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August 17, 2001
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Seeing To Myself

10:02 am: John and I started this morning by deciding that I was absolutely going to see a doctor today. One way or another it was going to happen, either getting an appointment when I could go or going to the urgent care this afternoon and just getting my wrist looked at. It's been two weeks, and it's time I just faced up to the fact that it's not getting better with what I'm doing.

Jet had an interesting night last night. He got up for the first time at 2:30! That was great after pretty much passing out at 9:30. But after he got up the one time he was up pretty much every hour after that and for nearly all of them he really wanted to eat. He refuse the binky, refused bouncing, and yelled a lot. That was mildly befuddling, but for some reason after having nearly five hours of straight sleep it was easier to deal with his bouncing up and down, and I actually got a good deal of sleep, Especially when he decided that after the 5 am feeding that he'd sleep in until a bit before 7, so the last two hours were very sweet.

John took Jet to get donuts while I was in the shower, and as I was putting lotion on, John poked a mildly bleary head into the bathroom to proclaim, "I bought donuts, but I think I left them on the counter at the Conoco. So we're going to disappear for a little bit again..." I had to laugh.

Sleep deprivation is now pretty much humorous material. It's pretty funny how many things both John and I forget simply from sleep deprivation and having about four times more things to remember when we have Jet along for something we'd normally be able to do in our sleep. I would have forgotten the donuts, too, after this last week. Luckily John won't have to work all day today, so he might get a good chance for a nap when Jet naps today.

They came back right when I'd finished making my decaf coffee, and that was perfect timing. We had coffee and donuts and in the middle of all that Jet started screeching. I thought it was because it was hungry after last night, but it turned out to be a dirty diaper, that John got off him just in time to take him to Joan's.

I went upstairs and waded through email while finishing my coffee and my rare and elusive chocolate chocolate donut. The chocolate is repeated because it's a chocolate donut with chocolate icing. Yum. John also got me an apple fritter that was really dense with cinnamon, and that was really good. The reason the cc donuts are rare and elusive is because the Conoco never seems to have more than one or two in their daily allotment. I'm not sure why because unless we get there early, it's nearly always gone. So I imagine that it's popular. Maybe they have far more but some early morning customer is always there to grab them or something.

The email was standard stuff, nothing that said I had a morning meeting or anything other than the noon meeting I have to get to today. So when John called the clinic and they said that they had a 10 am appointment, I was able to just up and run for it.

So here I am, at the doctor's and making good use of the waiting time between the nurse and the doctor actually appearing. Hee.

I haven't interviewed the family doctor's here, but something at benign as a mild, long-term sprain seems an excellent opportunity to see the doctor in action so far as how he'll react to questions, how he diagnoses things and how all of the patient-doctor thing actually works with him. Who knows, I might have a regular doctor after this.

I love it. I go in. I get to write a bit while waiting for Dr. Bensen. He comes in. I hold out my hand and point to where it hurts and he asks me, "How old is your kid?"

That made me laugh.

It seems that the injury is one that is common to new parents. I have a mild twist on it, in that I didn't injure exactly the tendon that they usually do, I'm just one off. Software engineering. Heh. One off problems are our specialty. Anyway... he said that it's likely it'll actually heal more easily since it's not the main tendon on that side, so that's good. We talked about it a little, and he prescribed anti-inflammatories and a splint to completely immobilize the injury.

So we've splinted it, my old carpal tunnel splint won't work because it allows me to flex things the wrong way, so they gave me a new splint that Kathy would have pitched a fit at because it's lined and Velcro and would put pressure and heat on the areas that really shouldn't have it if you're treating tendon inflammation in the carpal tunnel. But it really immobilizes my wrist very nicely. Good thing I don't have carpal anymore. So I have a good splint that immobilizes the hurt parts completely, and I have a good prescription of anti-inflammatories, and the doc was very good about asking if I was breast feeding and going only with what drugs were safe with that. Given that Jet's now six months he can have and get ibuprofen through my milk and it's not a problem. Amusingly enough it might help him with whatever low grade teething pains he's having, too. So it might fix two birds with one stone, or pill, or whatever...

Dr. Bensen was also good with my questions, especially on the 'how long do I have to do this'? 'Until it feels good to you.' But he also cautioned me that I really should go full-speed with all the cures until it was really fixed. That I should wear the splint 23 hours a day (not in the shower :-) ), and take the prescription strength stuff four times every twenty four hours as long as I could stand it, and then cut back to three.

It was a very clear set of instructions with very clear result tests. Also it addresses things directly. He also said that I should pick up my son as much as I needed to and not worry about it now that the wrist is immobilized. So that solves that.

And I'm surprised by how much it helps just to know that I can't injure it. The splint itself is something of a nuisance, though likely not as much a nuisance as the alternative, which was a splint designed to immobilize the thumb completely that would also immobilize the tendons in questions. It would have made things even harder. This one makes a lot of things that I do all the time just a bit more awkward, but they're all still doable. It's likely more comfortable than it could be.

