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August 8, 2003
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Massage and Guests

Short Version: Joan is still sick. John has a dentist appointment. So Ashley takes care of Jet while John and that his appointment and I have my one-on-one. I play with Jet until noon. He nurses to sleep. John talks with me about vegetarian guests for dinner. We plan menu. He plans to go shopping with Jet while I am gone. I go to massage with CeLena. Things are better. John is still home when I get back. He runs off to get grocery list. I make dinner and let Jet run amok. Stuffed zucchini, tomato salad, bread, and roasted, sweet corn are the menu. I get most of it done before John returns to clean up after Jet. I also mix a chocolate, zucchini cake and get it into the oven when the zucchini comes out. They and their 10 month old daughter arrive, visit, each dinner, and have to go back to their real estate agent by seven. So we get to enjoy the cake. John and Jet go out after they leave. John sprays Jet with DEET. No mosquito bites. Jet does get a bath before going to bed, and goes to sleep easily.

Jet has been going to sleep easily most evenings now. He does, however, get up twice during the night on a regular basis. Given how try it has been compared to the humidity of the West Coast, I don't blame him. He usually gets a drink of water out of his sippy cup and goes right back to sleep. It's been in the high nineties for most of the week. The nights have felt like a series of awakenings, feeling that it's too hot, and trying to get back to sleep only to wake up again, though I think I get more sleep than that. It does get down into the sixties at night, so it becomes comfortable towards the morning.

My one-on-one was fairly fruitful, especially when I was able to articulate my specific problems of the moment.

The massage, however, was particularly painful even though it too was fruitful. It was even for the same reasons. I was finally able to isolate the particular muscle sets that were bothering me the most, and point them out in a meaningful way to CeLena. She was actually able to work on the muscles that hurt the most, and that really helped undo the knots that had built in that area. For the month before the vacation I had let her work on whatever she wanted to work on, because everything hurt. It was nice to pinpoint the real problem and find that she had a good solution for it. I do, however, now have a string of bruises along both forearms. Yes, those muscles are very tight.

The guests were very welcome. We had actually invited them earlier in the week, so I had plenty of warning. It was just hard to get started after the massage. We stuffed the zucchini with rice, onion, and spices. When I had finished making the stuffing, I thought I could use a little extra. So I added raisins and pecans for texture. One of the spices in the original Lebanese recipe was cinnamon, so I thought the additions would go well with that. It came out nicely.

Their daughter intrigued Jet immensely. During dinner just having her watch him had him running circles around the dinner table. When she actually smiled at his antics he just redoubled his efforts. It was really funny because the wife of the couple commented that Jet was very quiet during introductions. He was really nice and brought the daughter various of his favorite toys. She would play with them, mouth them, and let them drop and he would bring her more. So he was very polite early on. By the end of dinner he was running himself ragged and laughing the entire time. He did, however, take a break to show his visitors the house. My computer, however, stopped him in his tracks when he saw the screensaver. It was just the pipes screensaver, but it fascinated him enough that he wanted to just stay there while we went through the rest of the house.

Jet also talked to the daughter on a regular basis. It sounded like he was explaining things to her in his two-year-old language. There wasn't any time when I had to caution him about being careful around her. He did really well.

He also really enjoyed his bath after his explorations outside. It was hard to drag him away. I guess the one big advantage of using DEET regularly during the summer is that it ensures that he bathes regularly as well. Not a terrible thing with dirt, Popsicles, and other regular, summer treats happening to him and his clothing.

Oh, yeah. It's John and my anniversary today. 16 years of marriage. I guess our real celebration was our time in Vancouver. We talked about that while we were there. It's been good. I'm also glad that neither of us is particularly anal about the exact date, and about celebrating it in a particular way. It was a nice day, and I appreciated that in and of itself.

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