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August 19, 2002
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Tom and Donna Stop By

10:06 pm: Jet's sleep schedule was a bit more ragged than usual today. He got up early, and Joan went out to do an errand with him. Jet fell asleep on the way back to their house and slept for half an hour before Joan woke him up, deliberately, as she knew that I would want him to nap while I had him.

Not really her fault as she didn't know that Jet had woken up early. Jet was pretty quiet on the way home, and I nursed him and hoped that he'd go to sleep, but he just got happier and woke up with the blood sugar and started playing.

He got to play for a while. Then I took him upstairs with me and worked for an hour. He did just fine playing with everything in the office. He did find a few things that I found dubious for him to play with, but on the most party he did really well. He did take everything out of the box that once held John's laptop. He also spread a deck of cards all over the office floor. But he didn't do the usual try and rip apart a computer. I was glad of that.

I got a whole hour in that way, and then went downstairs to fix some lunch for both of us. I heated a chicken finger for him and I steamed two bow-tze for me. I put a bit of mustard and ketchup on his plate and he dipped into both and tasted them. He ate most of the chicken finger, a lick at a time. He loved nibbling at the coating and managed to get a good deal of chicken as well. He refuse to eat anything but some of the glass noodles from my bow-tze.

He'd also eaten a box of raisins at Joan's and some crackers and cheese. So I wasn't too worried. He'd also had a good breakfast.

After lunch, we did a little more work, but he got antsy pretty quickly. So we went back downstairs and I nursed him to see if he'd go to sleep. Sure enough he did, but only for half an hour! Eek.

I managed to call Tom and figure out their ETA, as they're driving across the country and stopping at various places. I needed to see if they'd be here for dinner, as John would have to bring enough corn home for whoever was going to eat it. Of course, when I found out that they were going to make it for dinner, I called John and told him the plan. Then Jet and I hung out until John got home.

I got to work for a while after John got home, and then Tom called to say that they were an hour out. So I started thawing chicken and rubbing it with the lemon pepper mix. John soaked the corn, and we started grilling with about twenty minutes to go. John also opened a can of beans and Jet ate a good deal of them while they were cold. So he got plenty to eat before anyone sat down to eat. I was glad that he did that so he wouldn't be upset and hungry later. I made some biscuits, using the White Lily flour that Geoff had gotten me so long ago. When they were going in the toaster oven, I started the peach cobbler for the regular oven. I used up another four peaches, and we have about eight left, and those that are left are remarkably ripe.

I love Bittman's cobbler recipe, especially with whole-wheat flour and about a third the butter. It comes out crunchy and nutty.

They'd mildly underestimated the time it would take to get to our house, but most of the things we'd made were things that could be held. So John just left all the meat and corn in the hot BBQ, and the biscuits could keep, easily. When they arrived, we served. Jet sat in his own chair and amused everyone by just sitting there and staring at Tom and Donna. Luckily, Donna had a nephew and understood how young kids can be. Jet was perfectly quiet and just watched them through the whole meal.

I was very happy with how everything turned out. The delay hadn't hurt anything. The corn was sweet and tender, the chicken still moist and flavorful with the spices. The biscuits were a bit hard, but okay anyway. The beans were yummy and very hot. Jet had eaten what he'd wanted and couldn't really be persuaded to eat more.

Jet got to run around a little after dinner, while Tom and Donna got their stuff and settled into the room downstairs. Jet got to play with his Playskool whirligig to a very amused audience. That got Jet more relaxed with his new visitors. He started running around and smiling at people.

When the dessert came out, he got even bolder, and sat in my lap and demanded the frozen custard from my dessert. He really enjoyed the ice cream, and would actually yell, "No! No!" whenever I scooped up peach cobbler. I just ate my cobbler and fed him my ice cream. It was actually a good thing for my teeth, as they weren't so sure of the complete contrast in temperatures between the still-warm cobbler and the ice cream.

When we were done, John went over their route with them and showed them some maps. And when they were finished talking that over it was time for sleep. They were pretty tired from their huge drive, and Jet was staggering. He'd only had the two half-hour naps today, and then all the excitement, so it was definitely time to sleep. He passed out pretty much as soon as I nursed him and I can hope for tonight.

John worked until late, so I got to write this and a few entries that I hadn't gotten to during the weekend. It was good to have some uninterrupted time. It seems such a precious thing, now, time that I can actually think. I feel as if I'm always short of it, when, before Jet, I felt like I had too much of it on my hands and spent most of it worrying or being sad. Now, at least, I'm busy and, if not always happy, at least I have no time to be sad. That amuses me.

It helps having something interesting from Jet every day.

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