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August 25, 2001
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Costco and Naps

9:22 pm: Jet now watches thing fall over the edge when he pushes them over. Before, like Anne Lamott's Sam, Jet didn't even watch things fall away. Like a millionaire that couldn't be bothered with a fallen coin, things that he dropped were simply gone and Jet didn't even know to look after them. Today, and possibly for the last couple of days, he watches as he pushes things over the edge of his exer-saucer's tray and he peers after them to see them fall.

He's also much harder to change these days. He twists right, twists left, so that we can only get to one side at a time, if we're able to get at anything at all, and he's not pulling at the corner of the changing pad, trying to pull it to his mouth. Luckily, it's so thick he can't get it even near, and he'd have to pull it out from under him to do that.

We were all trashed from last night. Jet was up every two hours all night, but in the morning, after he ate at 6, he played in his crib for an hour an a half before he got too loud for us to sleep. John got up to the sound of Jet being particularly loud and went upstairs to find Jet wrestling with the giant Whoozit and grunting and groaning because of the heroic level of his efforts. Jet was also kicking his music box and the aquarium to get them to play, too, at the same time. When John appeared, Jet looked at him with a, "Oh, hi, what do you want?" kind of look. Jet's done this at least one other morning, I just don't remember if I wrote anything about it.

John took care of Jet, and after both last night and the morning before, I was totally trashed. So I slept until 9. John fed Jet some solids in that time. When I actually appeared, after my shower, Jet was ready to nurse again, and was very happy to see me. So it wasn't until 10 that we even thought about breakfast. Sadly, the French bread from last week had gone fuzzy on us, so I wasn't able to make it into French toast, instead, I just used slices of whole wheat and oat bread and dipped them into eggs, milk, cinnamon, all spice, a bit of sugar, and vanilla before cooking them. They turned out really yummy with just a bit of maple syrup.

After breakfast we headed off to Costco. It was time to go there again as the two bales of toilet paper from the last trip were now completely gone. For the first time in quite some time we decided not to restock the freezer with chicken boobs and ground beef. In fact, we actually bought very little food, though we did stock up on juices. TP, QTips, and cheap but good shampoo were some of the everyday household items we stocked up on.

Jet rode for some of the trip in the sling, cheerfully leaning forward and grabbing things when they caught his eye. I brought him into the bathroom to change him in the sling, and he charmed all the ladies in there with his ready grin and reckless attitude about being suspended in the air. The sling did solve one problem we've had, which was returning the changing pad to the diaper bag. It really is a two-handed operation, and the sling was good about holding him while I used both hands to put things back together again.

One special thing we bought there was an Australian (i.e. merino) sheepskin. It was a four piece skin, so it was really huge, and it was fluffy and soft and white. It is supposed to be a great surface for letting babies play and sleep on as it's insulative, wicks away sweat, and soft but breathable. Its fluffiness is also a great surface to snuggle up against when tired. So babies sleep on them pretty easily if they're not allergic to wool. We bought it, brought it home, and Jet loved it.

After John and I had lunch, John went off for a nap. Jet and I played and played and played until Jet got grumpy and then I fed him and we both fell asleep. I then woke up, put Jet on the sheepskin, tucked a blanket around him and he sprawled luxuriously and went to sleep. I slept on the couch for about twenty minutes and woke up to see Jet looking right at me, bright eyed. He might have peeped, but he certainly wasn't crying.

I went over by him, lay down next to him and I fell asleep again, and the next thing I know, Jet's asleep again, next to me. He woke up, possibly every fifteen minutes, but I woke up with him, and laid a hand on his chest, and whispered that everything was okay, and he'd sigh and go back to sleep.

We got an hour and a half long nap that way, while John slept and then while he got an exercise bike ride in as well. That was very good for John's sanity. When Jet and I woke up, John started in on a zucchini crusted pizza.

