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December 1, 2002
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Enjoying Jet

9:41 pm: Tonight, in his bath, Jet sat and popped bubbles and sang, "Pop. Pop. Pop." He also washed his whole torso, himself, using the foam from the foaming baby wash. He also started twisting the key to wind up the airplane toy.

He also, at the conclusion of a Sega commercial said, "Se-ga!" And after seeing the Shinobi commercial a couple of times, he actually said, "Shiobi back!" with exactly the inflection of the Japanese actor in the commercial.

Jet helped me wrap the gifts we were mailing. He unrolled the wrapping paper with a passion, and got every bow out of the bag of bows. He laid the bows neatly next to each other and then handed them, one-by-one, to me. He really enjoyed pulling tape out of the dispenser and handing me large gnarled knots of tape.

A lot of firsts, but then most of his days have some firsts in them. I just am not nearly as good at recording them as I'd like. I am, however, very thankful that I get to spend most of my days with him, and that I get to see all these firsts when they happen whether I record them or not. Jet loves the elastic, bright, metallic bracelets that Haley has.

We had a great day today, though he had a pretty bouncy morning. I took him, though, this morning and let John sleep in, as he hasn't done that for quite some time, and it was past time he got a chance at it. So Jet and I played for the morning, though, really, Jet played and I slept on the couch. Both John and I are getting better at that. Only listening for special sounds, like the opening of pens, the crash of a tap against the VCR, or, what woke me up, the squishy sound of a nipple being whacked while the liquid in the bottle sloshed.

Jet was, methodically, painting the floor, cabinets, and walls, with the water in his overnight bottle. He was just squishing it against everything and trying to get water on every surface he was coming in contact with. It was only water. He loved how it trickled down the cabinet doors. I was thankful it was only water and went back to sleep. Then I heard the meaty thunk of a big book hitting the floor. I peered and it was just my Yoga book, which Jet likes to look at for all the pictures of people. So no reason to wake up there.

Finally, it was the squish, squish of the bottle's nipple on my cheek that finally woke me up for good. I had to giggle. Jet giggled with me, and that's when I smelled that he really needed a change. So we took care of that, and Jet's caroling woke John up and I heard the shower running soon after. It was just 8:15. We had planned on leaving at 8:30 to get to Janyn's Cafe in Longmont for breakfast.

So we went, and found that they were closed. Jet started nodding off right then and there, so instead of heading for a completely new place, we hit Lucille's which was close by. Jet woke up as we unloaded from the car, and happily trotted while holding John's hand, across the street and up the steps into the restaurant. He found the basket of toys, but willingly gave them up when we headed for the table.

Jet ate a third of a beinget, a little of my hot chocolate, some biscuit, and quite a few of the red beans that John had. He also drank all of a small orange juice, and asked for more. Oop. So he got water and seemed to like that. The food woke him up enough that we got to church, no problem, and he went right to playing, again. No hesitation, no clinging to me.

John and I handed out the signing pads so that there is some record of who has arrived. We then sat down and watched a baptism, got good music, and I really enjoyed the sermon which had to do with a less visible, but still faithful God. The promise and hope of Advent is a happy sort of time and an easy message to give. I sometimes wonder, however, if it promises some folks too much and doesn't deliver.

Ah well.

Jet ate grapes, goldfish, and melon at the snack time. He munched on melon and chugged white grape juice. He then started chasing the other boys. The place was filled with people. I think that some of it is because of the baptism, but the church always gets busier during the Advent season.

We got out and Jet fell deep asleep about five blocks away from the church. When we got home, I took a bath and went to sleep, too. I needed it after this morning. I took a slice from my Bubble Bath wall and it filled the tub with bubbles. Mmmm.... a slow, long, hot soak felt so good after the last few days, and a bunch of sore muscles really thanked me. I think I gave up guilt about the bath after seeing what watering the new landscaping cost in thousands of gallons, rather than the twenty or so that I use for a bath.

Since it's winter, nothing is getting watered, so it's a drop in the bucket compared to what we could be using and only a fraction of what various developments right here are using to maintain immaculate lawns. Plus, the snow pack is up for this coming year.

Justifications. It felt so good. I napped just as soundly as Jet. *grin* We both woke up at 3, and heard Bob and John talking in the livingroom. I got to nurse and then change him before I let him go see the guys, and get my contacts and toothguard out.

My teeth are a lot better now that I'm using my old guard. My bite has actually corrected itself and I'm actually perfectly comfortable with it, now. I can use the NTI for when I have headaches and stuff, but then swap back to my old guard for my bite. So this should be able to work for a while. I may or may not get a new guard next year. I'll talk with the dentists when I have my checkup at the beginning of the year.

John and Bob were talking about the old architecture. Good and bad parts of it, and what to do about the bad parts of it. It was fun to talk about, and we did so until 5. Jet really liked Bob, and would, occasionally, walk up to Bob and lean on his knees and just smile at him, big. That was cool. Then Bob let Jet knock him over by running into Bob's legs. Jet loved that and laughed and laughed while Bob windmilled his arms and made distressed sounds. Jet also thought it was really funny when Bob sniffed his boots and made, "Phew!! Stinky!" sounds. Hee.

Bob really knows how to play with a little kid. Jet loved it and waves bye-bye when Bob left.

The evening's been simple. Leftover turkey lasagna noodles for dinner. Jet munched garlic bread and sprouts. John made salad. It was good. We watched Sunday night football, wrapped presents, and then gave Jet his bath. Splish splash!

There's stuff to mail tomorrow and Joan is taking Jet with her as she delivers her parents to the airport. He'll have a good time. It'll be good to get my passport renewal done well before the cruise. Best to not rush these things, when possible.

Mmmm... bed time...

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