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August 15, 2002
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Short Nap, Working Visor, and Thai Dinner

3:07 pm: It is mildly humbling to burn the hell out of a grilled cheese sandwich and have Jet eat it anyway and enjoy it. This, when he doesn't eat so many things, he took the... uhm... extremely toasted cheese... yeah, that's right, and ate its crispy goodness right up. Amazing.

9:44 pm: I had a very interesting day today, one that had some hurdles I had to jump, but that made a difference I hadn't really expected. It started slowly enough. Jet was up five times last night, yelling, "Owie!!" Though he couldn't tell us what was hurting him, it could have been teeth, but the ibuprofen didn't help at all. It could have been his stomach. Or it could just have been sore muscles from swimming so much.

Whatever it was, no one got much sleep until after midnight, and Jet was up against at four to nurse and go back to sleep. He then proceeded to wake up at six. I nursed him in bed, then John took him away with him, and they did their usual thing while I slept. I slept until a quarter 'til 9! Surprised me. But it was nice not to have to wake up to an alarm.

I had a meeting at nine. It was cool in that we ran into some specific technical problems early on, so we just called it when it was obvious we weren't going to get anywhere. Yay! I like working with people who are willing to give up if something can't be done.

My meeting at ten was cancelled for lack of interest. I lost my interest as well and had a really hard time concentrating on my work. I have about 70 things I have to chase down in seven rough categories, but it's really hard when juggling that many things to figure out exactly what to do next. By the time I had to get Jet, I hadn't really gotten too much more done. When Jet went to sleep, I still wasn't getting too much done.

When Jet woke up after only napping for a single hour, I was mildly upset with myself. I'd managed to eat lunch. I'd also done two very hard things for me. The first was make an appointment to get the front tooth guard, as I wasn't too sure of it, and I also had to admit that my old guard isn't doing everything for me that I need done. My lower front teeth still don't have anything to meet when I have it in, and they move forward at night, so my teeth meet in the morning. So my lower front teeth are getting kind of ground down in front. I need to fix that.

I also made an appointment for my optometrist. I need new glasses, my old ones are 22-years-old, and they really need replacing. I tried, a decade ago, but the glasses I got from Sears sucked. The prescription was just dead wrong. I know I can trust Dr. Graham to get it right, but I just was having problem getting my act together enough to make the appointments. So I just plunged in and did both of them at once.

When Jet woke up early, I had to figure out some method by which I could get even close to my five hours in today. I finally took him upstairs with me, and I printed some of the data I needed to read and figure out. I also transferred some templates over to my Visor from my work machine. They're templates I use for all the documentation and spec writing that I do. They're in relatively simple HTML, and I have QuickWord on my Visor, which handles simple HTML fairly well.

While printing out the data I needed, Jet found he had a great job. He'd grab the printout the moment the machine fed it out, and he'd run over to me with it and give it to me! Hoorah! I was glad he found a job he liked doing that wasn't destructive at all. I just cheered each time he gave me a sheet and thanked him. He was very proud of himself. Yay!

So I had the data I needed to work from, and I took the Visor downstairs with my keyboard. I set it up and started working. Jet, having all his toys downstairs, was happy to play with them. He also watched some TV, by turning the TV on. I switched it to PBS, so he could watch Zoom and Clifford and the like when he turned it on instead of other things. I switched it off periodically, and he'd play for a long time before noticing. So that was good.

So I had the data I needed to work from, and I took the Visor downstairs with my keyboard. I set it up and started working. Jet, having all his toys downstairs, was happy to play with them. He also watched some TV, by turning the TV on. I switched it to PBS, so he could watch Zoom and Clifford and the like when he turned it on instead of other things. I switched it off periodically, and he'd play for a long time before noticing. So that was good.

Jet did great. He played while I worked. He occasionally wanted my attention, and I fed him a grilled cheese sandwich, some juice, and a few carrots. It amused me, very much, that he ate only the crust parts of the bread, and an inch in from the crusts, all the way around the sandwich. He's the opposite of most kids. He'll only eat crust, instead of only eating a sandwich without crusts. He drank quite a lot of juice, and enjoyed himself.

I got more work done. I'd take some breaks and play with him on the floor. He liked sitting on me, and he wrestled with me. He also played horsy with me for a while. On the most part, however, he did just great by himself. He'd sometimes yell, "Mama!" just to get me to speak to him, but after doing it three or four times, he'd be content to just be quiet for a while. I was glad of that. So it looks like I've found a way to work while Jet's awake. I'm very glad.

I also got something done because I only had enough time to download one thing. When I have only one thing to work on, it's very easy to know what the priority is. So that worked out well.

When John came home, he took Jet and let me work another hour. I took it.

