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August 6, 2002
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Boulder County Fair

6:57 pm: Okay.

I now, officially, hate the Palm Desktop software. Officially. I hate it I hate it I hate it. I especially hate the 'feature' where if I'm writing a note and I accidentally hit ESC (as vi users, yes, you may laugh now, are prone to do) the whole damned note whiffs into thin air. No, 'did you really meant to quit?', no 'ahem', no safety net. Just whiff.

I wrote down today once, already, and I am, right now, not particularly inclined towards doing it all again.

7:00 pm: Hmph.

It's 70 out now.

That's cool.

Jet got up at 5:30 am. That was not.

But it might have broken the bad pattern he's had for the last few days. I can hope, at any rate. The pattern of the last few days had been to get up for two hours in the gawdawful early morning (such as 4:30), and stay up for two hours and then go back to sleep for another two. Then to have his normal two hour nap during the day.

Today, he didn't get the two hour nap after getting up a little later than gawdawful early. I nursed him and tried to nap while he played on me for an hour. Then I took him down to John and John took care of him.

I would have sworn I had a cold. I was sneezing, coughing from a sore throat, and had a really bad headache. When I went to bed after handing the tyke over, I had the shakes in bed. So I got up, took two Tylenol and then slept like the dead for two hours. John says I even snored and didn't wake myself up. That's unusual. I was tired. After all the sleep I missed over the weekend, it was no wonder.

I was convinced, though, that I was sick. When I was up, two hours later, I felt much better, and when I took a shower, after getting up, I felt even better. So I got up, attended my meeting on the phone. I decided that I might as well not spread any bacteria I might have. So I just called in for the meeting and I even participated more than usual. That was good.

Jet came home at 11, and went right to sleep. He'd been up since 5:30, hadn't napped at Joan's, and being tired worked like a charm. Poof.

I worked the two hours he was asleep. I got a major item done. I finished putting together a bunch of data on a particular item. I felt good.

John steamed some bao for us for lunch, and I ate my two eagerly while finishing stuff. Jet got up at 1:30, and John took care of him while I went and took a short nap. Joan called at 2:30 to say that they were ready to go to the fair.

Yeah. The fair. This is why I had to call CeLena, yesterday, and move my massage appointment. Joan and John had figured out that Ray would be off today, and we could go to the Boulder County Fair while it still wasn't too crowded. So we did, and it wasn't. It was also threatening rain, big time, for most of the afternoon, and we decided not to try for the rides because of it.

We did do a detailed study of the lot filled with small tractors. We wandered the Exhibit Hall and got to see Alex's artwork with his ribbon. We got to see the cows. Jet and Haley's eyes were HUGE when they saw the enormous bovines. Although John and I have been saying, "Moo." every time we read his truck book to him and there's a picture of a cow, Jet's never said it back. I don't think it really made much of impression. But when he stood there and heard a ton's worth of bovine low loud enough to rattle the roof, Jet said, "Mmmoooo..."


Jet got to ride, for a little while, on the pony ride. Haley had a blast. Alex decided not to. Jet was brave and sat on the pony for a while, but once things got underway, he got very, very quiet. He was also very, very careful to stay very still. I honestly don't know if it might have been because I was a little nervous of him losing his balance and falling the whole height off the pony, but Jet did get nervous after a few rounds and he leaned over to me for me to pick him up. I didn't try too hard to put him back on. At the end, though, Jet was brave enough to gently pet the pony after some encouragement, and that was good enough for him and for me.

We did eat along junk food row. Of course, that's when the wind and the rain started. Joan was great and shared a funnel cake with me, so I got my fix. There was also a part Asian lady serving Hawaiian shave ice. She complained about health regulations making it hard for her to bring ice cream, and when I asked about red beans she said that she normally carries them but hadn't though that... uhm... Colorado would be much of a market. I agreed with her that it probably wasn't, and I was just grateful to have real shaved ice instead of just the normal, chunky, icy sno-cone type thing. This ice melted away into snowflake softness when it hit the mouth, no chunks. Jet ate it eagerly, by the huge spoonful, and drank out of the straw at any occasion. He loved it. I'm glad.

John got Jet a corn dog, and John and I ate parts of it before I finally had to let Jet down and we put him in his stroller with the stroller's back to the wind and the rain. We put the corn dog in there with him. Next I saw, Haley was parked right next to him, and the two of them were just going at the corn dogs. Jet ate the last half of his, no problem. He'd stop for a drink from the shaved ice cone, but that was about it.

John also got two traditional Mexican tacos with pico de gallo, slow cooked beef, and a wedge of lime on each soft corn tortilla. Yum. I ate one of them. I also bought myself a gyros and ate it happily, as it had feta along with the usual stuff. So we had our dinner a little early.

The wind and the rain were blowing so hard. The Joan decided to go to Taco Bell with the kids and eat there out of the weather. We wandered about a bit more, looking again at the cattle and getting the same, awed reaction out of Jet.

Finally we headed home at about 5. Jet fell asleep in the car. I nearly did, too. But once home, I wanted to get stuff down and finish journaling before even trying to put Jet to sleep. I want to get to bed early just in case it is a cold. I did find out, however, that my period had started. That would explain the headache and the shakes/chills/sweats afterwards. I do that. If I add that I might have been having an allergic reaction this morning for the sneezing. And if the sore throat was from snoring... then I might just be tired, allergic, and PMSsy instead of a vector for bacteria. That would be good.

Given my clarity of thought otherwise, it may well be that I don't have a cold. Or I chased it off with food, vitamins, drugs, sleep, and plenty to do.

I guess we'll see tomorrow.

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