is, however, very good for flavoring the roast. Then sautee the vegetables in the same pan, scraping up any brown stuff, then add a whirled can of tomatoes, a third to half a cup of basalmic vinegar, and let all the liquids simmer down to about half their original volume. Pour half the vegetables and liquid into heavy duty aluminium foil, top with the roast, then pour the rest on top. Seal. Add another layer and seal that up, too. Pop on a gas grill at low heat. Or into a 200-300 degree oven if you want to heat the house, too. Let it just go by itself for three to four hours.

At one point it smelled like it was burning, but when I peeled off the outside layer, there had been some leakage from the inner packet and the leakage was what had burned. So it was doing just fine. So I just rewrapped it up and settled it again to cook some more.

The day was pretty hot, no thunderstorm in the late afternoon or evening. The three of us went for a walk in the evening, after dinner, and it was a beautiful sky, the southern half filled with cotton candy clouds. The north was completely clear. It was just really pretty and the extra exercise felt really good to just take. We really need to do this more often.

It was, however, so hot I had no intention of cooking in the house. So the pot roast experiment outside was exactly the thing we needed. And it turned out much better than the first batch. The meat was fork tender, the vegetables all done, and the juices had managed to caramelize some and the resulting 'gravy' was complex and rich with the taste of all the components as well as the sweet tangyness of the basalmic vinegar. I was happy with the results and we ate it happily.

John also got things in place for a small get together on Sunday. It should be cool, the new neighbors and Joan, who has been on her own for a little while as Ray went to a high school reunion. Yeesh, it's going to be my twentieth year high school reunion soon, too. I don't even really know which high school reunion I'd go to as I had good friends at La Jolla High school, but most of my longer time friends were at Rolling Hills, since I'd only been at LJHS for the one year. We'll have to see.

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