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August 18, 2001
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Recovery Is Fun

8:40 pm: Jet really loves chewing on a chicken bone. I ate a drumstick, pulled off all the loose bits, ate the big chunks of meat and then handed him the bone. He sucked the knuckles, chewed on all the fringy bits, and was able to hold it for himself handily. He drooled all over it, of course, and made a happy, chicken-greasy mess of himself, but that's all part of him learning how to feed himself, I think.

Today was mostly a recovery day. Especially since he was up six times last night, there was a lot to recover from given the way the whole week had gone. Both John and I were pretty severely sleep deprived, and I got first dibs on my extra hour in the morning. The cool thing with Jet's bouncing up and down was that he didn't get up for good until about 7. Which is much better than 5:30 in the morning. At 7, John was able to take a shower while I fed Jet, and then he took Jet off to play with him while I slept in until 9. Which was, of course, when Jet was hungry again.

So for most of this week, even when Jet's gotten solids (sometimes up to four entire ounces of solids, which is an entire jar of the level 2 foods (level 1 is the plain, singles foods in tiny jars, level 2 usually has interesting combinations like lentils and rice, sweet potatoes and apples, blueberries and peaches and comes in larger jars for pretty much the same price)), he's wanted to eat off me right at the two hour mark. So we figure he's going through his six month growth spurt, the last of the infant growth spurts, thank goodness.

Jet seems taller, too. The diapers which were just enormous on him not that long ago are now pretty much normal for him. Where they used to cover his chest, they now go to his tummy, which is about right. He's lengthening out. Soon he's going to be too big for his bathtub, which is kind of sad because John and I have finally gotten the hang of bathing him in it. We may have to graduate to the bathtub pretty soon, and while we have a bathing seat for him, it's going to be a whole other adventure figuring out how to use it and actually get him clean.

We'll see where he ends up and when he'll actually settle down again. All the references say that kids go two steps back before going forward again when it comes to sleep, eating and all that, so I don't really mind the hard nights too much. They'll bring better nights afterwards. Thing is that in the past, most of his growth spurts have only gone for a few days, this has been going on this way for a whole week. Then again, there's more of him to grow, so that's something.

After my nap, we had breakfast. Mostly fruit and cereal and stuff and I decided to use some of the fresh blueberries and make scones that were more whole wheat than white, and they turned out crisp on the edges and nutty and yummy. Having whole wheat flour in the fridge and freezer really makes a huge difference in how the baked goods made from it turn out. The germ's oils do go rancid when it's left out at room temperature, and since our old whole wheat flour was moved here from Seattle, it was bad to the bone. White flour, and for that matter, white rice, both last forever because the germ is removed. It stores well and tastes good when it's used no matter how long it's been sitting out, which is why they were so desired by farming societies. It's only recently that they've figured out that the lack of the very things that go bad is bad for people because that's where all the nutrition, besides the carbohydrates, is in those grains.

Anyway, while I was baking, I fed Jet and both the scones and Jet were done at about the same time. John then took Jet off on an adventure downtown and all over Denver while I sat at home and wrote in all the journal entries I've been skipping this week. Bad me. I've mostly just punted on the entries in favor of sleep, so maybe it as *good* me, all in all. I shouldn't judge so harshly.

The splint got in the way of all that typing and since I really wasn't going to be able to hurt the pick-up-baby tendon while typing, I took the splint off for the duration and didn't miss it. I think that the tendon's actually going better, already, just on a full day's not getting tweaked and the anti-inflammatories. That's good. But I'll stay on the safe side and keep up all the therapies until it's actually well instead of 'feeling better'. I think that's the only way it's going to get good.

I had nearly four hours of time to myself. I pumped mid-way into it all, and had a great lunch of the rest of the tuna salad from earlier in the week. When I'd originally made the tuna salad, I only added mayo to the part that I ate, so it wasn't going to go bad. I finished it off happily today as it was still good, and tasted wonderful. I should really ask my parents to bring me more Trader Joe's canned albacore.

