Liralen's Adventure Through Life
August 2003
  1: Doing More At Home
  2: Cooking and Errands
  3: Plant Death Galore
  4: Getting Back to Work
  5: Tomato Salad and Evening With Jet
  6: Frozen Fish Sticks and Cleaning Up
  7: We All Swim
  8: Massage and Guests
  9: The Fair
10: Looking Around
11: Harvest Moon
13: Interviewing Wendy
14: Ichi-ban and Picking Vegetables
15: Scheduling, Ice Cream, and Tomatoes
16: Peaches, Puppets, and Singer
17: Shopping and Mina's with Bob
18: Puddle Stomping and Cut Noodles
19: Pipe Down!
20: Free Dessert
21: First Time Down the Big Slide
22: Massage, Corvette, and Peach Pie
23: Flat Irons Mall and Cooking Experiments
24: Bath, Planning, and More Experiments
25: Smooshed Schedule
26: Rice Balls and Late Night Solutions
27: Playing With Jet
28: Jet Helps Me Out
29: Recovery, Rain, and Catching Up
30: Rainy Day
31: Assessing the Yard

We got back into the old groove, and really enjoyed the regular schedule. We had fun with swimming, workouts, and eating out after every evening at the Rec. Center. We discovered that Jet actually eats pretty well at Ichi-ban a little Japanese quick food place that cooks everything to order. Yum.

My tomato plants do really, really well, and provide us with a lot of summer goodness. We managed to get Jet a new mattress for his bed, but he still prefers his futon, and he ate quite a bit more after the trip than during. That was cool.

The month ends with the ending of summer. The hot days are quietly banished by a really good rain. Wow.

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