Then the three of us went off to see what Tuk Tuk Thai is like. We'd seen it on WB2, and wanted to try it as they'd had a mango sticky rice dessert on the TV and it looked wonderful. Of course, I'm remembering Thai City's mango sticky rice, in Mountain View. They'd only serve the dish when it was mango season and the mangos were so ripe they tasted of wine and honey and would melt in my mouth, and their just barely warm rice was redolent of coconut. So I had a dream of the dish to offer as competition against this one.

Jet wanted a nap just before we left, and he got it while riding in the car. I'm glad he did some napping, as he'd only had the hour's worth of napping early. He would have been far crankier without the car nap. As it was, he really didn't want to wake up when we got there, so I cradled him for a while, even in the restaurant. Finally, he sat in my lap for a while and sipped bits of my Tom Kah Chicken soup, with the coconut milk. I loved it and Jet really enjoyed it as well. Lots of good lemon grass flavor. John's Tom Yum Shrimp soup was HOT enough for him, and had big shrimp and lots of good flavor as well. But it was hot enough to make me cry, much less Jet. Jet enjoyed my soup a lot, though, and when they brought the chicken satay, he piled into that along with some of the sweet pickled cucumbers with the satay. I was glad he ate some of that.

He even sat in his own high chair to eat. I was glad of that. But after a while, he asked to come back into my lap.

We'd gotten a soft-shell crab curry along with a beef panang style curry. The soft-shell crab was in a creamy curry that was kind of bland, but still good. I liked it a lot, and didn't have to worry about any heat. We'd gotten the panang as a medium hot curry and it was definitely hot. Just on the upper edge of what I consider edible. Jet, of course, grabbed a chunk of beef from my plate and started eating it. He immediately started crying, and then eating some more of it. Oops. He finally put it down on my plate, drank some of my soda water and ate ice for a while. That contented him for a good while.

By the time dinner was done, Jet was ready to walk off. I still wanted to try the mango sticky rice, so we ordered that, and John chased Jet around while I ate the first half of the dessert. It was disappointing. They'd microwaved the rice to heat it, and they'd gotten it far too hot. The edges had dried a little with the overheating, and there were some chewy kernels. Also, rather than cooking with coconut milk, they'd steamed it as a little bun and then poured coconut milk on top. It's quite possible that that is more authentic, but it didn't have the same rich creaminess of the other. And the mango wasn't ripe. I was sad about that, but I shouldn't have expected anything too much different as I haven't seen a mango that was *ripe* on getting here anywhere other than the Asian markets and those would be expensive enough to be hard to serve on a regular basis.

Ah well. I guess I'll have to visit Thai City sometime in the late summer.

Jet, in the meantime, wandered about with John. He visited the ice cream shop, wandered by a nice little fountain that surrounded a gazebo. There was a little moat around the gazebo and water overflowed from it over a nice tile wall, into a rough stone tiled trough. The tiles in the trough had no grout, so the water could run freely. Which, I think, gathered all the water back up into the moat. When I'd finished half of the dessert, I relieved John, and took over watching Jet. The gazebo fountain fascinated Jet. He went right up to it and looked and reached his hand out, but there was a lip to the trough that he didn't step over for the longest time.

Finally, I reached out and touched the tile wall. That was enough for him to get the courage up to step up and out onto the trough's tiles. He then put both hands against the wall and was fascinated. He played with the water until John was done and came looking for us. Jet was, of course, fairly damp by that time. And the wind started picking up.

But there was another fountain.

This one was a huge version of the one in the Pearl Street Mall. On the concrete were concentric rings of fountains, and they played. Sometimes all of them were high for a while, and then they'd do a tantalizing pattern of high and low. Folk would dance in and out of the rings while the fountains were going up and down.

There was what was probably a two-year-old boy who decided he was going through, and he did it when all the fountains were going full blast!! He just walked right through. He didn't get all that wet, as he avoided the place of heavy water fall, but he just walked right through, giggling the whole way.

Jet was less certain of it all. He did touch a fountain when he saw me go forward and pet one gently on the windward side. The wind was strong enough that there was very little splash on the windward side, and the leeward got the entire splash. He did, however, go through with John and had no hysterics about being in the midst of the fountains. He loved standing on the edge and going "Oh oh!" whenever the nearest fountain turned off and would point when they were going full blast.

We had to, finally, drag him away, as he was shivering really hard. We changed him in the car, put on dry everything and the long-sleeved onesie in the bag. He was happier dry, and played with his magnetic sketchpad on the way home.

He pumpkined pretty much instantly on getting home, what with the lack of napping, and went to sleep like a stone. Of course, he did that yesterday, too. Hopefully, he's like me and not nearly as sore from exercise today as I was yesterday, and he'll sleep better. I can hope

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