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August 29, 2002
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Kisses Make It Better

10:37 pm: I have, of all things, new pads on my keyboard. They're very nice, and they actually stay on, as they haven't been peeled off, countless times, by Jet. I think that I bought the second pair just so that if Jet does peel these off, too, I can enjoy them. Well, that and the shipping was the same with one or two pairs, so I might as well take advantage of that.

Mmm... no having to push at them to keep them down.

I actually had a good day today, for all that I dreaded having the afternoon and evening alone with Jet. I worked extra last night, and got another three hours in, so I didn't have to worry about time. Jet also slept really well last night from about 8:30 to 7 am! He did get up twice, but was easy to put back to sleep both times. I was impressed. He also napped for two whole hours, which has been unusual, lately. I can hope that he's going back to his old habits. I'd really like that.

Having two hours when he's with Joan and then two hours more of concentration time while he's napping was very nice. Doing just one hour when John gets back home or an hour while I'm doing Visor work while Jet's busy with playing downstairs is easy enough. I can do that.

It was much harder when Jet was only napping for an hour or and hour and a half.

One funny thing happened before his nap, while I was trying to get him out of his car seat I accidentally scratched him as he was pulling on my back while I was unbuckling his seat. Jet started crying as it hurt, ad when I kissed it he stopped crying, but he still looked concerned. Then he leaned forward, put both arms around his leg and pulled his knee up and while still strapped into his seat he managed to kiss his knee. When he did that he finally smiled and then laughed when he did it again.

When Jet got up at two, he got some lunch, including a hot dog on a stick. It worked out really well as he ate pretty much all of it, and didn't throw anything away. I also fed him some coleslaw and plenty of juice. So he enjoyed that a lot, and got plenty to eat by 3:30.

We colored for a lot of the afternoon. He just went through all his crayons, methodically, and drew with them on the recycled sketchpad. The pad was something I'd bought for myself a long time ago at a McGuckins sale. Five dollars for a spiral binder of recycled, heavy paper. The best five bucks I ever spent, I'm now thinking. Jet's just coloring page after page after page without any pesky lines to get in the way. He's doing some pretty spectacularly colorful stuff. He also has a sense and a rhyme to what he's doing, and I'm liking it.

Okay. I'm biased, but it's fun to look at.

While we were doing all this I had to move his car seat for some reason and I whacked my elbow, hard, on some doorframe. I swore for about two words, saw Jet looking at me, and I stopped abruptly. Jet looked at me and said, "Owie!" I nodded and started saying "Owie!" in the same tone as the swear words. I sat down next to him, and then he surprised me by puckering up. When I lifted my elbow a little, Jet planted a kiss on my elbow! I smiled and said, "Thank you!" and he looked very, very pleased with himself.

I did turn on the TV while he was coloring and found out that two twisters had set down to the south and west of us. Yi. The pictures are pretty awesome. I'm glad that not too many people got hurt, maybe one, and that the damage was mostly to unfinished buildings. There was some roof damage to finished buildings, but the worst of it was to buildings that weren't complete structures, yet, which kind of makes sense.

We ran out at about 3:30 to Erie to mail a package. Jet protested going, at first, but then was pretty cheerful as he looked around outside. He was even happier when he got to run around for a bit. He ran into the post office and headed for the post office boxes instead of towards the clerk. I let him explore the boxes for a while, and then he got scared when a woman came into the area between us. So I went over to him, picked him up and carried him and the box to the counter. He was quiet and intrigued by the post woman's checkout system.

He went back into the car without a protest. We then wrestled for the next hour until we were both tired, and I changed him and we piled back into the car and headed for Chef Extraordinare. We got ribs. The rib basket, with mashed potatoes and coleslaw and he ate both of them to some extent. He mostly drank pop, though, and probably drank half my large pop. Yi. He did nibble a bit of cabbage and a bit off one rib, but mostly he was drinking.

I enjoyed my smoky ribs happily and then we walked a little bit around the funky neighborhood of Prospect. It's a very oddly planned community, but kind of cool too, in that all the houses have a garage at the *back* of the house with an alley running between garages. So all the traffic is away from the street fronts of the houses. It's a beautiful walking community, with lots of front porches, and people can talk to each other. There were seven kids playing out in front of one house with four moms all just standing around talking with each other. That was pretty cool.

The sky to the west was completely clear. The sky to the east looked like night had fallen prematurely. Wow.

Home again, home again, and Jet and I played and watched the news as the cells moved out to the east. John got home around eight and I got to work some more while he watched Jet until it was time to go to sleep. I then got more stuff done. I'm pretty much at the point where I can't do any more without input from other folks, so I'm done for the night. With the overtime today and yesterday, I've clearly made up for Tuesday and even the Tuesday before that and my appointments. I am glad of that.

My body is kind of sore from sitting all day, though, and I'm now pretty glad that I work part-time. It's probably much better for my body. My wrists are starting to ache again, and I'm glad I don't have to be here any longer. *grin* Good night.

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