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August 28, 2002
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Colacci's, Coloring with Crayons, and Aerobics

9:11 pm: A good day, though we mixed things up during the night, a little, as John got Jet at midnight, and then Jet didn't wake up again until 6. So I nursed him then and we stayed up and played while John slept in for the first time in a while.

John got up at eight and we had breakfast. I broke out some corned beef hash from a can, cooked it, and added an egg on top. Jet nibbled some of the hash while sitting in my lap. He drank some of my juice and nibbled on some of John's bagel.

He went to Joan's, no problem, though he looked like he was going to fall asleep just on the ride over. It turned out that he only slept at his usual time, from 11 to 12:30.

Work was fun. No meetings so I just got to talk with people ad get stuff worked through on the work that folks were doing. I liked doing that. I got through my email and finished reading through some specifications and documents that I don't normally get the time to really think through. I enjoyed doing that.

We decided to go to Colacci's, a local Italian restaurant that does a lot of homemade spaghetti and pastas. It was somewhat like The Gondolier in Boulder, but more expensive. I wasn't as happy with it as I thought I might be. But I did enjoy the ravioli and spaghetti I got with the traditional meat sauce. Everyone seemed happy with their lunches and it was fun to talk with Sudipto, Cary, Bob, and Lynn.

Bob had just done a class with the local public access channel. In Longmont they have a three hour class that one has to take and the $25 fee also covers a yearly membership that allows folks to borrow the public access cameras and use them to create footage that one can bring in and edit! Wow. So it's really easy to do a half-hour program and their billet isn't so full that it's impossible to get a spot.

Mei's thinking of doing a cooking show, which I think is pretty cool. Folks stared talking about doing a weekly restaurant review, based on our weekly lunch. That might be fun!

Folks did concur, though, that we really ought to go back to Lucelle's, as both Bob and Sudipto missed the time we went there with Jayashree. So we'll have to do that again, sometime. I really enjoy it, and John was kind of avoiding it, as he doesn't seem to like doing anything twice. I would like to go back to the places we really enjoy.

Jet was happy when we picked him up, and I nursed him cheerfully and we started playing while John worked. Since I could just sped face-to-face time with Jet until my meeting at two, I broke out the crayons and I found an old sketch book I had bought for myself but had never really got around to using. So I gave it to Jet and let him use it, and he went at it with vigor.

He used every crayon in the box, and used a very large number of the pages in the book. He does long strokes with his whole arm, squiggles neatly compacted on themselves, and mixes of all the colors. He did lots of short lines, scribbled entire areas into a particular color, and got better and better at covering a particular area with color. He really enjoyed the doing of it and just kept going when I went up to work.

I'd warned John about what Jet was up to, and even with the warning, John was concentrating on other things when Jet took the crayon to the door of our bedroom. Now we get to figure out how to take crayon out of wood. Hee.

I got three and a half hours of work in John took care of Jet. John's working late tomorrow and probably going to stay in Longmont for a church meeting, so he's taking the time, today, to take care of Jet and give me some working time. I appreciated it. I don't think I did enough to make up for yesterday and for tomorrow, but I also didn't have as much that was completely defined, yet, so that I could get it all done.

So it is.

I grilled up some chicken thighs, heated some Stouffer's macaroni and cheese, and nuked some veggies. That was a quick and yummy dinner. We already had pasta for lunch, so I wasn't going to do it for dinner, too. Tomorrow, Jet and I may go to Swanky Frank's for dinner, as I know Jet will eat French fries, milk shakes and hot dogs. So he'll likely be set, and I'll be able to eat a few things that I love and not have to cook.

I'm a little afraid of having him all evening, but not a lot. I think I'll do okay. We found something he likes doing, today, when I can give him my attention.

After dinner Joan came to pick me up and we went off to swimming. It was a shallow end lesson, which was kind of fun, but harder as we decided not to use the floats at all. It made some of the exercises a bit more interesting, as I wasn't floating nearly as well. The arms-only exercises got pretty exciting, in fact. I showered thoroughly when I got out; it was nice to just get clean.

When I got home, John was alone in the kitchen. Jet had just fallen asleep at 8:30! Given his early morning and the normal nap, it wasn't too much of a surprise. Also, since I had exercised, I wasn't that full of milk, so I can wait until he wakes up. I hope he doesn't just sleep the night, as that'll be awful uncomfortable for me. Still, it would be a quick way to get my milk production down.

It's been nice, though, to get some writing done early and maybe I should work a little too, tonight, so that I have less to do tomorrow and can enjoy having Jet in the afternoon.

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