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August 12, 2002
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Baby Mozart, Climbing, and the Wind

I had my usual hard time figuring out what to do, today. Jet had a good night, and only got up once at a bit past midnight. He and John got up earlier than I did.

I had a bran blob for breakfast, and enjoyed it with fruit yogurt. There's something chewy about them that I really like, and they're not too sweet, but the raisins give them nuggets of sweetness that make it all seem sweeter, I think. I like them, and I'm really glad I can make them, now.

It was startlingly cool this morning. It's in the 50's after it's been in the 90's for so long, even the mornings have been in the 70's. I'm glad of the coolness. The office is far more comfortable than it has been for quite a while.

Jet got home at 11:30 and refused to go to sleep after nursing. It took until three to get him to sleep. I had fun eating lunch with him, and then we went out to get the mail.

Jet played in the dust and sand that all the landscapers had churned our dirt driveway into. He liked just sitting in the stuff and running it through his hands. I guess it wasn't that different from the sandboxes that he plays in. So I left him to play in the sand while I got the mail. There were two tapes in the box. I bought two used Baby Einstein tapes through Amazon, one was Baby Mozart and the other was Baby Van Gogh at about half the price of the new tapes. I thought the price was pretty good, but the shipping and handling cost a great deal more than I'd been expecting. Ah well, a balance.

They were all timely in arriving, though. I had problems juggling all the tapes, the letters, and Jet at the same time. But I finally had to manage when Jet decided to 'help' the landscapers by climbing into a hole for a plant and digging some more. Oops. It got the worker guys to laugh, but I really didn't want him to get that dirty. So I pulled him out with one arm while hanging onto everything else in the other arm.

I managed to get everything into the house and pulled out one of the tapes to show to a protesting Jet. Jet wanted to go back outside and he really objected to my taking his shoes off; but once he got a glimpse at the Baby Mozart tape he sat in my lap and watched, raptly.

They're tapes made for kids and there is so much stuff in them that is fun and easy to explain that it's kind of cool. Jet woofed at the dog puppet, 'bleh'ed back at the dragon, and ooo'ed at the toys. That was pretty fun. It was really nice to share the tape with him. Some of it is that so little on TV really is made for little kids, there's the Nick Jr. stuff but it only plays at certain times of the day. Also the PBS stuff is only for a few hours. So if I want to watch something with him, it's a lot easier with the tape. And he enjoyed them so much.

I'm glad.

When John got home for work he, as usual, took over. He played with Jet and made dinner. He made a bag of Voila! and it smelled wonderful. Just the chicken and pasta and I guess I was just really hungry. Jet refused to eat any of it, but he did eat Life cereal. So he munched on Life for dinner, while sitting in my seat. Life has more vitamins than our dinner. Hee. It reminded me of when we used to eat Captain Crunch for dinner at Caltech.

Jet managed to get down from the chair on his own. He uses his arms with all his might to hold his weight up as much as possible until he gets right over the edge of it. He drops the last three inches and lands on his feet. When he keeps his balance he cheers, throws both arms up in the air, and grins huge. I cheered with him. It's so cool seeing him so happy about being able to do something himself.

We went out after dinner to walk around, but Jet decided he wanted to play in the dirt, again. So John and I looked over the landscaping work. They'd gotten hollows for all the new plants, gotten topsoil in to mix with the terrible soil, and they brought in an enormous pile of cedar bark.

The wind was blowing hard when we went out. Jet loved it. He would hold his arms out into the wind and get this huge grin on his face.

One great thing was that the cedar bark didn't blow away at all. There were long strands of bark through the whole mound. They were so long that they tangled together so thoroughly that they didn't blow away at all even in the high wind. I was impressed. This stuff really is going to stay down where they put it.

The mud, of course, intrigued Jet, by one of the well-watered plants. He got right down in the mud and got covered with the stuff. Happy boy.

When we came in, Jet went right to the bathtub. We gave him a good bath and let him play for half an hour, eat some ice cream, and run around a bit before trying to get him to go to sleep. It worked like a charm and he went down with no problems at all. Yay!

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