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August 18, 2002
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Serving, Peach Glop, and Crayons

I didn't sleep well because my brain kept going through all the things I had to do this morning. I finally got up at 8:15, put myself together and at exactly 8:30 we turned on the oven and I coated each cake in an egg wash and sesame seeds. Then they went into the oven for twenty minutes.

I nursed Jet. John, in the meantime, looked over the instructions and found out that it said that we should be there an entire hour early!! Oops. We were going to be late even getting out of the house. We couldn't hurry the cakes, so we decided we'd just do what we could and do more of the clean up if that was possible. Juanita and Phil, her husband, were there, and had most everything ready. We put our food out, did what we could, with Jet helping where he could, and then we headed into church while Jet stayed in the nursery.

They'd moved the nursery back into the quiet room since the pre-school was back in session. So it was easy to get Jet for the Children's Message. John did that and Jet walked most of the way there. He watched the whole thing with interest, and got really excited when they had a live chicken up with the children. Hee. He also started waving at everyone on the way back to the nursery and grinned at all the people who were waving back. Hee.

He loves waving, now.

John and I ducked out of the service during the last hymn and then helped with the final setup. Then folks came out and started to nibble. Pretty much everyone that talked to me really enjoyed both the teacakes and the muffins. A few remarked on the health contrast, but quite a few asked for the recipe for the teacakes. Yay! I am so relieved that people liked them, especially after all that work.

I think it's the first savory thing I've seen on the tables after a service. That was what worried me, that folks would be expecting something sweet and get something salty and not like it. But folks seemed to really enjoy them! They even said so, right to me! I was very glad. And those that were more health conscious loved the bran muffins as well. Whew.

I mostly chased Jet around for the break time and helped with the clean up as I was able. There were actually extra people helping with the cleanup! That amazed me, but it was a nice thing as Jet was getting crabbier and crabbier as he got increasingly tired. When we finally got to go home, he went right to sleep.

I took advantage of his nap and started making peach jam. I boiled the jars, lids, and rings first and then started the jam, itself. I found the pectin I knew I had, and found out that it was all at least eight years old. Oops. Well, the only thing is that the jam might be a bit thin. So I went ahead and did it anyway. It turned out nicely, I thought. Then I spooned it into the jars, lidded them, and then found that the low-sugar pectin said that one shouldn't use USDA's approved boiling water bath to seal the jars. Not knowing what the method was was perplexing, and the only way I know how to seal the three-piece jars is by boiling them.

Finally, I just went ahead and did it anyway. I accidentally tipped one of the jars, going in and, sure enough, that was the one that didn't seal very well. Even when I tried sealing it again, with the second batch of jars, it didn't seal. It turned out to e okay, as with only one jar not sealing, I could just put it in the fridge and we'd just use it instead of storing it. Yay!

When I was done with all the canning, Jet had been up for a while. John was tired of watching him and I was just tired of food. So we went out to Outback. Jet got chicken fingers and fries and he ate pretty much every fry. He also ate bits of our salads, and colored with the crayons they gave him with great intensity.

While Jet as in the nursery he drew a lot. He'd found the chalkboard easel and started drawing on that. He even knew how to use the eraser and impressed the lady taking care of him. He drew a lot and enjoyed it greatly, so we'll have to get him more drawing stuff, eventually.

Dinner showed that he doesn't eat the crayons anymore. He also colored over a good four pages of the coloring book that they gave him. So he really enjoyed doing that.

When we got home from dinner, I dove back into the peach box and peeled, pitted, and sliced another four or five pounds of peaches and set them up on a tray to freeze. When I finished that and set them in the freezer downstairs, Jet was ready for bed. By the time he was actually asleep, which took a while, I was totally ready for bed, too.

Whew, a busy day. I'm glad that the snacks worked out well, that people enjoyed them. I'm also glad that the jam worked out in the end, as it's a great way to put away the beauty of these peaches. The frozen ones won't have good texture, as I didn't quick-freeze them. They will, however, be wonderful in smoothies and have the gorgeous honey-sweet flavor. I love being able to save some of that summer flavor for winter. I'm also very glad that we're working through this box of peaches so quickly as I hate wasting them. But, with the freezing, we're already halfway through the 18-pound box. I'm glad.

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