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December 15, 2000
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Quiet Work and Angel Myths

Quiet day, today.

Lots of folks just congregated in the halls for hall meetings that talked about everything from the state of the election to how the builds were shaping up for next Tuesday. With lots of stuff in between. Holiday things and baby things were touched upon, too, as Boss Bill's wife is due today. I can't imagine, though I'll likely be there sometime in a couple of months.

Funny how time is. Eight weeks, on one hand, looks like forever until the pregnancy is done. On the scheduling hand, it looks like way too little time to get anything done before I have to go. That's kind of scary. Bill had fun, today, handing out cards and chocolates for everyone. That was very nice of him.

Folks gathered, naturally, in front of my cubby as John had deposited one plateful of the chocolate haystack items right in front of the door to my cube. Various people thanked me, cursed John, or sniffled longingly at the sweets. It was funny to watch all that go by. Friday is funny. People are working, and getting things done, but there's this restlessness to the day. I imagine it'll be worse the Friday before Christmas.

I think it was Earl that pointed me at this article about the mythology of homeless kids in Florida. It's floating around these days, it seems. It's an amazingly sad and amazingly brave and shows an extraordinary resilience in young children for doing the right thing. I am amazed.

Lunch was at the China Gourmet. Eight folks happily eating stuff we haven't had for a few weeks, between the Dumpling House and the Toys for Tots drive. It was fun and pretty good and filling. Filling enough that when John and I went home, he really wasn't interested in dinner. I ate a few slices of the leftover pizza I'd made. It'd gotten mildly soggy in the fridge, so I'll have to remember, next time, to just bake the last pizza crust on its own until it's set and then make a pizza later if I want it from the cooked crust.

Then I sat and got overwhelmed by how much we have to do this weekend. Between Fezzik and the baby classes and other things, we haven't touched our Christmas shopping or cards. Well, other than a few things I've managed to pick up on-line, but mostly for my U.K. friends as I was a little more worried about things getting to them on time. We haven't packed our hospital bags for emergencies from work or even at home. We haven't even had the time to pick up Fezzik's ashes. All-Pets called Wednesday to say that they were ready for us to get them. It felt awfully like we'd left him there and just were too busy to get him. I know, I know, it isn't going to affect him anymore, but there was some emotional heartstrings getting tugged.

I am also just so tired. Little sleep at night, and we've been getting up for John's early meetings, and I just haven't done the right thing about getting to bed early for a while. I'm feeling it, too. So we just watched Iron Chef, and then went to sleep. Have to get up tomorrow for the Birthing Class, and I might as well sleep when I can. The problem with having the class on Saturdays is just that it feels like another working day, so we only have Sunday for ourselves, now.

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