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August 24, 2001
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Breakfast and Birthday


Jet got up at 5:15, of course, when we had to be up at 6:15 to get to breakfast on time. John went and took care of Jet while I slept the extra hour, but I was woken fairly periodically by Jet yelping or fussing or straining after something or another. So it was pretty broken sleep. Still, I was up and showered in plenty of time to leave for breakfast.

Traffic in Boulder during 'rush hour' is worse than we usually see it, and it took us a little extra time to get to the Buff. Xiaoquing was already there, and waved to us as we entered the place. Jet was asleep on the drive over, but he was quiet, awake and alert by the time we got to the table. John pulled him out of the seat and handed him over and Xiaoquing really made a good fuss over Jet and held him in her lap until they brought a high chair for him.

So Jet got to sit in a restaurant high chair for most of the meal! That was pretty cool, and he did really well. Xiaoquing was very careful to put her hand on the edge of the table so he wouldn't bash his head against it, but he never really did. He played with spoons, napkins, and his jitterbug cheerfully. He smiled at all the waitresses and smiled at Xiaoquing and was a perfect gentleman for all of breakfast. I was pretty impressed.

I got oat bran pancakes topped with fruit and maple syrup. It didn't even come with butter, I guess the chefs thought it was so healthy it shouldn't even have the option, and I didn't mind, as they were crisp on the edges, tender in the center and the fruit lent really great flavor to them. Xiaoquing got the banana bread french toast, and John got a traditional eggs and bacon breakfast that was very nicely done.

It was fun to talk with Xiaoquing about her girls, about the fact that she didn't remember what one did with a six-month-old anymore. Jet was happy and drank from a glass for some ice water, and ate a few of the thinner slices of banana from off my pancakes, and generally wiggled and existed happily. We also talked some about work, and about the fact that I was part time. It's working well for me, eventhough I never thought I would. Xiaoquing was the one who told us that if there was anything she regretted, it was going back to work after only eight weeks after the birth of her kids. I'm glad I took her advice.

She had to run to a meeting, and we had to run back home to see if I had a surprise 9:00 meeting again. I didn't. I was, however, so completely tired out from the combination of yesterday and this morning's early rising that I felt like toast. Crispy around all the edges and dried out in the center. I wasn't feeling at all good and had no real energy to concentrate. So I waded through email, answered things as I could, waded through the answers I'd gotten, compared them to the table of unanswered questions I had, and just started checking things off as I wrote email to the people that had signed up to answer the questions I had. That I could do, it was simple, methodical, and I'd already thought through most of the questions earlier in the week.

John took Jet for everything but a single meeting during the day. That was quite a good thing for me given how yesterday had been. He even took Jet out to get salad stuff and a present for Ray for tonight's birthday party. So that was quiet time that I could use to coordinate some of the answers I was getting. I do admit that I was in a slight panic from the sheer volume of what has yet to be determined, and it was really hard to realize that I just didn't have enough brains to really get it to gel today.

It was good to stop, though, after five hours of trying and getting somewhere with the small stuff, but no where with the bigger picture things. I was just too burnt out from all the things that had happened this last week, given all the meetings and having to juggle Jet with them. John and Jet got home, and I got to spend quiet time with Jet just nursing him. That was really good, and a good break before the party.

We arrived at the Goodell's at 6, with a salad that John made while I was nursing Jet, and a nicely wrapped present. It amuses me a little that I didn't know what John had gotten until well after the party. They were cooking burgers outside, and most of the kids came rampaging out as well. I got to help Haley with her version of sliding, where she climbs up the slide and then slides down on her belly.

That was pretty fun. The food was simple and good, cheeseburgers for those that wanted cheese. French fries, sweet corn, watermelon, our salad, sweet tea, and plenty of ice cream and cake for after the presents got opened. It was fun to just set everything up and sit down and eat. Jet was in the walker, trundling about backwards, as he pushes pretty hard with his legs while in it. He was in a perfectly safe place with it, and was happily going backwards to see people, including me. He came over and got a bite of watermelon and bits of the insides of my French fries, the mushy potato bits that he really enjoyed sucking down.

After dinner, people were playing and talking, and Joan and I sat in the livingroom to watch John, Alex and one of Ray's nephews playing at the racing game from Star Wars, and talking. It was fun to just sit with her and talk. Jet played away happily in front of us and tried stuffing a skateboarder and a bunch of plastic keys into his mouth continuously. Haley would come over occasionally and steal his keys and then give them back again. That was pretty amusing. Soon she went off to sleep, as her bed time was 8 pm. Jet got really grumpy, so I took him to Joan's bedroom and fed him and let him sleep a little. He only napped for fifteen minutes and was up again and playing again soon after.

They did presents while we were in the bedroom, but I came out in time to get some ice cream and cake. It was good cake and ice cream. There was a white cake with lemon icing, and a chocolate cake with the coconut and nut icing of a German chocolate cake. I had the chocolate cake, naturally, with plenty of chocolate ice cream. That was very good.

When it was nearly nine, we went home, and Jet fell dead asleep after nursing off me. He refused, screaming, the bottle and went to bed. I was so tired from the early morning, I dropped off pretty much just as quickly.

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