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August 10, 2003
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Looking Around

Short Version: Poopy in the potty!! Wahoo! Waffle breakfast. Playground talk. Church. Swamp cooler. Food. Home. Jet naps. I updated journal. Go out to look instead of watching TV. Cheerful Jet. Hours on the road, and he's still cheerful as we look at houses on the outside. Jet wants to go in. We stop at playground when I have a headache. Play. Climb. Slide. Bonk nose on bar. Blood everywhere. Clean up. Lollipop. Cheerful Jet, again. Ice. Dinner at Deli Cioso's. Happy Jet. Home. Ice cream cone for Jet. Counting "hots", chiles in a cup. John goes to sleep. I count a few more times, with milk and Motrin, and Jet finally goes to sleep.

This morning Jet talked about the potty, so John took off his diaper and let him try it out. This after seeing John go to the restroom and getting to flush the toilet a few times. Jet was interested and sat on it cheerfully, and talked at John for a while as John was busy with other stuff. Then Jet came over to John to tell him to "No touch!" the potty. John initially agreed, and then was completely surprised to find a big stool in the potty. Jet had gone in it without any fanfare. John cheered him, covered him in stickers, and presented him to all the other toddler parents.

Of course, Jet's going at it backwards from what the pediatrician and the books say. They tell everyone to not pressure the kid into bowel movements in the potty, that it's easier to control and do bladder work to begin with, and here's Jet pooping, quite happily, in the potty that took some of our friends' kids months to get them to even consider lingering long enough to do a bowel moement. Funny guy. It was funnier having John talk about it with other people and have them completely understand.

So Jet got a boost to his day, and he was pretty happy. He got to go to a playground in the morning, climb and slide with other kids for a while. When we told him he was going to get to see more kids, he hopped back into the car and into his seat and was cheerful about being at church and seeing all the church kids and parents. He got to play pretty happily while we got a good sermon about it being okay to *feel* anger, it's what you do with the feelings that matters. Being mad, in and of itself can be a good indicator that something has to get done about a situation. I liked that. It was bemusing to find out that something like 200 times God is mentioned, He's mentioned as being angry or wrathful.

Jet fell asleep on the way home, though we stopped for a bit to see if there were Mosquito Magnets at the local hardware store. They'd just sold out and were going to get another shipment soon. I made John promise me that we'd get one when we started watering our new lawn every day. We'll have to come again and do it another day.

Jet napped. I updated all of July while I had the chance. Then, when Jet woke up and had eaten something we decided to go out and look at Longmont houses to see if there might be a nice place with established trees, withing walking distance of a park, and, perhaps, withing walking distance, or at least a five minutes drive, of all the amenities, like pizza, burritos, grocery store, drug store, and other things that we now have to drive at least twenty minutes to reach in any direction. It's one of those things we've always kind of wanted, but being remote or with plenty of land kind of precludes it unless we bought something like a ramen house.

So we went out to look. John had a whole list of houses, where they were, and a map. Jet was happy as a clam. He sat in his car seat and he sang, danced a little, talked to us, commented on the scenery. He didn't seem to mind us just driving up to houses, hopping out to get fliers, and then going on to another house. We did this for a good two or three hours. He had juice, he had crackers, and John and I had water, so we were all pretty well hydrated.

Finally, I was pretty tired, and we were in a nice neighborhood that had a good playground area, so we all got out and Jet started climbing some ladders that were a little too big for him, and sliding a lot. We spotted him on the laddars. But there was a climbing thing that looked a lot like the curved ladders he's climbed elsewhere, so we let him do that, and didn't spot him. Unfortunately, there were some horizontal rungs at the bottom of it, and Jet, not knowing any better, stepped on those rungs and reached down towards the other bars, thinking they'd be a handhold. No, our boy doesn't have a completely firm grasp of the consequences of gravity, yet.

He fell. I saw his head bounce against a metal bar. John got to him, quickly, and then just ran for the Eurovan. I picked up everything we'd scattered around the playground and ran for the van, too. There was blood everywhere. Jet was crying and sneezing. Everytime he'd sneeze, he'd spray himself and John and then I with blood. He'd hit his nose. He just had a bloody nose, and John got a handle on it by squeezing just below the bones, and Jet was wriggling and protesting not being able to breath from his nose. I made John put Jet upright, so that the blood wouldn't flow down his throat, and Jet stopped struggling so hard. Breathing is important. He could just swallow.

After a bit of that, the bleeding slowed down. We were all sprayed with the stuff, and we used nearly all the wet wipes and tissues that were in the van to clean things up. But when Jet was cleaned up, and given a lollypop for being so patient with us as we dealt with his nose, he was a cheerful camper again. His nose was swollen and had only a red bar across it. Nothing broken, nothing damaged. He was far, far more cheerful than I was. I was pretty heartsick from it all.

John even stopped at a Subway to get me some ice, so that I could try and put it on Jet's nose, but he would have none of it. I managed to get him iced, a little bit, and we then regrouped and tried to figure out what we wanted to do for dinner.

We ended up at Deli Ciosos, as they don't mind kids running around and I was in no shape to corral or discipline Jet at all, if he wanted to do whatever he wanted to do. We ended up at a table by the pool table area, and Jet spent the whole meal with his nose pressed up against the class divider, to see what they were all doing. He actually ate chunks of his quesadilla when presented a little competition when I started eating it, so that was a good thing. He drank lots of pop to replenish the fluids he'd lost and had a generally good time.

We got home. He was still awake, and stayed that way pretty late into the night. John wilted early, as is his right, and he went to sleep. I stayed up with Jet and we counted 'hots', the little tequin peppers, into two bowls, first one and then the other, over and over until he was finally ready to go to sleep. He had his milk with him while we counted and when he was done with it, I got him into his PJ's, brushed his teeth and he went to sleep very readily. No breathing problems, which relieved one of my mild anxieties about the afternoon. So he seems to be no worse for the wear.

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