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August 16, 2001
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11:12am: The house is very quiet today, with everyone gone.

The morning was a mad scramble as the kids packed up and got ready to go, John packed up to go to work, and Cathie packed up for her drive back to Albuquerque. Jet had only gotten up three times last night, two for feeding, which was something of a relief compared to him getting up five or even seven times in one night. He got up for real around 6:30, and at 8, Cathie picked him up and took him down into the basement to act as a living alarm clock for Emili and Yuri. That was a good way for them to wake up and they played with him cheerfully as he beamed at them and wiggled happily.

Breakfast was catch as catch can. With peaches, cantaloupe, blueberries, and other fruit, plenty of cereal and yogurt, everyone found something to eat and ate it. Emili even finished off half a leftover veggie burger from last night. I was impressed.

They had set a 9:45 deadline to be out the door, and John had to leave at 9:30 to get to his meeting at 10. I had a meeting at 10 as well, and Joan had agreed to take Jet an hour later today, so he'd get as much of his cousins as possible. Of course, by the time I had Jet ready to go out the door, they weren't quite ready, yet. But knowing that he was leaving provided the proper impetus, and they got completely ready to go. Jet is now giving hugs, when I hold him out to people, he puts his arms wide, and when he gets close enough to them, he closes his arms around them. I guess that's another cool thing about babies that like to snuggle, he just automatically hugged them close. They held him for a while and said their good-byes, and then we were all out the door in our respective cars. We all waved wildly at each other as we pulled out and I headed north to Joan's while they headed south to the airport.

It sure is quiet, now.

I am really glad the whole trip went so well. Jet seems to be jollied out of his earlier unhappiness with all the extra attention. John and I lost more sleep, but that was okay and well worth it.

9:24pm: Busy day with work today, for both John and I. I had a meeting and then realized, during the meeting that Bill had asked me to do something yesterday that was due today. I hadn't really realized it, and hadn't had a chance to do anything with it while the visit was happening. So I got around to it while I was attending a meeting by phone conference. Especially since a lot of it didn't have anything to do with me, it was easy for me to just ram my way through the problem. It was just a list of things that we didn't know everything we needed to know about in order to implement them. So my job was to come up with questions for everything.

So I did.

I had time after the meeting, too, and used that well to make the questions line up with what I wanted to know. When that was done, I had to go get Jet. He'd had a pretty good time there, but at the end of the two hours, he was so tired he was just arching his body and screaming. Joan tried to feed him but he just spit it all out and finally she put him in his car seat and rocked him to sleep. He slept fitfully and when he got home he wanted to eat. He took a lot of small naps today, but nothing very long, and he ate like crazy.

John gave him apples and sweet potatoes this morning and Jet loved the combination so much he ate an entire level two jar of it, which is about four ounces of solids. Then he had bananas and oatmeal with me at lunch time, and then carrots and brown rice as well as more bananas in the evening. He ate off me every two hours on the dot even with all these solids. I think he's going through his six months growth spurt and, as with the others, it's a little late according to the calendar, but he's doing it with a vengeance. The diapers that used to go up to his chest are now just at his tummy. I'm pretty impressed.

At 1 I met with Bill and we went through all the questions. On the most part he just adopted mine, and we put together a table of items and questions, that should get owners and people we can actually ask the questions of eventually. It took us an hour to go through everything. Then I was free to just feed Jet, play with him and think.

At 5 John called, sounding depressed, he had to stay at work for a meeting at 5. He'd originally planned on coming home to do it, but the meeting before that had run long, so he didn't have enough time to get home. So he was going to have to stay at work. So I asked him to get pizza on the way home when he as able to come home, and that it would all be okay. He was disappointed, though, because he'd wanted to play with Jet during the meeting, which I can definitely sympathize with.

Joan, it turns out, decided to take a rain check on us taking Haley and Alex for the evening. There were just too many things going on. I'd been, however, all set to have pizza for dinner, so it was good that John could get some on the way home. He got the good stuff, too, Abo's, and it was as delicious, thin, and chewy as ever. Jet took a twenty minute nap while we ate, and when we were done he woke up obligingly and then played with John in the twilight. The three of us then went on a walk and it was fun to just walk and talk and be together as a family. I really liked that.

The nights are getting much cooler. They feel almost like fall, now. Crisp and cold and just enough humidity to make for a little bite to the cold. I saw the hay cart out announcing that the world's largest corn maze is going to open on Labor Day weekend. So the corn has grown and it's almost harvest time, nearly fall. The peaches and corn will last through the fall if last year was any indication. It should be good. It made for a really far more comfortable sleeping situation, and I was able to get Jet's room all cooled down, then run the air cleaner and have it all set for him without opening it to the outside.

He passed out while eating and wouldn't even wake up for much of his bottle. I don't know if that means he'll sleep well or not, but he really does look peaceful while he's asleep. Especially in such a quiet house.

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