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August 4, 2001
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Eating Slowdown

9:43 pm: Today was topsy turvy from all the changes Jet's been getting in the last week all come home to roost.

Jet only wanted to nurse after three, four, or even five hours. None of this every two hours on the dot stuff, except for short snacks. He also ate big at his solids meals, both in the morning and in the evening. Which could account for some of it. He was having squash and bananas for both meals, he really likes his bananas and will eat just about anything with them, even the hated green beans. He's more like Grandpa George than we thought.

I was surprised. I shouldn't have been because he's been showing signs of it all along, but with having two meals of solids regularly, he really isn't into nursing as much. I think the hot weather is contributing to it, too, as the close contact is very sweat inducing and sticky. I think it didn't help that once he got one of the breasts to let down and he got distracted by something, he got an eyeful of milk. Poor tyke.

Six months is supposed to be the fading point for formula and breastmilk anyway, so this is a good thing. It's just so completely abrupt its amazing. All that time I've gotten into the habit of sacrificing to nursing looks like it's going to be mine again.

We did stuff today. The first thing we had to do was get Jet a real car seat for his new size and which will, eventually, be able to turn forward when he's one and more than 20 pounds. He's getting to be too big for his infant seat, just sheer size-wise, and it was time to get him something more substantial. I think I might keep using the infant seat in the Passat until he's actually the 20 pound limit that the little thing can take; but for most of his trips he'll be taking them in the five-point harness with all the solidity of a real convertible car seat.

We got the Century 1000 STE because Consumer Reports found it to be the most useful and the best protection in an actual crash of all the seats they tested. The 1000 and 2000 STE were the best they'd tested. We called all over the place to try and find them, and finally the guys at Babies R' Us said that they had them. We started out wanting to have breakfast out and then started to shop for stuff from there. We thought about going north to Longmont, but after John called around about the car seat and finding that no one in Longmont had them, we decided to go south and diverge from there. There was a Target, Biggs, and a few other things to the south.

Originally, we were going to go to Gunther Toddie's for a traditional breakfast. As we drove along, though, I decided I didn't really want eggs, bacon, hash browns or whatever other greasy stuff we were thinking of getting. I decided that it might be faster and satisfying to just get a couple donuts, instead, as there was a Daylight Donut in front of the Target we'd wanted to shop at.

So we went there. I do not think it was the healthier choice, but it was good and fast. I had a chocolate donut with coconut and a cinnamon donut, all with a big carton of whole milk. I peered at the labeling and now I know why I drink 1%. It's kind of amusing to be sitting right in front of the information that the milk, alone, of which I'd thought was the most healthful item in my breakfast, had about 50% of my recommended amount of saturated fat. Whew.

From there we did go to the Target, not knowing that they didn't even carry the seat. When we found that out, that's when John called Babies R. Us as they were now open. That's when they confirmed that the seat we wanted was in stock. I did want a fan for the upstairs, so we got a good one that wasn't too big, and then left for Babies R Us.

Jet was just fine this whole time. He was asleep when we got to Babies R. Us, but he woke up after we stopped and this time he was looking pretty closely around himself as we went up and down the aisles. It took us half an hour to get the seat, sadly. They hadn't stocked it up front, and it took the lady three trips to figure out what it was we wanted. By the third trip John followed her back, and this time she didn't appear from the way she went in. Instead, half an hour later she came back to us through the store to say she'd left it up front and had tried to find us all this time...

Oops. Anyway... we now have it. That's the thing.

From there we headed home. Jet had eaten at 9, it was now noon, and he showed no signs of wanting to eat. I tried him when we got home, and he just was totally distracted. So we had our lunch and John went out to change some transmission fluid. At 1:45, Jet sounded grumpy and hungry after playing for a few hours, so I tried him again, and this time he latched on just fine. Of course, after the second one was emptied out he fell asleep.

I tucked him between two pillows on John's side of the bed, got into bed on my side of the bed and I took a nap while Jet napped. That was very good indeed after getting up twice last night. I'm going to have to do that more often. On half time I can do such things. Yay!

John woke me up when he came in grumbling from his car work, and he took a much needed shower. From there, he picked up Jet when Jet woke up and let me sleep another fifteen minutes. I needed it to finish my sleep cycle and I felt much better with it done.

We watched some TV, and then at 4, we left for Longmont to get some car stuff, weed killer, and then find some dinner. We thought about sushi, and I thought it would be yummy; but on the way I started thinking about pizza. John pointed out a sign that only read "Italian and Seafood", and he said he was intrigued by the whole concept. So we decided to go there for dinner.

It was a little Colorado style Italian place. The first item on the seafood menu was 'fish and chips'. They had what looked like an interesting take on scampi, with the menu stating it was tomatoes, garlic, and basil with the prawns. When it came, it was sitting in a lake of butter as well. I ate the stuff off the top. The grilled tomatoes were tender, juicy and wonderful. The basil and cheese had permeated them nicely. I ate a little of the spaghetti as well, but left most of it. It was just too much butterfat for me, even.

John got the lasagna, and got enough to even feed him twice. It was a huge block of the stuff, and it was really good. Tender, flavorful, with plenty of layers of cheeses, meat, and a dense, darkly colored tomato sauce that tasted of well caramelized tomato paste. It was really good, but way too much of it. He saved half for later.

I also got a corn chowder as my soup, and it was dense with vegetables and herbs. It was really tasty and flavorful and chunky with potatoes and sweet corn. Really good. John's salad had a buttermilk dressing with good chunks of blue cheese. So they did well by us on those terms.

For dessert I couldn't forego the tiramisu. It was wonderful, definitely a traditional recipe, as I could taste the mascarpone. Wow. Talk about saturated fats... whew.

Home again home again, and Jet was very cheerful and four hours after his last feeding, ate steadily off me without a fuss. He then played happily with John and then with I for a while. At 8, he ate a lot more squash and bananas, and then the three of us went for along walk when the sun had gone behind the clouds. No need for sunglasses, and we had fun wandering around and looking at the neighborhood down two of the culdesacs along our road.

The sky was beautiful, clouds streaking across the clear blue. The clouds were turning gold, red, and purple with the falling light. Some of the sunlight from behind the mountains was spread into rays across the sky. That was pretty.

The horses were out just down the street and they came out to stare at us as we walked by. One guy is building his house, and he has his plane in an already built hanger, and has parked a camper by the hanger while he works on his house. That was interesting to see. There are still lots open in this neighborhood, and they're getting gradually bought up and built. There's three houses for sale in the neighborhood, and two of them are going for more than three quarters of a million dollars! That surprised us a lot. Still they're on the runway side, so they have immediate access to the run way, so can build hangers there.

We're on the side where there isn't immediate access. Plus our house is much smaller and less imposing than the others. Whew. We don't have to worry about our house going for that kind of money, or being taxed for a house that's worth that kind of money. That's a good thing.

When we got home we gave Jet a bath. He kicked and splashed happily. I think he likes the cooling down he gets on these really hot nights. He then nursed sleepily and completely refused the bottle afterwards. It might be good, this going longer between feedings, if he doesn't have to have a bottle at all, and can still go three or four hours, that would be really nice. I just wouldn't have to worry about feeding him extra any more. That would be really good.

Also, if he eats less, all in all, I might, myself, be able to go longer at night. I would like that a lot. Whew. Time for bed. It's so hot, even after full dark. Yeah, I know, I'm complaining about 78, when in some parts of the Northeast it could still be 90 with 90% humidity at this hour. Ah well... good night.

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