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August 18, 2003
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Puddle Stomping and Cut Noodles

9:24 pm: SV: Up late. John showers, takes Jet to Joan's. Joan keeps until noon. Jet naps 'til 2. We eat, play "fire engine!", and watch Baby Van Gogh while I nap. RAIN! Puddle stomping. Rec. Center - Lazy River pile-up. Ichi-ban. Short noodles are key. Talking all the way home. Cold house! Bed routine.

It really rained today. All afternoon, it rained beautifully. I loved it. It rained and rained steadily, none of this here again and gone again stuff we usually have whit the thunderstorms. It did scare me, once, with a zzzzztt from the skylight crank in the study to the desk that had no computers on it.

I prepped for it as I was packing all our swimming/workout stuff, and actually put Jet in a raincoat and put socks and his rain boots on. So when we got there, he was able to run through the rain and stomp every puddle he came across. He loved it. I loved it. I also had my Seattle raincoat on, and just really enjoyed being able to walk in the rain. It was just so nice. Some of my workout stuff got a little damp, but what a small price to pay. There was a family hurrying by, huddled under their towels from swimming, and the mom took one look at Jet and said, "Now there are the perfect shoes for this kind of weather."

Jet grinned up at her and kicked water at me. Hee.

It was just so much fun to see him splashing about.

Swimming was swimming, other than the three of us managed to snag one of the two-person floats. John and I filled up the big holes in the float, and Jet clambered all over the whole thing, sometimes hanging off the edge and grabbing a leg or arm or something to support him as he played outrigger.

We went to Ichi-ban again. This time we got the chicken noodle soup, which had the thick odon noodles. Jet played with them, but wouldn't eat them, not, at least, the way he ate the ramen noodles. He did, however, drink enormous amounts of soup. Seeing him trying to fit the huge noodles onto his spoon, I thought of the idea of cutting the noodles up so that they would fit on his spoon. That seemed to do the trick. Jet ate and ate and ate and ate a huge number of the cut-up noodles as both John and I started cutting them up to fit his spoon.

Wow. I'm glad that I thought of that!

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