I wore it home, and John had just finished his meeting and was going to get Jet. It took him half an hour. Turned out that Joan had a lot of stuff to tell him and that worked out okay. Jet got back at 20 'til 12, so I had John bring me the headset, because feeding him would be a half hour deal. Jet was grumpy and cried when he saw the headset. I'm not sure why, but I think he just doesn't like it on us. So I waited until he was asleep to put it on, but I didn't need to have bothered, because they didn't call me for a while.

By the time Jet was done eating, he was fast asleep, so I tucked him into his car seat on our bed, and he snuggled in happily and I went upstairs and waded through email until they called me.

Then, instead of answering the questions directly, we went through the list to see who would answer the questions for me. It was pretty fast and furious. We only had fourteen minutes, and when they first through about going through the questions there were a good fifty of them that had taken Bill and I an hour to go through the first time. So I was pretty sure we couldn't do it in that time. Instead, we had the group figure out who would be responsible for answering the questions and any further implementation questions down the line. The list was tentative, so I have to wait until the head of the system team gets back to me to tell me that these are the people I want to hunt down and question.

That was what I needed.

When we were done with all that John and I got to eat lunch. We finished off the last of the pot roast and the last of the bread from Wednesday night. It was classical French bread, which meant nothing but flour, water, and yeast, so it was pretty stale. Oil and milk help keep bread pliable and soft, without them, the liquid content can evaporate off pretty quickly and the bread gets stale fast. So it was good that we finished off the last of the rather chewy loaf. If I had known how chewy it was going to be, I would probably have made blueberry bread pudding from it.

Still, it was good to finish one more thing. Since we brought Jet home we've eaten a lot more leftovers, made a lot more dinners, eaten out less often, and generally done better by our pocket book and our health by managing our food a bit more closely. We do buy more groceries, but the relative cost is still cheaper than what we used to do. It feels pretty good to do that, too.

I have a list on my Visor of all the possible dinners we have in the freezer and pantry. The long-term stuff that can be eaten when the fresh produce or things that are just for a few days immediately after coming home from the grocery store are made and eaten and done with. So when John wants to make dinner, he can pick up my Visor, peer at the list, pick something he wants and start in on it. Or get me to tell him how to do it. That works out pretty well. It's independent of special dinners like when his niece and nephew were here, but it's a good tool for when our brains have stopped working from lack of sleep.

Which, I'll readily admit, my brain had stopped working this week, already from that very malady. Well, it might have been that plus the prescription strength ibuprofen. By the time 5 pm rolled around, I had to be reminded by John and my Visor that I had an appointment with CeLena, and that I'd better get going.

I didn't have the sneezing fit this time. CeLena had cleaned off the face cushion and it clearly would have soaked up dander like a sponge. So I did much better with the breathing part this time. My knees are still filled with hot wires, but everything else felt better. She did some mild work around the injured tendon and, unlike last time, this time it felt better for it. My shoulders were better and the usual sheath glommation onto my musculature wasn't happening along my back. My hips were still something of a mess, but better than last time. So there was some improvement all over.

It was even nicer when I got home and John encouraged me to take a bath while he fed Jet solids. I really enjoyed the bath, and used one of the Lush bath bombs. I seem to only be allergic to the chocolate mint one, which is very reassuring. This one was a summer one with citrus, golden smelling flowers, and warm yellow coloring to the water. It was very nice. I came out of it feeling a ton better.

Jet and John were doing well. John was making dinner, putting together a taco salad. I really like taco salad for summer eating. It's a bed of greens with taco meat and beans on top, covered with grated cheese, cut tomatoes, avocado, and crushed Doritos. It's really tasty and pretty cool to eat with all the textures to the salad. I really enjoyed it and it was really nice not to have to cook.

I often like cooking, but when I'm really tired it's really hard, and with the bath I was pretty wilted.

After dinner we gave Jet a bath. It's gotten more exciting as Jet's gotten bigger. He's starting to grab whatever comes near him and there are a lot of interesting things on the counter near him. He tried grabbing the roses that John had given me. He tried grabbing the water when we were washing his hair. He swiped at the soap and nearly got the same hand into his eye and all kinds of things that would have made things really uncomfortable if he'd been successful. He did manage to wear himself out with all the activity, though.

It was a good thing. Jet passed right out while eating, and so we went to bed vowing that, tomorrow, we'd catch up on sleep and make it a priority. Even after just the one day with the splint, my wrist seems better. I think that a lot of it is simply from it just not being able to get hurt while I do the things I have to do.

It was very awkward, at one point, when I'd nursed Jet to sleep during the day, and I tried to put him into his car seat. Without being able to bend my wrist in the ways I was used to, I was very, very awkward getting him into the seat and woke him up pretty thoroughly. That was frustrating. Hopefully it'll get better.

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