Yeah, it's a pizza crust made with zucchini! It's pretty cool for these months when the zucchini hide for a day or two so that they can grow into complete monsters, and neighbors and sister-in-laws give them to us to get rid of them because they've eaten way too many of them themselves. The crust is made with grated zucchini, eggs, cheese, herbs, and flour, and then it's baked on its own to set it and give it good texture before the toppings are put on top of it. Then it's baked again to get all the toppings settled. It tastes exactly like pizza and the texture's pretty good, too, so any kid eating it would simply think 'pizza' if they hadn't seen it made. Quite a fun way to sneak in a few extra vegetables for ourselves as well as for Jet when he's old enough to eat it, too.

While John did all that I fed Jet some spinach and potatoes as well as some apples and sweet potatoes. He actually really liked the spinach, which was kind of cool. I guess that when I ate all that spinach while pregnant with him, he really did get a taste for it. He didn't like it quite as much as the apples and sweet potatoes, but then that particular combination seems to be his total favorite of the last several weeks. We still try something new with him about twice a week, and fill in with stuff he's had and that he likes, and the yellow vegetables are things that are really healthy for him anyway.

Jet was great while eating. I've got a new technique where I feed him with one hand and keep the other arm ready to fend him off if he swings wildly. It seems to work pretty well, and today he was just really interested in eating. So we went at a pretty good clip through the servings I'd made up for him and warmed to at least body temperature. Also, since he was eating really well, there wasn't the usual smeary mess that happens when he's spitting it out or smearing it all over.

Dinner was yummy. After dinner I put together a peach and blueberry cobbler, half the size of the one I'd made for the other Rostyki. We went out for a walk while it baked, and then came back in time to do Jet's last feeding. He ate off me sporadically, and then drank down a bottle before batting it over his own head. John and Jet played for a bit, and then John took Jet upstairs and laid him in his crib. Jet started playing with everything, and only noticed that John was gone almost five minutes later.

After last night we have to do something about Jet getting up so often and expecting to be breastfed every time to go to sleep. There's only so much of me to go around, and it's really making me trashed. So, with him being so awake, John took the job of putting the wide awake Jet to sleep by cuddling, bouncing, walking, or whatever it took to get him to sleep without eating off me as the very last thing. The Sears book was really great and suggested that giving baby multiple ways of getting to sleep might help when the baby was getting up way too often to breastfeed.

That makes much more sense to me than what basically amounts to 'let the baby cry it out'. It's more work, sure, but it's not like we've abandoned him or taken away everything he knows to go to sleep with. It's giving him more ways to get to sleep and if he learns them all and can use them all with us then it'll be easier for him to figure out ways to get himself to sleep too, in the long run. We talked about it a lot, and carrying it through is a lot easier with that kind of discussion and thinking.

It took until a bit after 10 to get him to sleep. We also put him in just a onsie and a blanket as it's still pretty warm in his room at night. Today didn't cool off much, and his room is pretty warm even with the time to cool off that we gave it. We had to close it up to get the air cleaner running, and that keeps it fairly warm up there. That'll be a good thing in the winter, but right now, it's a bit warmer up there than is comfortable.

I think the other good thing with the Sears approach is that we get to figure out what is getting Jet to wake up. Instead of just ignoring him and ignoring possible things that are bothering him every night, we can actively seek those out and eliminate them while figuring out our own parenting skills to give him the opportunity to sleep. If he really is thirsty, then maybe we should be giving him a very quick two ounces of water instead of the whole breastfeeding thing. And we have the incentive to find out what's really bothering him.

I could see how ignoring crying would lead, very easily, to ignoring all the possible causes as well and ignoring the baby when there is real distress. Which leads to the whole concept of kids 'overreacting', because with that kind of night time training, kids learn that crying is ineffective and that parents don't hear them or listen to them. So kids believe that they have to do more to get parental attention, which leads, logically, to tantrums and screaming and all those things. Which, again, parents are taught to ignore. What a mad cycle...

It is hard, though.

We'll see how well tonight's experiment goes. The Sears book said that one should try things for at least two weeks before long term effects will show. So we'll stick to it for a while.

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