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August 30, 2002
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Uncomfortable Push for Work

9:39 pm: After dinner this evening, Jet had fun giving Mei kisses when she asked for them. Mei was delighted and Jet was really happy about the reactions he was getting from the rest of us. Hee.

Also, when we went out into the warm night, Jet got to run around on a grassed area, under a streetlight. There was a tree, a few square yards of grass, and a single moth. The moth fluttered white against the black of the night and Jet chased it with abandon, laughing the whole time. He loved chasing the moth, cheering whenever it came close to him or he got close to it. Magic in the middle of the Wal-Mart parking lot traffic.

I remembered that everything was magic as a kid. I remembered chasing lightning bugs. Jet enjoyed the moment he had right here and now and ran around on the grass chasing a fluttering white rag of a moth.

A good day today. John got donuts from the Conoco as Jet got up later than usual. While John was paying for the donuts he had the bag of them up on the counter and Jet in the other arm, also on the counter. Jet reached over to the bag, pulled out the cinnamon twist that John bought him, and started gnawing on it. At least he picked the donut that was for him.

I had a very busy morning. With my 1:1 with my boss we went over a bunch of stuff and she asked for a lot of things to be published today, as there was a deadline for the 'control' of the specification. I said I could do all the stuff she asked me to do, but I felt kind of weird about it and it was only tonight that I realized why I felt so bad about the whole thing.

Normally, when I publish something on the spec, it's only after both engineering and marketing has approved what it was that I wrote. I make absolutely sure that the language I use is such that it communicates clearly the agreement that we've made between engineering and marketing as to what we're going to do. And she was asking me to publish things that only I'd written and seen. Not the contract that I was used to doing. There was stuff up there that wasn't even complete and couldn't and really shouldn't be used for either testing or documentation.

I didn't realize it until late tonight, but I spent most of the day uncomfortably cramming things in. I need to write her and tell her what I realized.

Jet came home at 11 and wasn't ready to nap, at all. So he and I played and did stuff until about 12:30, when he finally fell over and napped for about an hour and a half. John and I worked and John heated some fried chicken for lunch and I ate while working. He gave me plenty of time to get it all done.

He got work done, too, but Jet did manage to eat a good deal of a crayon.

I took Jet down into the basement and I rode the exercise bike while he played. He ran around for a while, and ducked under the loom for a while. He finally ended up studying the Playskool bunch of whirling disks, not just piling stuff onto it to see it all spin, but actually studying how the whole thing worked. He turned it upside-down, he poked at it, he tried turning the wheels in the opposite directions, and even lay down next to it to watch it work from that level.

I was pretty impressed.

Nursing and a quick shower later, we went out to Souper Salad for dinner, and met up with bob and Mei there. It was pretty funny, as the last time they'd been there was the time we were there last. So we just synched up without knowing it. That was cool. It was fun to talk with them about how life was going, how business was turning, and how things were going. I enjoyed that a lot.

Jet fell asleep on the way home. So we just tucked him into his bed and let him sleep. It's good practice for hi to figure out sleeping on his own rather than while nursing. I think he'll get it soon enough. Eating as much as he did during dinner should help as well. No waking up hungry in the middle of the night. Yay!

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