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August 11, 2002
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Hiding, Shopping, and Pizza

8:42 pm: It's been an interesting day, filled with more than usual, but it's been good stuff, all in all.

Jet had an okay night, though he got up for half an hour at 5, John got him back to sleep until about 7. John made a nice baked pancake and we ate that with yogurt. I used some of the leftover yogurt on one of the bran blobs and it was very yummy. I'm glad. I'm very glad that the recipe is perfectly repeatable and works out well even at altitude. Jet refused the baked pancake, but he did eat big chunks of the blob with yogurt on it. So it's a good thing for Jet's breakfast.

I do have a blackening banana that I need to smoothie up sometime during the week and just have it done with.

We were done with breakfast in plenty of time to get to church. Jet was pretty tired by the time we got there, and he clung to me pretty hard. When he seemed occupied with something I did my best to get out the door, but Jet looked around for me and started running towards me, crying. John came out with me, and we left to the sound of tired wails. I hate doing that, but when we came back for him, he was cheerfully playing with two other boys. The lady who took care of him said that as soon as we'd left and gotten out of sight Jet was fine. He'd played, and nearly fallen asleep several times before the two other boys showed up. When they showed up he played with them happily.

So that was good to know. More evidence that Jet'll do just fine so long as we're out of sight.

Church was good. Michael did what he called a "very UCC type sermon", and it had to do with the story of Elijah hiding in a cave while the Israelites were breaking covenants and hunting down prophets. It was interesting, with the new information I have about Positive Discipline, to note that while Elijah talked all about all the reasons he was afraid, God only asked him why he was there, and then told him that He'd like for Elijah to do a couple things for him. God completely ignored all the excuses and all the self-recrimination that Elijah was spouting and just was there and asked him to do what he could do.

Michael, on the other hand, mostly spoke about how there are times when one wants to hide. And while it's possible to hide for a while, it's not possible, in the silence, to hide from God. He spoke, in particular about the Open and Affirming process that this church went through and how personally hard it had been for him to work with that much conflict going on. He had found it easier, in the late seventies and early eighties to be one of two ministers in the entire UCC to advocate gay and lesbian rights and the UCC's responsibility to people of different orientation. The politics and theology at the high levels was far, far easier to deal with, for Michael, than the personal pain and conflict in his congregation, right here. I could understand that.

It was very cathartic to hear the pastor yell about how unfair the world seems and how on earth can God expect us to fix it all? Very cathartic.

Amusingly enough, John and I will have our chance to do something for the world next week. The OUR center needs, of all things, bars of soap, tubes of toothpaste, and toothbrushes and I'd been wondering what to do with the extra toothbrushes I'd gotten from my dentist at the last visit. We also have half a dozen bars of Dove that we bought when Jet was a newborn, as it was the recommended soap for him while we could still rinse his head under the faucet. Now we can't, and I have half a dozen more interesting soaps that I should give up, too, as I'm allergic to them. There is a place for all that, and a place where it'll be welcomed. I'm glad.

Jet was really tired, but he ate watermelon, muffin, and grapes. He drank punch and ran around for a while after clinging to me for a little bit. He was cheerful, but when we brought him back out to the car he went in without protest. He was talkative and kicking things for a while, and it was only when we were almost home that he fell asleep.

John took Jet up to his room and turned on the monitor. I took the receiver down into the basement and rode the exercise bicycle for half an hour. I then stretched, showered, and wrote for a while. John did stuff outside and came in when Joan called asking for some help with the mudding. So I finished what I wanted to finish while John went off. I made myself a quesadilla and just as it was finished cooking, I heard Jet upstairs.

So Jet and I shared my quesadilla. He wanted to nurse, at first, but as soon as he saw me eating the quesadilla he wanted some. So I let him have access to my plate and he ate what he wanted off it. He ate a pretty good amount when John got back.

We loaded up Jet, his diaper bag, and a list of stuff we needed to get. We headed to Flat Iron Mall. John's 'new' sunglasses were broken, so he was wearing his old ones and they weren't doing very well, either. He needed to look at some sunglasses and see what there was to get. We also had to shop for birthdays.

The three of us headed in and Jet started running. It was great fun. We had a great time just going from place to place to place. It was a lot of walking. I was impressed that Jet stood up to it all. We hit nearly half a dozen different stores, all scattered across the mall. The last stop was supposed to be a paper shop, but the shop turned out to be closed. I was sad at that. John entertained Jet while I checked out one other place, and then we headed towards home.

We had two stops to make on the way home. We got a pizza from Papa Murphy's and a few things from Safeway. Jet actually sat in a cart for the shopping trip, he was that tired. There were a few things we'd forgotten the other night, so it was good to just drop by and get them.

Home again home again and a pizza dinner. Jet climbed into my seat at the beginning of dinner, so I just sat across the table. He ate his pizza at my spot and was happy and fine eating on his own. I was glad of that. I could eat my food alone and in peace. Jet really liked sitting in a normal seat and eating at the table, off a plate. That's quite an improvement. He didn't throw too much stuff on the floor, and ate a good deal of pizza. We may do this more often.

John then took Jet for a walk while I took a little time to actually check my email and write a bit in my journal. Kathryn had a great idea about my massages, and suggested "Yoga for Dummies". I'll have to find the book. I also had a very useful letter from Kathy and felt better for it. I heard John and Jet come in but John started popping some kettle corn, so he held Jet off a little while longer.

When Jet did get to nurse, he fell asleep very quickly, but his nose was stuffed. It took two tries to clear it out, but we got a big clot out of one nostril. His breathing got a lot easier after that. So he's less likely to wake up tonight trying to breathe. I can hope.

The wind is stirring dust from the dirt that's been laid bare by the landscapers. I'm hoping that when they're done there won't be anything bare afterwards. Eventhough they can't lay the sod, they might be able to lay landscaping material and stake it down. I'd like that. It would mean less dust in the house, fewer weeds in the area when we do plant, and, hopefully, less prep we have to do when we can sod.

It may well be spring before we can, given the water conditions. Hopefully it won't be more than a year. Still, even if we just seeded it with grass, there might be something to hold the dirt down. The weeds were doing a poor enough job of it that anything could do as well, I think.

I'm headachy from the heat, I think, and should probably go to sleep. It's not as if I've gotten nearly enough in the last week and a half. Good night.

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