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August 14, 2002
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Swimming and KC-style BBQ

Jet swam tonight.

He was wearing his innertube outfit and instead of just turning circles or whatever, Jet purposefully and intently kicked his feet and 'reach and pull'ed with his arms and hands and got wherever he wanted to go. I was impressed. Haley loves yelling "reach and pull!" a phrase she got from her swimming lessons, and Jet likes repeating it. Now he knows what it means. He went the length of the pool, easily, along the deep end's edge, and then back to the shallows. No problem. With the floatation it's definitely not a question of keeping himself afloat, just one of propulsion. I was still impressed.

Joan brought along Alex and Ashley, and asked if John and Jet wanted to come along, too. So they did. I was very glad, and John had been thinking it would be neat to have a swim with Jet sometime. And Jet had so much fun it was a wonderful thing to do.

There were times, during our water aerobics where I heard Jet's laughter, and Joan would grin at me and say, "I thought it was him!" Joan was as amazed by how much fun Jet was having as I was, and we both marveled at how he was motoring around under his own power.

Afterwards, though, I got Jet to shower, and found out that he'd pooped into his swim diaper. It had contained everything, which was good. The bad thing was that I only found out while unwrapping him in the shower. I had to take him over to the garbage can, unwrap him there, and wipe him down with some paper towels. I then put him back under the spray to get good and clean. I got other paper towels to clean out the shower, and then ran back and forth a bit trying to get the towel into a place where it wouldn't get wet but I could reach it after I washed him. Jet was very patient with me through all this running about. He didn't fuss at all and concentrated on playing with my blue and pink combination lock while I lathered him up and let him get rinsed in the warm spray. He really enjoyed that, and it was a very quick way to get all the chlorine off him.

I was worried about the little girls in the shower who were very quiet and were just staring at Jet the whole time I was running around trying to clean things up. Jet stared back a lot of the time, and seemed fascinated with them, too. One of the girls commented, "He's so *small*!" and he was about a third their size. I hated the idea of feces in a shared shower, and tried to clean up as best I could. It turned out, however, that they weren't concerned about it at all. They were just waiting for the shower. When Jet and I were finished, they happily jumped into the warm spray. No qualms at all.

Joan proclaimed that he should sleep well tonight! And we were doomed.

I was pretty sore from the water aerobics, and I found it hard to sleep. I guess Jet found it hard to sleep, too, and he got up four times. John and I traded off, but it was pretty tiring. I do wonder if it was sore muscles from the unaccustomed exercise as he did wake up wailing "Owie" quite a few times.

Poor guy.

The day was good, on the most part. We went into work, and headed to a place called Chef Extrodinaire for lunch. They were a catering service that expanded to a restaurant and they specialize in Kansas City style BBQ. Ex-boss Bill said that they were excellent and I'll have to agree. The ribs are tender as anything, and fell off the bone and were still moist and wonderful. They weren't that expensive compared to other BBQ places, and the quality made it well worth paying for.

We'll likely go there again and again. It's much closer than any of the BBQ place we used to frequent in Boulder, and it was so good.

Folks were discussing how John and I manage to find these places to eat, as we seem to be the only ones that are motivated to look for and try good, new places. Or something. But John found it in the paper this last weekend and decided we had to try it. I'm glad. I sometimes wonder if we're just more food minded or something.

I know that I'd rather frequent a place that was good than spend money at a place that's only mediocre.

Joan was cool and when we went to pick up Jet, she told us she was planning on holding a garage sale. Since we just retired our working toaster oven and microwave oven that was great news for us. It would be good to get some money for the things we've retired. There are also some clothes that I'd like to retire eventhough they're in working condition and a bunch of CD's and books that could use clearing off the shelves as well. So this should be a chance to do so and get a little bit of money back. Yay!

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