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December 14, 2000
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Swollen Hands

I was up a lot all night. Around 3 a.m. I was sitting on the toilet and listening to the wind howling outside, whistling around the corner of the house. Suddenly a choir of coyotes started howling outside. Probably just beyond our fences, they exchanged long howls under the full moon and then a chorus of yips and cries. As mournful as the night was cold. I shivered and turned on the area heater, and it was well under 55 in the bathroom itself and it helped for the rest of the night.

The baby is obviously getting bigger as I'm making more and more night stops.

My right hand not only went to sleep, but it started hurting tonight. Not just the swelling, but there's something that just hurts deep in the bones and muscles. Maybe I'm actually damaging things with lack of blood or whatever it is that's making it go to sleep when I sleep on my right side. The problem is that my left side gets sore if I sleep only on it. Bah. So I swap for a bit onto my right and when my hand feels at all unhappy, I flip back on to my left. Hopefully that'll last me these last 8 and a half weeks.

Yeah. I'm now able to count the weeks in the single digits. That's good.

The hand was bothering me enough all day that we actually went home a little early. I was even glad of the three hours of meetings I had this afternoon, less time to type. I stuffed two Swanson pot pies into the oven and John and I went downstairs to watch the Chocolate Chip Cookie episode of Good Eats. John wanted to make cookies and he thought he'd learn some cool stuff from the episode, and I mostly needed to ride the exercise bike to get my hands to at least have some circulation. We both got what we needed. The coolest thing about the cookie recipes from that show was that they show all the extremes of what one can do with the dough. John loves chewy triple-C's, so that's the one he went with.

About the pot pies. Yeah, I know, frozen food. But as a kid, I remember that they were what I wanted the most when Mom and Dad were going out and we were going to have a baby sitter and something simple for dinner. I loved the crust and the multitude of fillings and I burned my mouth on a lot of those pot pies. The newer ones are microwavable, so I was mildly worried if the crust was what I remembered, but they weren't too far off. We enjoyed them greatly, better than the Marie Calander pot pies, which are entirely too rich for any human system to take. The Swanson ones were nice and simple and exactly what I wanted, though John did them the good service of adding a salad on the side.

He also baked cookies all evening. Not just the CCC's, but also some dark chocolate haystacks, which he calls Chinese Noodle Cookies and who am I to argue? They're a package of those crunchy noodles, mini marshmellows, and peanuts all coated with semi-sweet chocolate (he melted 24 oz of our Ghiradelli semi-sweet chips) and then left to set on parchment paper in nice, haystack-like mounds. They're chocolatey crunchy, sweet, and peanuty and melt all over your hands. He was in the mood for holiday cookies and these were something his mom made.

It made for a nice, peaceful evening.

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