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August 13, 2001
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8:36 pm: I'm bleary today. Jet had two bad nights in a row. He wasn't happy yesterday and it carried on into the night. The one thing I can thank Goodness for is that Jet didn't have another stay up for a few hours unhappiness last night. I mostly fed him and he went back to sleep. He did get up at a bit before midnight, at 2 and at 4:30, and after the 5 am feeding, he slept until a bit before 6, and John took care of him after that until Jet bumped something with his head at 6:30. I got up, fed Jet, and Jet fell asleep again. I didn't argue, and just went back to bed again.

John woke me up gently at 9 to ask what to do about Jet. Jet made the plans mildly moot by waking up right then. So I fed him again and John sent him off to Joan's fifteen minutes late. Luckily, my meeting at 10 went late by ten minutes, so I was able to get Jet at 11:15 for more than one reason.

Jet had done surprisingly well at Joan's. He hadn't fussed at all, played the whole time, and did great with Haley and Joan. Haley and he had bumped heads, literally, over something, and he had a very light bruise from that, which Joan felt bad about. I didn't mind it. Jet's headbutted us so many times, it wasn't something that was going to really hurt him. He seemed cheerful enough, and when we got home, he ate solidly and went right to sleep.

I got my lunch in, got work done, and set myself up for the 1 'o' clock meeting. At exactly 1:08 Jet started to cry from waking up. The minute I had him changed, and we'd gotten back upstairs the phone rang. Baby karma seems to still be holding.

I then had another three hours of meetings in the afternoon, and Jet was great for the first part of them. He ate steadily, and then played happily in his bouncy seat or on the floor with various toys. He seems to really love the plush squid I used to use for a wrist rest. He's fascinated by all the arms and will play and play and play with it and then suddenly try to stuff a whole arm into his mouth, choke on it while laughing, and then pull it out and start tossing it in all directions. He seems to love making all the legs fly everywhere. So I was pretty much able to concentrate on my meetings and got through the first, two-hour meeting just fine.

The one hour meeting after that, however, was a bit different, and Jet was getting gradually more tired and more irritable. He really didn't like that voices kept coming out of the box on the desk, especially when he was trying to eat, so he started getting more and more upset with things. By the time John got home, Jet was so grumpy he wouldn't smile at John for a good hour after he'd come home. Soon, even when he was trying to eat, Jet was protesting everything at a steadily louder and louder pitch.

Finally, after two futile attempts at nursing, we gave him some Tylenol and John gave him his binky and then bounced him while sitting on the exercise ball. The latter two things we haven't tried for nearly three and a half months, but with the Tylenol, Jet found comfort and went to sleep in John's arms. The two of them then settled into the rocking chair and John rocked them both while watching TV, and finally both of them were napping for a while. That was very cool to see.

When Jet does nurse quietly, I have been reading more. Kathy lent me an old copy of Jerome K. Jerome's Three Men In A Boat: To Say Nothing Of The Dog and I haven't laughed that hard in a very long while. It's Victorian humor that uses waxing lyrical as some of the astonishingly complex and fun humor. There's all kinds of wonderful ironic contrasts and some really great, nearly Three Stooges physical comedy as well. It's such an astonishing mix. Kathy had recommended that I read it before I read Connie Willis' To Say Nothing of The Dog, and I'll admit that I liked the Jerome K. Jerome book better than the Willis book.

I think that some of it is that I am very familiar with Connie Willis' story telling style and her voice is very distinctive and the way her plots run is very familiar to me. I could pretty much tell which way it was going to go and the trip was pretty fun, but no where as astonishingly new to me as the Jerome K. Jerome book. I liked the Willis book, and it was good in the way that her books usually are with a very satisfying ending that worked out really nicely. I also love how her world building makes coincidences necessary as part of how reality works. It's really cool that way.

Around 6, John's cousin on his mother's side, Susan, called to say that she was finally free of work, and she could come over to see us and the baby. By the oddest of coincidences, she works for a national organization for teaching the ceramic arts, and their headquarters is right here in Erie! They'd decided to put their headquarters where it was easy to get to from the airport and where there wasn't any affiliation with any university. They'd deliberately kept any affiliation out from the placement, but made themselves easy to get to. That was really interesting. What's more interesting is that their headquarters is a bare two miles from our house.

She and the lady that set up this office and works here regularly arrived around 7. They could only stay a few minutes, and Susan loved holding Jet and playing with him and we had a little time to catch up with each other and how busy our lives and times were. There was some discussion about the family reunion next summer and everything looks like it's in place for the whole thing. It should be grand, and she was planning on being there as well. That was pretty neat.

At one point she asked us what we missed about Seattle, and we both chorused, "The rain." "You actually miss the rain?" "Oh, yes." Her friend laughed and said, "I hear you." Turns out she used to live in Tacoma. She'd moved there from Colorado and after ten years had moved back to Colorado, and she missed the rain and the water as well. Especially out here where water and rain are such a rarity. It was fun to know that she understood.

That was fun.

When they'd left, we thought about dinner, and decided to just order take out from Lui's. We called our order in, John went to get it and came back with it. It was just the lo mein and a beef dish with rice, and neither of them really caught my appetite worth a darn. It was mildly sad, though it was really fast it nearly wasn't worth eating. That bothered me some.

After dinner, Jet was pretty angry. It was a quite a lot like yesterday, and it was hard to deal with simply because there didn't seem to be anything we could do about it for him. He was arching and screaming and when I tried nursing, he'd kick and go on and on, louder and louder sounds that kept getting more and more frustrated. Plus yanking and pulling and beating on me with his fists. When I put him down, however, it would just get worse.

So we held him a lot, bounced him a lot, and finally dosed him with Tylenol. Five minutes later, he was peaceful as could be, and eating steadily. That made both of us blink a bit. By the time he was asleep, both of us just fell into bed. No use wasting the time that was given to us.

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