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August 14, 2001
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Emili, Yuri, and Cathie Arrive

7:40 pm: Jet finally did a far more normal night last night, though the circumstances of it threw a few more possibilities into the mix of why he'd not been sleeping all that well.

We all went to sleep last night at 9:30. It was just that much easier after all the other things that had been going on. Jet dropped off, and John and I just went right to sleep, no stopping for pumping, no writing, no bathes, no collecting thoughts on the way home. So we got a good two and a half hours when Jet woke up at 12:30 in the morning.

Jet did just fine at that feeding. He not only sucked down two ounces of formula, but ate off me steadily. I went upstairs with him when he fell asleep and had to stay in his room for about another fifteen minutes to get him to really go to sleep. In just that fifteen minutes, I was sneezing, dripping from a running nose, and actually wheezing with asthma. Oops. It turned out that the window that John had left open was at the end of the book shelves, and there was a wind blowing. The wind was taking all the dust off the shelves, and it was putting it right at Jet's crib. I was amazed he hadn't woken up before then.

He went to sleep, but woke up again at 1:30. This time, John put him in the car seat and tucked him into our closet. That was very good. Jet slept until 5:45 in there, out of the dust. He was pretty content in there, and when he woke up I took him and fed him while John slept some more. I think, all in all, John is more sleep deprived than Jet and I are. So he got a bit more sleep, and when we were done, I tried putting Jet back into his crib. But he woke up and didn't want to go back to sleep, so I took him to bed and played with him there while John showered.

I went back to sleep. I got another hour or so, and got up when I heard Jet yelling. John and he had been playing and Jet had bonked his head. Jet was already mildly irritated from being hungry, so it was good that I got up. I fed him and he was a happy boy.

Wow. So it looks like allergens may well have something to do with his restlessness at night.

Given how many hours of work I got in yesterday, I decided to not work all that much today. I got in the two hours while Jet was at Joan's and then spent the rest of the day giving Jet one on one attention. We played, fed him solids, and had a generally good time. I also wore Jet and started straightening the house out, and at nearly 1, I got a call from Yuri that they'd left Albuquerque and were on their way down. They'd started at 12:30, so would be here around 8 or so.

That was pretty cool. It was good to talk with him. Jet and I had fun putting away the train tracks, getting sheets, setting up a few things for the cousins as we puttered around the house. They would be arriving after having eaten dinner, so I didn't have to worry about cooking for them, which was good. Emili had gone away from being a vegan, luckily, but was still mostly vegetarian. That I can deal with, after living with James for a while and having Raven over a lot, ovo-lactic vegetarians are a very familiar food style to deal with.

It was really nice to just be able to be with Jet and not worry about paying any attention to work after my stint was through. There is quite a lot to be said for only working a quarter time. Sadly, we've got enough bills at the moment to still need my paycheck, so it'll be a while, yet, before I can go completely off the payroll of some company or another.

John got home around 4:30 and picked up the pace of my puttering about. We ate leftovers, and basically figured out what all needed to be done to sleep three guests and got all of that working.

By 8, we were, all three of us, happily relaxed in the livingroom and the phone rang. It was Yuri again, saying that they were almost here. A minute after John hung up the lights of Cathie's car flashed through the house. They were here!

Jet loved them. At first sight, even, he was just smiling and talking and doing his usual wiggle and thumping his chest with his fists. He nearly wiggled himself out of Emili's arms, and she hung onto him fiercely and he didn't mind at all. That was really good to see. It was really nice to see all of them. Cathie is always fun to talk to, and we had fun giving the kids a tour of the house. Yuri immediately glommed onto the bookcase of books in Jet's room, and saw the Subtle Knife and asked me if I had The Amber Spyglass. I told him I did, and when he came back downstairs, eventually, I handed him the book. He started to read, pretty much immediately.

He only came out of the book when we said that we thought it'd be a good idea if they had some ice cream before going to bed because it had been nearly six hours since they'd last eaten, and it wouldn't do to go to bed too hungry.

Safeway had had a sale on Ben and Jerry's ice cream, so we had about four or five different varieties. Everyone picked some flavors and everyone had what they wanted. Jet had been hungry, too, so I was feeding him while everyone else was having ice cream, so I waited on mine. He was having a really hard time concentrating on eating, and when John handed Cathie Jet's bottle, Jet was so distracted, he wouldn't eat from her, at all. Finally, John had to take him and bounced him, trying to get him to sleep.

I ate ice cream the minute someone took Jet. When I was done, though, it was pretty obvious that with the people in the house, Jet just wasn't going to get to sleep so long as anything was going on. Conversations just made him yell louder. I'm not sure if it's 'cause he thinks that they shouldn't be happening while he's eating or if it's just frustrating to him while he's trying to go to sleep. Sometimes I think I should just try always holding a conversation while he eats just so he won't mind it in the long run, it made life a lot easier when he didn't care.

Finally, I had to take him up into his room, close the door, and that's when I realized that the only light that we have in his room is a pretty bright one. Despite that, I managed to get him to go to sleep with a little time and a little quiet, and since it was a fairly cool evening, I was able to keep all the windows closed. The air cleaner had done it's work already, and with the windows closed even if something came in downstairs, it shouldn't bother him upstairs, too much. The light, however, was my downfall. When I clicked it off, Jet woke up and started to cry.

By that time, however, the kids and Cathie had moved downstairs, into the basement, and I could open the door the crack I needed to see. Jet finally went to sleep ten minutes of gentle bouncing later. Whew...

From all that activity, I'd be surprised if Jet had a good night. So I just went downstairs, said goodnight to everyone, and went to sleep. I needed to get what I could. It was great to see them, but I'm finally at a point where I am taking care of myself when I need to and doing it before my sense of social 'obligation'. It also helped, a lot, having had both my parents and John's parents over and being able to pitch all the old ways of how John and I used to take care of guests out the window. Not being as obliged to provide for guests really is a good thing for me. Keeps me honest about what I really need.

And I need sleep.

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