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August 19, 2001
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9:53 pm: It was a really nice day today. We started with breakfast at Lucille's. Jet had been up four times last night, which was decisively better than seven, and he was really cheerful. He did really well at the restaurant, sitting in his seat and playing with his jitterbug and watching everyone that came by the table with great intent and a ready smile for anyone that smiled at him.

It was a sunny morning, warm and dry. So we ate out on the patio, and it was very nice with an umbrella to provide plenty of shade. I had the special, which was a crawfish and crab cake on a roasted red pepper sauce with two poached eggs and a bit of hollandaise on top. The eggs were creamy wonders with the lemony sauce and the cake was filled with sweet and tender recognizable chunks of seafood. The red pepper sauce was tangy and really balanced the creamy bits well. I liked the combination and really enjoyed them with the grits and some bits of the biscuit. I couldn't eat the whole biscuit, but wasn't sorry to not have all that starch.

Jet was great for the whole thing, and stayed pretty happy as we went out to do other things. Target was next, to look for a helmet for Jet. When they were about town yesterday, John bought a bike trailer for Jet. The thing he forgot to get was a helmet for Jet. So we stopped by Target, and found the box for a toddler helmet, but couldn't find the helmet itself. The guy there also couldn't find another one back it the stock they still had. So we had to leave empty handed.

I thought a bike shop would probably have a baby helmet as well, so we looked in the phone book and found a store that said that they were open on Sunday mornings. We went out to where the shop was, and found it closed, still. They had changed their hours and were open an hour later. Luckily, across the street was a Safeway as well as a bagel shop and we had a bunch of groceries we wanted to get today. We decided to shop first and then try the shop again.

Jet was asleep when we pulled into the Safeway parking lot, so we just hauled him in his seat. At Target, we carried him around with us and he really liked being able to see things more easily than when he was strapped into his seat. At the bagel shop he slept happily and he rode in the seat on the shopping cart pretty sleepily as well. He woke up as we shopped and just lay there, watching everything. He only started getting active near the end of the shopping, and made conversation with the girl bagging our groceries as we checked out.

It was pretty funny, but he was looking at her, and talking to her whenever she finished talking to him. He really was holding a conversation with her, eventhough he couldn't be understood.

His activities continued as we made our way over to the bike shop. It was still twenty minutes before they were supposed to open, but the door was open. John went in himself to see if there was even a helmet that was close. There was. So he picked Jet up and we went in to try it on Jet.

Jet didn't like the helmet. It did, however, fit pretty well. Jet complained pretty loudly every time we put it on him and he's getting strong enough and coordinated enough that he was making heroic efforts to pull the helmet off. I was pretty impressed with the fact that he was doing a really great job of shoving the helmet off whenever we put it on him. There was a web on the inside of the helmet that could be tightened to fit his head snugly. The web was really nicely adjustable, and was capable of making it small enough and snug enough to keep it on Jet's head, even when he was fighting it. Which was a very good thing, given that he was lightly to fight it every time he was in the trailer, at least until he understood that he had to wear it. The web was also nicely expandable, so it should fit him for some time to come. That was good enough for us, so we bought it and brought it home.

All the way home Jet complained. He was actually pretty wet, so we changed him in a handy parking lot. He complained more softly, but continued to do so all the way home. We assumed he was hungry, but when I settled to nurse him, he was a wiggly fish. He just wiggled and kicked and banged on my chest. He did eat a little, and seemed to be some happier. Then John fed him some solids, lentils and rice alternated with strained apples. Jet really enjoyed the solids, and really seems to be into eating stuff from somewhere other than me, during the day.

Well, at least for today. For the last week, he's been eating off me pretty much every two hours. I'm glad when the solids actually makes him demand me less. Just a bit more independence for both of us.

I napped while John fed Jet, which is the other great thing about Jet really getting into eating solids. I got an hour's nap and then tag-teamed Jet. John decided to nap for two hours, and Jet was up and active, eventhough he was pretty much exhausted by this point. It wasn't until after those two hours that Jet finally ate solidly off me and fell asleep. Of course he did it the minute John woke up.

This gave me an opportunity to finish Diane Duane's Wizard's Dilemma. It's the most recent of Duane's young adult Wizard series that started with So You Want To Be A Wizard?. I really loved that first book, and the others are good, but not nearly as good as the first book was to a teenager who happened on the book in the library themselves. I now have a copy of all the books of the series, and it's one of the reasons I've been glad I'm now an adult and can buy whatever book I want. The latest in the series is interesting. I wasn't quite as comfortable as I needed to be with the theory that viruses are a cause and effect of cancer, but that was the only gravity source that seriously hindered my suspension of disbelief. The rest of it was pretty solid character writing, again, given what had gone on in the other books.

