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August 12, 2001
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Trying Day

11:11 pm: Today was very trying. Even when Jet seemed happy he was crying soon after. He was just having a really rough day today and it just didn't seem to get any better until very late in the night. All day, whenever we tried to nurse, he would start kicking and stretching and pulling and crying. He really only settled down to eat off me for his last feeding, after a bath, and only when I had massaged his feet while he was eating and he'd had a dose of Tylenol in case he really was teething instead of just dealing with the after effects of yesterday. It wasn't fun.

It didn't help that both John and I were severely sleep deprived to start. We went shopping at Safeway at about 11, after we'd just finished breakfast, and forgot a few things that I went to finally get at 4. Both of us were so woozy while we were shopping that we were both mumbling and had to ask the other to repeat to actually hear what was said. It was that bad.

Finally on the way home, Jet finally dropped off for a nap, and both John and I tumbled into bed this time and slept while we had the reprieve. It was really good that Jet slept for a whole hour, and when he did get up, I took him off to feed him while John got to sleep another hour. We're really learning to take advantage of our opportunities and really getting what we can when we can as Jet really can't go so completely without sleep as we think he does. Also, since John let me sleep in in the morning, it was good to give him the opportunity to sleep in after the nap.

It's going to be good when either set of grandparents come and we can hand Jet off to them and say, "Here." and then go to sleep for a while.

Then again, these days will pass as well, and the last several weeks have shown us a very independent, happy, and willing to do thing with himself tyke that Jet normally is. It's just really today that it's been bad. Jet's found his really irritating loud crying scream voice when he's just irritated and wants to let everyone know. Today, he also started letting out screeches every single time I went out of his sight. Ugh...

I hope that doesn't keep up.

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