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August 9, 2003
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The Fair

Short Version: Go to Boulder County Fair in Longmont. Eat pancake breakfast. See exhibits. Eat funnel cake. Ride rides. Drink tons. Hit Farmer's Market. Go home. Sleep LOTS. Make potato salad, outside. Grill teriyaki chicken. Eat. Sleep.

Jet loved the fair. He liked seeing all the animals, the tractors, and especially the steam tractor, which he, predictably, called the 'Pink Choo-choo!' It was red. But he called it the pink choo-choo and we understood what he meant. He refused, of course, to eat any breakfast when there were steam choo-choos to be seen, but he did drink some orange juice. So I was glad of that. He liked seeing the exhibits, getting candy, and waving to all the people he saw.

I bought a Rocky Mountain Cooler. It's actually the most beneficial use I've ever seen of the water absorbent crystals more often seen in baby'd diapers. There's less than a tablespoon of the crystals sewn into a cloth tube. You soak the tube until everything's well hydrated, and then let the outside cloth dry. When it's dry, and the tube is tied around the neck, there's an instant cooling sensation, as the water is gradually evaporating from the crystals. It's a constant cool for the whole day!!

After the last several days of 90+ to 100+ heat, I needed *something* for my upstairs office in the afternoons. So I bought one.

We wandered about, peered at all the prize winning stuff. We found one of our church members at the photography booth, so we got to say hello and see what was there to see. He was playing with a digital camera, just to see what it could do. He didn't quite hold with the new-fangled contraption, but he was willing to see what it could do. That was cool.

We got my traditional funnel cake. Both John and Jet nibbled bits off it, but it was mine to eat and, finally dump, when I'd had enough of the 'donut'. Jet pulled off pieces and ate them, but didn't come back for more. He was too fascinated with all the rides. Both John and he went on a 4x4 adventure, with Jet driving. He carefully steered the on-track car as it went up and down and around.

The three of us then rode the Ferris Wheel, and Jet and John were both looking in all directions and talking about what they could see. That was really fun, and the breeze from the moving wheel was very cooling. I was having problems, by this time, with the sunlight, the heat, and being mildly dehydrated. I was getting a good headache as well. But I kind of pushed through it all by just going on. Jet had to watch the bumper cars, and there was a good patch of shade there that was quite a blessing. A booth in the exhibits area was selling water for a dollar, versus two dollars out in the carnival, so I got one of those, gave half of it to Jet and drank the other half myself. Whew.

John then went to get the car while I had to take Jet thorugh the carnival area again to get to the Farmer's Market on the far side. Jet saw, at the last minute an eletric choo-choo, all in white, and a dragon mini-rollercoaster, both of which he wanted, desperately, to ride. He was, however, also really tired and I was too tired to deal with taking him on one of the ride while I knew that John would be waiting for us at the Market. Maybe I should have done it anyway, but I left with Jet wailing, "I want to ride dragon choo-choo! I want to ride choo-choo!!" I wasn't functioning particularly well when I went through the Farmer's Market, but I managed to get a few things that I knew we'd need, including more salad greens, as we're about out of lettuce. Our fridge keeps freezing lettuce, so we finally moved all the greenery to the top shelf, and put some things that don't mind getting frozen in the bottom drawers, instead of the produce. Not a terrible thing to do.

I got some whole wheat pasta, and ended up getting a whole shopping bag of root vegetables, potatoes, carrots, and various types of onions. I got russet, white, and red potatoes. The variety was nice at that kind of price.

We went home. I went to sleep in our bedroom as soon as Jet was installed, carefully, by John. John went to look for a paper. When Jet woke up, I just told him to go outside, and he did. He even closed the door after him, and he found John pretty quickly, so I went back to sleep.

One of the things we'd seen that morning was a grain thresher, and it was threshing oats. The chaff and straw were going everywhere, and I think I got a lungful of the stuff and I wasn't recovering nicely, either. So between wheezing, sneezing, and otherwise being respritorily unhappy about that, the headache from all the sunshine, and being, possibly, dehydrated, I kind of scrambled, all afternoon to get myself put back together. But it just wasn't working. I even took a bath, but I think that dehydrated me further. Also Jet took a real interest in my bath, and came and talked with me about it. He also splashed water around, liked trying to find my leg under the murky water (I'd put a bath melt in it), and basically bothering me happily while I bathed. I didn't mind that much. It was pretty relaxing, and he wasn't doing anything that would have made me mad. So it was okay and it gave John a break after my long (three hour) nap.

When I got out of it, I decided to finally try and make potato salad. Isabel had inspired me, as she'd made potato salad for everyone one day, and it was interesting to find myself going, "Wow... someone actually *makes* potato salad and doesn't just buy it from the grocery store!" And thinking, hey, I'd like to do that, as I'm really tired of really goopy potato saiad that has huge amounts of unknown stuff in it. So I boiled potatoes, outside, on our gas grill's range. That was really easy and didn't make the house any hotter.

When they were done, I dressed the hot potatoes, after cutting them. Just red vinegar, salt, and pepper went on them. They tasted like potato salad already, when I tasted a chunk. Then I chopped eggs, sweet pickles, celery, and scalliong, added mustard and Trader Joe's Mayo, and it was potato salad. I let it chill in the downstairs fridge, while I cooked chicken, and by the time the chicken was done, the salad was cold. Yum.

Wow. Potato salad.

That was fun, and it was good to eat with John and have him declare it good. Yay for effots! Jet ate cold French fries and watermelon, and was content with a glass of milk before going to bed. Eventhough I'd had my giant nap, I went to sleep right when Jet did. I was way too tired from today and last night's inability to sleep that much with the mosquito bites. Bah. I hope I can catch up by being smart about all this.

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