Perhaps the only thing I didn't really like was that it really was pretty dependent on having the history of how the characters had interacted in the other books. Wizard Abroad, the previous book, was pretty muddled so far as the character development went, so having it depend on some of that just made things a little more confused. Still, this book was better than the previous one.

When Jet woke up John and I got started in the kitchen. We had Jet in the saucer in the middle of the kitchen, and he was really happy about that. He got to see us doing everything, which seemed to make him quite a lot happier than he was before we put him in the middle of the traffic pattern. That seemed to be something he shares with Fezzik. It was really fun to be able to do things in the kitchen with both of us working at the same time and not having to worry about Jet in the least. Jet was happily entertaining himself all the while.

I was making lasagna, or, rather, a glorified leftover vegetable casserole. All the veggies that we had lurking in the fridge went into the 'sauce': mushrooms, zucchini, and the more traditional tomatoes, garlic, and onions were all tossed in with olive oil and oregano and lots of fresh basil. I had to add two cans of tomatoes as well just to get the volume up enough. I stirred dry parsley into fresh ricotta, grated mozzarella, and pulled parmesan over a fine-hole grater as well. Instead of making the pasta by hand, I just dumped dry noodles into a pot of boiling water. That was nice, the dry noodles have the more familiar texture and chew. Then I layered everything up, popped it into the oven and then fed Jet while it baked.

John pulled it out when it was bubbly and hot and browned on top, then he made garlic bread. We've found that the delay lets the lasagna set up and not just slide into oblivion when we cut and serve it. So when that was all done it turned out really good. The mushrooms and squash gave it good bite. The ricotta was creamy and wonderful. The mozzarella gave great chew. It was just really good, especially with the bread.

It made for a really good dinner.

After dinner, we discovered the DVD from Wednesday, which had to be returned before Monday at noon. So we loaded ourselves in the Baby Buggy and headed off into the sunset. It was a might nice sunset, with the clouds all burning brilliantly in the west and closely being extinguished by the night. We ended up at the Safeway mall, where I ran out and returned the DVD. We then drove over to the Diary Queen and headed in.

I'd brought the sling, loaded Jet into it and he turned heads everywhere. It was funny to see people doing double takes with him. He cheerfully perched with his legs folded in front of him facing forward in the sling, and watched everything with clear fascination. He really loved the lit menu board overhead, and peered at it curiously from end to end as we ordered. When I sat down at the table, he started reaching for my hot fudge sundae. I managed to keep it out of his grasp, barely, but chocolate and nuts, sadly, are off his list of possible foods for a while, as are rich cow diary fats.

Isabel had said that they'd given John a taste of ice cream when he was six months old and he'd suffered from it pretty badly. So we'll go slow with it.

Home again, home again, and Jet talked with us the whole way home. Then he surprised us by staying up until 10 to play with us. He was really happy, really intense, and played really, really hard. All this even after his final feeding. He did manage to eat his bottle after fifteen minutes of all this, and then he fell asleep after eating off me again. It was pretty hard getting him to sleep, and, in the past, that's been a sign that he might do well at night. It was very cool, though, to have a very cheerful boy that late at night.

He and John were just giggling at each other like crazy when John had Jet on his tummy and chest playing 'fall down' 'sit up!' 'fall down...'. Jet's favorite toy, right now, is a brown paper bag. He was crushing it, pouncing on it, pulling it, sucking on corners, and having a great time. His elephant that turns into a cube tripled as a magic hat. Putting it on him had him giggling even as he did his level best to yank it off.

At one point, Jet was sitting and playing with a bunch of toys, including his piano. He got so excited at the piano that he just did a head plant right on it. We could heard the thunk of his head hitting the piano corner first thing. There wasn't a bruise or any cut or any real damage, so I grinned at him, and since he was looking at me for feedback as to how he should react, he just wiggled and smiled back at me. I imagine that if I'd reacted with being scared or upset, he would have, just as easily, been scared or upset himself. Instead, he just kept playing happily.

I guess that might have been what happened with Emili and the head thunk on the changing table. He's learning what's scary from us, now. That's kind of interesting to know.

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