When they came back I took Jet and John went to sleep his shift. Jet and I played and played and played. First upstairs while I wrapped things up and then downstairs with his paper bag and a few other things.

Jet now holds his arms out when I go to pick him up. He'll also hold his arms out to hug someone, and he'll hold his arms out for balance. When he's sitting upright, he likes to just hold them out, and in the stroller I could see if he was doing it for balance as well. He seems, however, to be holding them out as much for fun as balance, feeling the air as it were. He looks like some ballet dancer, sometimes, with his arms floating out and waving about. It's funny.

He started getting grumpy, and when I picked him up and put him up against my shoulder he surprised the heck out of me by leaning forward and latching onto my chin!! He sucked away vigorously and then started to giggle when I started laughing at him. That was so funny. I'm pretty sure he was doing it because it was there, but when he got a laugh out of me he kept doing it, over and over again. Then he got frustrated with me and started really squawking.

He had a dirty diaper. I changed him and he was cheerful for a little bit, and then started sucking on everything in sight. Which seems to be a signal for 'I'm hungry!!"

So I fed him and we spent the next hour and a half nursing and napping quietly together on the couch. John and I put a couple of towels on the top of the couch, so I can lean back on them and not compress the vertebrate of my neck. That's a very comfortable thing.

When John woke up at 5, it took Jet and I a little while to wake up as well and not be grumpy. Then I dove into making dinner.

It was pretty hot today, it's supposed to be hotter tomorrow, in the mid 90's again. So I decided to cook outside instead of inside. I started with some potatoes, which I sliced into wedges and put on a small baking sheet after tossing them in a bit of oil and some salt and pepper. I put that out on the grill on low. Then I cut up zucchini, onions, and a sweet pepper, and tucked them in an aluminum foil pouch and tucked that onto the grill. I started water for spaghetti, and while that was coming to a boil I tossed the leftover chicken in some BBQ sauce and tossed that onto the grill before turning all the wedges which were now good and golden brown on the bottom.

When the spaghetti went into the water, I made the peanut sauce, equal parts sugar, soy, rice vinegar, and cider vinegar, add a couple drops of sesame oil and two parts peanut butter. Whirl it all together. Pull the cooked spaghetti out of the pot and toss with the sauce and then refrigerate it all to make it good and cold while everything else is cooking By the time that was done, everything else was done, too.

Yay! Dinner! And the house wasn't too much hotter for the wear, and there were relatively few things to clean up.

I cleaned off my chicken leg bone and handed that over to Jet for a toy and he gummed it enthusiastically. When we were done with our dinner, I fed him some apples and sweet potatoes, and Jet's picked up a fairly annoying habit of whacking everything in front of him when he gets excited about eating. It's guaranteed to knock food everywhere. It's hard to be stern with him because he looks so disappointed when his joy is met with grumpiness, but it really makes it impossible to feed him without making a fairly big mess.

I know, when I actually start letting him feed himself, the mess is only going to get much, much bigger, but in the meantime, I was annoyed. He did finish the jar off, though, so we should get him more of that. The four of us then went for a quick walk down the street opposite us, met the man with the adopted dog, and then headed for another lap in the cool evening air.

When we got back into the house it felt much stuffier, so we turned off the AC, opened all the doors and windows and settled in for the evening. John and Jet played while I wrote and rested, and right at the time when he's supposed to get fed, Jet started screeching. So I got into position and away he went. He passed out on finishing the first boob, so I played a dirty trick and cleaned out his nose. He'd been having stuffiness for the last several days, and it really needed doing.

Jet woke up with a vengeance. He hit a scream that just made my ears ring while frantically trying to get away from the booger chaser, but I finally got the huge booger, and splatted it onto a tissue as I chased down the one in the other nostril. By the time I was done, he was just sobbing, so I held him until he was calmer and he then turned and latched right on to help calm himself. He refused his bottle completely, and just passed out going up the stairs. Hopefully that means he'll do well tonight. We'll see.

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