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August 7, 2002
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The Landscapers Are In

10:11 am: Jet didn't do the two hour thing last night. I am so glad. He was pretty happy on waking up, too.

I got up at 6:30 and just stayed up. John got up around 7:30 and then I got my shower. I needed it. John had Blue's Clues on and they had a commercial for the Nick Jr. magazine. It's only ten dollars for a while year's worth, so I called up and got it. Jet changes so much in a single year, it seemed good to just get one year's worth. It'll give me ideas of what to do with him when he's awake in the afternoons.

6:46 pm: Doing the journal early worked out so well, yesterday, that I'm going to go ahead and try it again.

It was a strange sort of day. I woke up this morning, snoring, and now I know that I've been snoring, the sore throat is explained. I also know that I was sneezing from allergies because everyone with anything approaching an allergy is having them now. The rains have gotten everything going, and everyone I know has puffy eyes, a stuffed nose, or breathing problems. So it's more likely to be an allergy.

I was still feeling sore and tired and terrible about my period, though, so when we went to drop Jet off, I just went ahead and told Joan that I wasn't going to swimming tonight.

It turns out to be a good thing, too, as work has been a bit of a bear. I had the meeting in the morning and two meetings in the afternoon. They were useful meetings, though, and both of the afternoon ones were cut short the moment no one had anything left to discuss. I really, really like my new boss for doing that on a regular basis. It's just the way she runs meetings. If we get through the agenda, we're done. Period.


Lunch was at the Lefthand Brew House. They have a good beer selection and a bunch of sandwiches and wraps all named after Lefties. There are appetizers and all kinds of snacks as well. I settled on a fish sandwich, which had lightly battered, crisply fried cod from their fish and chips basket, on a hamburger bun with lettuce, tomato, and onion and tarter sauce on the side. A rather upscale and recognizable fillet from a real fish sort of Fish Fillet sandwich. It was really good. I enjoyed it greatly with a root beer float that wasn't on the menu.

They did have ice cream for their desserts and they had Barq's root beer, so I asked if I could have a root beer float and the waitress got me a very nice one in a pint glass. Yum.

It took a while to get our lunch, which surprised John, as there weren't many people in the restaurant. So we were a bit late getting to Joan's, but she was there with Ray's two teenagers. The babies had gone to sleep, and Jet was there, playing happily in his extra outfit. The one in the diaper bag in case he needed more clothing. Oops. He'd fallen asleep while getting Alex and had soaked his clothing through. So he was in a new outfit and playing away. He'd slept for an hour and a half, in the midst of everyone getting home, getting their lunches, and rampaging about the house. So he was dead tired.

It may bode well for tonight. He spent a lot of the afternoon playing with me or with John. Eating random things from the pantry, and eyeing the folks in the yard.

The landscapers arrived, in force, today. They're tilling up everything, getting in loads of dark top soil, and setting plants in the xerascape area. There's trenches everywhere for the drip irrigation system, and they've put down tons of huge flagstones for the front entry way walkway. We'd talked with the guy, yesterday, about all this, and it was very cool to see it just happen. Whoosh.

Jet loved watching all the guys with all the tools and equipment. I am glad. It's like when the guys were here painting. Something for him to watch, all the time.

I worked. I had Jet upstairs for a while, but he didn't like it up there that much, so he went down and played while John worked, too. Though sometimes John had to go over and play with him. I took over for a while, as well, and played with Jet while John worked.

I made dinner around 6, we had everything for artichoke heart casserole. It used up a bunch of leftovers, too, chicken, rice, and cheese from tacos. We only had half the rice we needed, and it was a good thing I made a half batch, as we also only had half the mayo we needed. I'm glad it worked out that way.

Jet also fell asleep while I was making dinner. Given his short nap in the morning, I wasn't too surprised, but it's a good chance to get some stuff done before eating and before he wakes up. We'll just have to make sure he doesn't sleep too long and then stay up forever tonight.

All in all it's been a good day, and now it looks like rain! Hoorah! John said that the weather folks have predicted a cold front that's going to change the weather patterns again, and stop the monsoon pattern. Cooler, but dryer as well. I'm mildly sad. I'll enjoy the rain while I can. Yay! The thunder is something else, too, right overhead, it's crashing and rumbling across the sky. I can hear it travelling from one side of the house to the other, and it's so close it's thrilling. I'll have to close the skylights, soon.

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